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2018 April/May Free Ebooks

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Since it's nearly May...I'll have this topic cover 2 months..


I have no idea if any of this collection of books is good.  But it's free right now....????


Prepper's Guide...  11 books included on various prepping topics of First Aid, self-defense, camping, emotions during emergencies, etc.  :shrug:






Again....I haven't read this either.  Don't know if data is accurate.  But with the recent topic about banks forcing choices on others...this might be a part of that too???  It's about the tentacles of the Federal Reserve .... 




MtRider :pc_coffee:


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Wow, is the writer of that prepper's guide arrogant and misinformed.  He rants about all the water on the ground after Katrina, and nobody able to clean it to drink.  Um...it was heavily contaminated with petroleum distillates.  That stuff is something of a challenge to remove when you have no electricity or specialized equipment.

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I haven't read it yet I just wanted to get it while it was free. I'm trying to make a list of perennials to plant when I get a permanent place.


So far I'm thinking for sure:





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