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One more.......tho I'm not saying if it's good or has valid ideas or not.  :unsure:  They pop these small "books" out so fast and sometimes they are not valid.  Reader....have discernment, please.


MtRider :reading:

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Homesteading Collection: 135 Lessons And Tips How To Sort Your Homestead And Make Money



Homesteading Ultimate Guide: 60+ Proven Lessons How to Become a Homesteader



50 Things to Know About Starting a Garden: Grow Fresh Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers



50 Things to Know About Square Foot Gardening: Maximize Your Produce Production



Container Gardening: 25 Useful Plants To Grow In Small SpacesFor Beginners



Seasonings - The Ultimate Recipe Guide



The Working Chicken: Learn everything you need to know to become a backyard egg and meat producer in 30 minutes or less!



The Amish Best Friend



Apple Cider Vinegar: 100+ Tips and Tricks for Healthy Home and Healthy Body


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I don't know how to do the links but there is a free e book on Amazon today called "Unvanquished: How Women of the South Survived the Civil War".  It sounded interesting to me!

Eyewitness accounts from 70 Civil War women's diaries. Yankees ransacked and plundered, as brave women hid food & heirlooms in swamps and wells. Solitary women fed starving children. Slave women tell their stories too. Civil War recipes: oatmeal pie, idiot's delight, Confederate cush. Their untiring fortitude shines through their stories.... Read More

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