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Turmeric Soft Chews

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Not sure where to put this but here seems as good a place as any.


The last time I was at Sam's Club I picked up some Turmeric soft chews. I was going to get some capsules but these caught my eye. I'm so tired of taking pills. Anyway...


If you like tart candy these are really good. They are soft and chewy and nearly melt in your mouth. They are tropical flavored with a little tang to them. To me they taste tart and fruity.


They are individually wrapped, gluten free, no artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or preservatives and are made in the USA. Recommended dosage is 1-2 a day.


They are cheaper at Sam's Club and come in a 90 pack for $19.97.  Not too bad for a 3 month supply. I've seen them online at the same price for only 30 of them.


So, if you are thinking about taking turmeric and like tart candy, you might be interested in these.





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I really like them, but you really need black pepper to get the piperazine (or whatever it is) that makes the turmeric bioavailable.  Otherwise you just tint the toilet bowl a bit more.  Maybe you should eat them immediately before or after a meal that has black pepper in it.

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I buy these:  AmazonSmile: Healthy Delights Naturals - Turmeric Curcumin Soft Chews - Promotes Healthy Inflammation Response - 100 mg of Turmeric per Chew - Delicious Tropical Fruit Flavor - 30 Count: Health & Personal Care


I first bought them at Sam's Club a long time ago. Then I found out I wasn't getting over there often enough to buy them. I looked on line and found the same thing at Amazon without driving ten miles to get them.


I have to say that they taste really good too!

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Turmeric is a great herb for inflammation but like most anti-inflammatories (ginger, garlic, aspirin, aleve, etc) it is also a blood thinner.  Good to know if we are ever in a SHTF situation and can't get warfarin or whatever blood thinner a person is on but it also is hard to control the dosage.  And as Ambergris said a few years back on this thread, it is more bioavailable if taken with pepper. 

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That's the way to go We2. They say pepper helps boost turmeric but my mouth is so darn sensitive. Even mild Taco Bell burns my mouth. I love the taste but can barely take the heat.  :sigh:

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Jeepers, just the black pepper alone acts as a carrier and it doesn't take a lot to do it.  I make a turmeric drink with coconut milk and use black pepper and a little nutmeg in it. You really don't notice the pepper.  

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