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Goat mineral question

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We have 2 pygmy does about a year old. They get medicated goat feed, alfalfa and loose minerals. At first we had a copper deficiency but found a better loose mineral and all seemed fine. (they get wormed every 4 or 5 months). Now they seem to be changing color again like with the copper def. DH upped the amount of loose minerals but it hasn't helped. I want to give it to them free choice and to give baking soda also. Does that sound like a good idea to you all? He won't do a bolus. Will baking soda be ok to give free choice as well as the loose minerals? Most of my questions are because they are pets to him and not looked at so much as livestock but I know they have different needs. Thanks for your input!


I went to the goat--link here and checked a couple of them but all I got was a page saying "the page you requested does not exist".

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Um.....so the loose mineral DOES have copper?  Cuz this is a huge difference between sheep and goats.  Sheep cannnnnot have the copper and goats must.  Even feed store employees sometimes do not know this.  I just always buy GOAT loose mineral and always keep the container full.  I supply a plain salt block  [no mineral with the salt] so that they can choose how much salt and how much mineral separately. 


The soil where they eat.....or the soil where their hay is grown will have different percentages of minerals ....which changes up how much they require.  Mine have always been free to chose how much themselves.  [I'm just hoping they're bright enough LOL]   Really, I haven't had any trouble tho.  All have been healthy until they're old.


Baking soda......  :scratchhead:   My brain is not computing tonite.  I think that is the 3rd thing I made available to them too.....but I haven't with this last goat.  I'd have to check the goathouse and see what I have on the shelf.  Probably should check the mineral feeder too.  Things have been tossed upside-down lately with my dad's medical issues.  I'll try to remember to check that tomorrow.


What does "medicated" goat feed mean? 


Why alfalfa and not straight grass hay?  If you have 'boys', it might be too rich.  And I've always heard boys never need grain....messes up their urinary system.  Only grain lactating and maybe pregnant does.  Or old goats if they can't get adequate calories with hay/grass/browse.  Keep in mind, goats are browsers not grazers.  They like rougher, hard stem stuff more than always grass. 


Remember too....different parts of the country have different needs due to climate...soil-mineral content naturally present....toxins present [naturally or otherwise].....


All our goat pages are gone????  :o


MtRider  :offtobed: 



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HI Mt. Rider!  Alfalfa because they are picky and don't have access to enough weeds and branches, they do get plain hay also but don't eat it as well.  The loose mineral we use now does have extra copper but DH gives them a small amount with their grain, not free choice.  They get grain because the lady we got them from said she feeds that every day and as to the medicated part, I will try to check that out tomorrow.  Have been gone all day today until this evening.  Both of our goats are girls, so no calcium issues.  Did you try to check any of the links?  Wondering if you get the same message I did.  Thank you for your response!  Also wondering if your mineral container is elevated or on the ground?  

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Yeah....I just checked the links.  :(   ALL the ones Westie gathered up to post together seem to have not survived one of our moves to new server or some such tech thingie.....    :scratchhead: 


Mebbe Annarchy can help restore them.....or tell us why they aren't working?  :hi: 



Found a link to a 600+ page pdf on goats.  Which I'll download when I go to the library......some day.  Not possible with my Internet usage.



That one still works.....not a MrsS post.

Another Not-MrsS link is now a cattle site; not goats.


One that Necie posted works:



Well that's disappointing, isn't it?  Those threads are still there but not all sorted for quick finding.  :(


Yes, I have salt and mineral feeding up on the wall of the goathouse.  Inside so it doesn't get washed away.  I was told to separate salt and mineral ....and to offer it free choice.  Seems to have worked.  :shrug:


Alfalfa IS  more rough/coarse stems.  If you don't have boys, it might not be too rich then????  I don't know that much, having just 6 goats total and I'm down to one old goat now.  All have been female.  My goats had the run of several acres and had LOTS of brush type plants.  Old one goes down to hang out with the horses.  RUNS up the hill to house if Koa starts barking at something intensely.  Ignores her chit-chat type barking.  LOL


MtRider  ....hope you find out what's up....

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On ‎3‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 9:34 PM, snapshotmiki said:



I went to the goat--link here and checked a couple of them but all I got was a page saying "the page you requested does not exist".

I went back to the first pages on our site and found the threads. It appears, MrsS used to use another software provider and the links connect using the old codes. 


I would have to do what Westie did, go through each one and copy the new link code into a new list, then, edit her list.  However, it wouldn’t change any of the “quoted” content.   It might be prudent to create another thread with the corrected links. 


Working on it.....




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On 3/4/2018 at 7:51 AM, snapshotmiki said:

Our girls run to the dogs to see what is going on when they start barking!  They think they are guard goats!  LOL



My goats have always run TO Koa ....and all the years with her predecessor, Big Dog.  They know where their protection lies.....   That's why my last old goat runs UP to the house if she's hanging out with the horses in the pasture below.


I was amazed to watch that natural instinct happen when Old Angel and Chanel were threatened [from the other side of a very good fence, fortunately].  And how BigDog was up at the fence snarling and literally exchanging spit with the ROTTEN aggressor dog.....that had a very 'Me Big Wimp But Gots BIG TOUGH DOG' owner who had gone on jogging around the corner and ignore his loose dogs. 


Same owner also allowed his pit dog to come on MY property and advance on BigDog who I had in control at my side.  [no goats this time]  I kept screaming "Get your dog outta here - my dog will FIGHT!"  ....BigWimp WANTED those two to fight.....really?  With me in the middle with my cane and old, disabled self?  He finally...half-heartedly....called his dog back.  NEITHER dog was making a sound....which means they are not posturing...  :unsure: 

Next day he let his dog come on our property and DH simply turned to show he was wearing a shoulder harness and said, "Keep your dog off our property!"   After that, MrWimp leashed that dog as he went by our land.  He had a gorgeous and polite red setter too.    Pitt or not, BigDog would have snapped it's neck. 


MtRider  ...fun and games with livestock and .....people who live too nearby...  :gaah:  

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