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Hi Everyone! Well for me it helps that the site is no longer giving warnings about being full of malware. I think that scared off a few people and made it hard for my computer to let me on the site as my antivirus had a fit for so long I stopped trying to come for a long time. Also now that I am working full time I have not had as much time to be online. However now Ben is older so more time to play while he is busy. I had the impulse today to see if it would let me log on without a warning and yes success! I have missed you all. I also have been feeling really unsettled about the deteriorating conditions in the world the last few years. People seem so much more stressed and it often feels like one more thing and the wheels are going to come off both in the world and in my personal life. However I just keep plugging along :) I am ready to get back in the game prep wise so here to fill in the gaps and learn what's new on the site!

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Glad you've discovered we're "safe" again.  Always were but that problem caused my antivirus to DENY me entrance to our site for a few months too.  Annarchy was working hard to clear it all up and get us updated.  :cheer:


MtRider.....hope some of the rest find we're here again too!  :)

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Hi Becca_Anne!  It’s wonderful to see you again!  Yeah, that warning was my bane.


Moving the site from self hosted, to the provider, made all the difference in the world. The server we were on was shared with other domains and old, needing to be upgraded, but the server provider wanted all the domains to pay full price to move to a “new” server ($1,000’s each !). If any of the other sites on that server had issues, it caused the warning on our site. I was on the phone with them almost every 2 weeks. Believe me, I don’t miss having to deal with them anymore. 


It’s so nice seeing people come back. Looking forward to hearing how thing are with you & yours, and getting MrsS more active. 

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I really miss how easy the site was to use before our last upgrade. Its been a couple of years, and I have just recently figured out how to start using the site again. I've been having a lot if trouble with my memory, so it's hard for me to learn new things . I really miss everyone, so I'm trying to get started again.


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Aw Trudy, I do understand the memory thing! My short term memory is shot. Anything new really throws me off too. Now that you are here, if there is anything you need help with just ask. I'm sure I won't be able to help, computer illiterate here, but I'm sure someone will have the answer.


Glad you are here now!  :wave:

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Another old-schooler here!  Glad to see I'm not the only one 


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I try to remember to drop in every once in a while, but with still trying to get DD's health straight it makes me forget to do a lot of things. I do miss being on here and talking to everyone.

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On 8/31/2018 at 12:56 PM, windmorn said:

I try to remember to drop in every once in a while, but with still trying to get DD's health straight it makes me forget to do a lot of things. I do miss being on here and talking to everyone.


So you're doing like the owl in your user picture?  Pop up, see what's going on, and you're off again?  :24:


Drop by any time.  We'll save you a slice. :cakeslice:

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