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Christmas Ornament Exchange, 2017

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Christmas Ornament Exchange 2017                                  




It is getting late but, if you would like to join in on having a Christmas Ornament Exchange again this year, please sign up soon.     Soon being by the20th and I will try to get all the names and addresses out to you by the following week sometime.        But, you will know about how many are in the exchange so you will be able to start working on your ornaments.

I think you all know what the rules are but I try to put them in each year for anyone who has not joined the exchange in the past.

You must let me know your name and address, PM me here.

If you sign up, you must make an ornament for all who sign up, not just one or two.    Therefore if there are 12 of us signed up, you make for all 12.

I’m asking if you would please try to get them out before Thanksgiving as so many people put their tree up around that time.   




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Aww, I was in hopes you would be able to join us again this year Midnightmom.  


So, it looks like there will be only the 4 of us this year.        Snapshotmiki, Pauline, windmorn and myself.        I did wait a while before sending addresses out in case someone else decided to join in the fun.      


Now you can get these done and try to get them in the mail by Thanksgiving.    :)   


Midnightmom, you take care of you.    :)     

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Please both of you, please just send me your addresses and I will add you to the list.     


We need more so of course  you may join.    


Just hurry with your addresses so I will be able to add you to the list and get them sent out.   :)       I will resend the list to those I did send to.    :)  


Thanks so much for joining.    :)       



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I'll be sending out a new list either today or tomorrow.   :)


I'm thinking there will be 6 of us on the list.   :)  


I did try to get in touch with a couple others, but haven't heard from them.   :( 



HUGS BEAR AND ORNAMENT_zpsm89mnuar.gif

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I know I normally make a thread about this, but, things are just not the same this year and some of you have already posted so we will just post everything here.   :)   


I got my ornament from Annarchy too.     I love it.   :)  


I am in hopes to get mine out yet this week, if not, by Tuesday next week.    

We are going to be gone most of Friday and it is another all day for Gary in Bemidji on Monday.      



image.png    in case I don't get in here before then.   :)   


image.png                   image.png


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