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Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop

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We're used to hearing about the heartache of others but not knowing them personally we say a prayer, feel badly for them and go on with our daily lives.  Last week we dealt with the heartache of DH's cousins daughter being killed in the shooting in Las Vegas, 2 friends of another cousin being hurt in the chaos of running away and then our 10 and 8 year old grandchildren in a lockdown situation (thankfully a hoax) in their school.  I was ready for last week to be over and praying for a better next week. 


Then yesterday we got the news that my nephews brother in law lost his home in the Santa Rosa fire.   They got out safely with their pets and the clothes they were wearing but lost everything else. 


All of a sudden it's like I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop.  I don't like feeling this way but............:pray:

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That's horrible.


Hopefully, you won't have any more trouble.




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There has been so much tragedy lately it almost makes me feel numb.  We are only personally affected by the smoke from the fires in California. Thankfully  today was a little more clear. We  have not been able to take children outside the past couple days....my house and classroom smell of smoke every time a door opens. Folks  are walking around with masks on and you could see little fine particles of ash.  We do have parents and staff live in an area where the schools have been closed down for the past several days because of evacuations and because the smoke is so thick.  I do know also that there are people that have family or friends that have lost their homes and are staying with them here in our town.  There’s a possibility again tonight .  I just pray that that does not happen so that maybe the firefighters can get a little hold on stopping some of those fires.

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