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Thank you all for your prayers over the last 9 years

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It was 9 years ago, we found out David had cancer, and you were all there for me, I know that many of you have continued to pray for us as we walked this journey. Tonight David passed away in my arms. It was peaceful and thanks to the wonders of lots of drugs relatively pain free. Thank you for your support your prayers and for just being there when I needed to vent to someone other than people in close proximity. We have opted for a private cremation which will be either Monday afternoon or Tuesday, then a memorial service in Australia later in the week. When we get home there will be a second memorial service here in New Zealand. so the next 2 weeks will be hard. Thanks once again for being my rock.


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Just got back on Internet to see this.  SO sorry for your loss, SueC.  You had a long road with this....and got to keep him that much longer.  A blessing but so hard when the cancer flares again and again.  We'll all still be praying for you and your girls, for sure!


MtRider :(  :pray:  

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Sue, I am sincerely sorry for your loss.  So glad his passing was peaceful.  Now you begin a new, strange chapter in life, but our prayers and support go with you on this new journey.  Love really does transcend death, it just takes another form.   

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Thank you all so much. We have got this far by Grace, and grace will see us continue in our new normal life. 

We were able to be together in Brisbane as a family, a lovely lady gave us her house for the time we needed to be together, the chapel was provided and everything went smoothly. On the Saturday we had a private internment of ashes at David's parents gravesite, followed by an extended family day at the beach. On the Sunday my girls and I went back to the beach they grew up at, and had a small family day to celebrate my 60th. Now we are home, we have had the local memorial service and will start working out how to do life without him. Fortunately I have the next 4 weeks off. 


thanks again for your support - it means a lot to me.

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My girls are doing great. Eldest DD is living here with me, she has been a marvellous support, 2nd DD is living north  Queensland, married one lovely little miracle baby boy, just gone back to work in the homeless shelter as a team leader, 3rd DD is married and 3 littlies and living in New South Wales and 4th DD is single working as  manager of a toy shop and studying to be a school teacher. Her boyfriend has cancer so don't know how long he has - he is not well at all. so they are well spread out :) 

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Didn't realise you had 4 dd's.  Will pray for #4 and bf... :(  and for all of you.  Glad you have a dd right there.  We're likely going to return to Maui only to be near our dds.  We left due to economics and the heat is so impossible for me.  However, logistics of me being by myself anywhere if DH goes first....they'd end up moving me then anyway.  Learning things as my parents age.


MtRider  ....don't be scarce  :hug3: 

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