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Does anyone like Tattler canning lids?

Guest Sister Jane

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Guest Sister Jane

I’m considering buying some but since they are expensive I wanted to first check and see if anyone has experience using them, and if so what do you like or not like about them?

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Yes, I love Tattler's.  However, I have collected a good supply of them to "set back" for life changing events and use the 2-piece systems for regular jarring up.  Went to buy some more pint and half pint jars etc., last week and they are scarce as hens teeth (we buy Mennonite).  All you can find are the Ball etc., at WalMart and other places that carry only the major brands.   But I've used Tattler's on other projects and some are 3 years old and still holding their seals just find.  Just follow the directions to a T and you'll be fine with Tattler's.  AND...if one is spewing...leave it alone!!! It will calm down and seal or not seal, but just let it do it's thing.  Sometimes people don't "back the ring off" enough and there's no expansion room...or they forget to tighten them down when lifted from the canner.  

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On 8/5/2018 at 10:02 PM, Mt_Rider said:

WE2....do Tattler lids "ping"?  They look more solid/less flexible in the pics.


MtRider :canning: 


No they do not ping.  After a reasonable amount of time, just lay the blade of a butter knife across the top...it should lay flat...that's my method. 

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Glad to see I am not the only one using the tattler lids. I love them. I have been trying to get a good stock of them to use when things go south and we might not be able to get the one use lids. though I still buy them. The tattlers are really the best.  So far I haven't had any problems with them. I am buying extra rubber rings as well. 

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The trick to using tattler lids is you put the lid and the rubber gasket in hot water to soak, just like you do with the regular lids. Fill your jars and clean the tops with vinegar.  When you put the band on, don't back it off like you would with the other one use lids. Put it on tight. Do NOT loosing the band.  That is the trick. Works for me every time.  Try canning water either in water bath or canner using the tattler lids for a practice run.

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Guess I'm just old school. I want to hear that ping and see that lid drawn down. And I don't want to mess with a hot jar. And I'd probably forget to tighten the lid. 


Plus I can't get that image of that lid blowing in that one video. 

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Guest Joyfilled

Littlesister, I think that may have been my problem. I soaked them in hot water etc....but probably backed off every.single.time. Beans is not a mess that 8d like to recreate, thank you! I love the idea of practicing with water! 

Thanks for the response. My hubby doesn't do a lot in small doses, so I have a LOT of them....and the idea of them is good, considering that regular lids may be in short supply now. I'll give it a try! :sSig_thankyou:

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Love my Tattler's!  I use them for long term storage and the metal ones for shorter stuff.  I've found jars with the metal lids starting to "delaminate" after a longer term storage.  Also...when I gift something to somebody, they know to give me back my jar and ring or they won't get any more! 
Using Tatt's takes a bit of new learning curve.  I use the "poke the finger" method and then settle the ring on and give it a turn until the jar turns.  Then I tighten them down when I pull them from the canner, but I don't "wrench" them down.  I've noticed that when they're sealed, the red gasket material seems to protude a tiny little bit more from under the lid, than what you'd see when you first put them on.  Weird or am I just imagining it!? LOL  Oh...I have also used my Tatt's to vacuum seal..they work for that too.

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How do you open the lid when you want to use the food inside?


I have some Weck jars that use gaskets and clamps. I haven't tried them yet. They are shaped sort of like juice bottles. That's what I plan to use them for if I ever get grapes etc. growing. They have  glass lids. They said if you see the "tongue" part of the gasket pointing down, then the jar is sealed. To open them you pull on that "tongue" part on the gasket and it releases the pressure inside the jar and it opens. 


I also plan to store milk in them in the freezer...without canning them. Mostly for cereal and small things to have on hand. 


I hear they are still very popular to can in over in Europe. I have a Weck canning book I found that gives good instructions on how to use them. Also a number of YouTube videos. The jars are cute but too pricy, for me, to use for regular canning. 

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On 4/27/2020 at 9:54 PM, Jeepers said:

How do you open the lid when you want to use the food inside?



Tattler has a special opener but I just place one of those round "grippers" (from $Tree) on top and use the rounded side of my bottle opener.  Works for me and pretty cheap!

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