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Back after a LONG hiatus....

Guest Joyfilled

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Guest Joyfilled

Hello everyone! I'm back (I hope) after a looking time. I've tried coming back a few times, and for some reason wasn't able to. Hope this time I can!


Some of you that have been here for years, may know me as Happygirl. Do you remember me? Lots has happened in my life, but I am thankful to say that I have remained joyful through it all, and am very content where I am. I have a wonderful husband, and now 3 more kids (plus one in Heaven)!! I homeschool the kids, live on a hobby farm, and like to be with my hubby. 


I'm hoping to get some female encouragement for prepping....it seems to be such a masculine world and yet a lot of what happens includes us! So...I'm glad to be back. Hugs to you all! :)

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I remember you! I've been AWOL too, but I've missed this place!


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Hello everyone! I look in every once in a while. I miss you all too. Life has been very busy, in mostly good ways. MrMomM is fine. He loves retirement, and I love having him retired! We are eagerly looking forward to grandchild #10 arriving in Jan. He will be our 5th grandson. We are blessed to have all but 3 grandchildren living nearby.

I love this site, and how you can be gone for awhile and come back and the same loving, nurturing and compassionate attitudes are still here. Such a great site!

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