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Most of these are not originally mine! I got them off of the Internet. Some of them I put in a Word document then edited them down and made back into a PDF to save space when printing. So, a couple of them might be repeats. I’m sure mistakes were made. Sorry. 


There are two ways to view them. One way is to hit the “open” option on the pop-up that will appear at the bottom of the screen.


The other way, which I prefer, is to hit the “save as” button and send it to your desktop or documents folder. That way you will always have them for your own personal use without reading them online. Also by doing it that way you may copy/paste to a Word document and whittle them down to just the information you want and print.  


Notice the security scan before they open. They were all virus free when I posted them.  


The number beside them is to indicate how many pages are in the PDF. It helped me to keep track of the ones I wanted to print out.


These are from my personal stash and have helped me stay focused. I hope someone will find something useful from a few of them.



https://ia802906.us.archive.org/5/items/ball-blue-book-guide-to-preserving-2010/ball-blue-book-guide-to-preserving-2010.pdf   132

10 Weeks To 3 Months 1.pdf

500 Camping Recipes 144.pdf

Alternate Cooking Methods 11.pdf

Ball Book Very Old 99.pdf

Bohemian Lady Journal of Wild Edibles 21.pdf

Calculator 1.pdf

Canner - All American Manual 47.pdf

Canner - Mirro Manual 30.pdf

Canner - Presto Manual 32.pdf

Canning 101 A Primer 40.pdf

Canning And Preserving Outdated! 134.pdf

Canning Food 50.pdf

Canning For The Home Outdated! 40.pdf

Christmas meal in a jar thrive dozen.pdf

Dutch Ovens 9.pdf

Excalibur Dehydration Guide 72.pdf

Excalibur Dehydrator Manual 24.pdf

Food And Water Emergency 16.pdf

Food For Small Spaces 22.pdf

Food Storage Guide 16.pdf

Food Storage Guide 15.pdf

Food Storage In The Home 21.pdf

Food Storage Recipes 23.pdf

Food Storage Recipes And More 118.pdf

Food Storage. Use It Or Lose It 124.pdf

Food Yield 10.pdf

Freeze Dry.pdf

Freezer Bag Meals 13.pdf

Freezer Meal Cookbook 40.pdf

Good Food List 2.pdf

Healthy Traditions Recipes Of Our Ancestors 58.pdf

How Much Do I Plant 3.pdf

How To Bake Without Baking Powder 93.pdf

Kitchens Prepper Style 22.pdf

Meal Planning for Long Term Food Storage 47.pdf

Milk 2.pdf

One Year Emergency Food Supply For One Adult 5.pdf

One Year One Adult 9.pdf

Pantry Label Pages 4.pdf

Planting Yield 1.pdf

Prepper's Guide To Disaster Water Security 99.pdf

Prudent Food Storage 34.pdf

Recipies 15.pdf

Rehydrate Table 1.pdf

Soup Or Sauce 9.pdf

Sprout Pictures 2.pdf

Sprouts 2.pdf

Sprouts 3.pdf

Sprouts 1.pdf

Sprouts 3.pdf

Stocking Food 5.pdf

The Basics Emergency Water Knowledge 22.pdf

Thermos Bottle Cooking 2.pdf

USDA Canning Guide 40.pdf

Water Filtering 6.pdf

Water Purifying 6.pdf

Water Treatment 37.pdf

Waxing Cheese 2.pdf

Wheat 2.pdf

Why Food Storage 19.pdf

Wonder Oven Recipes 34.pdf

Your Shelf Stable Pantry 64.pdf



African Healthcare 209.pdf

Anesthetics And Stitches 5.pdf

Antibiotic Dosages 1.pdf

Antibiotic Dose 7.pdf

Antibiotic Prescribing 28.pdf

Antibiotics 1.pdf

Army Survival Manual 277.pdf

Avian Flu Guide 27.pdf

Bird Flu Diagnosis And Personal Hygiene 5.pdf

Body 1 3.pdf

Body 2 2.pdf

Burial 2.pdf

Camp Hygiene And Health 11.pdf

Choking Prevention 3.pdf

Colloidal Silver 2.pdf

Disabled Village Children 18.pdf

Dosage Guideline 2.pdf

Ebola 2.pdf

Ebola 7.pdf

Ebola And Funerals 3.pdf

Ebola Body Handling 5.pdf

Ebola Precautions Brief 11.pdf

Emergency Kit Checklist 1.pdf

Field Hygiene 161.pdf

First Aid 224.pdf

First Aid - CPR 12.pdf

First Aid Guide for Children 2.pdf

Fish Antibiotics 2.pdf

Flu 2.pdf

Flu 14.pdf

Flu Home Treatment 11.pdf

Flu Or Cold 4.pdf

For The Disabled 45.pdf

Funeral 3.pdf

Funeral 4.pdf

Glucose Reading 1.pdf

Health Care Waste 33.pdf

Heimlich 1979 32.pdf

Heimlich For Dogs 1.pdf

Heimlich For Infants 1.pdf

Herbal First Aid 10.pdf

Home Care Guide 76.pdf

Home Influenza Treatment 17.pdf

Homemade 'Ace' Bandage 2.pdf

Homemade First Aid Kit And What To Include 7.pdf

Infectious Disease Control 5.pdf

Lidocaine 2.pdf

Medical Emergencies 18.pdf

Medical Isolation Plan 4.pdf

Oral Hydration 1.pdf

Pandemic 2.pdf

Pandemic Flu Guide 68.pdf

Pediatric First Aid 2.pdf

Quick Win Emergency Kit 2.pdf

Senior First Aid 4.pdf

Ship Medical Chest 410.pdf

Sick Room 9.pdf

Stay At Home Toolkit For Flu 32.pdf

Stitch A Cut 2.pdf

Subcutaneous Fluid 2.pdf

Suturing 2.pdf

Thieves Oil 2.pdf

U.S. Army First Aid 223.pdf

Viral vs. Bacterial 3.pdf

Where There Is No Dentist 240.pdf

Where There Is No Doctor 512.pdf

World Without Antibiotics 219.pdf

Zika 4.pdf

Zika 2.pdf



7-DAY Last Minute Preps 1.pdf

2017 Prepper Planner 22.pdf

A Prepper Anthology of the Collapse of Venezuela 52.pdf

Aftermath, A Story of Survival 283.pdf

Are You Ready Fema 204.pdf

Basement Shelter 31.pdf

Basic List 3.pdf

Before A Storm 50.pdf

Beyond Collapse 442.pdf

Bottle Feeding Animal 1.pdf

Build Your Own Emergency Off Grid Power System 22.pdf

Civil Disturbance 256.pdf

Costco TEOTWAWKI Shopping Guide 4.pdf

Department on Disability 94.pdf

Depression Wisdom 3.pdf

Disaster Handbook 166.pdf

Disaster Manual Australia 25.pdf

Disaster Preps 8.pdf

Dog First Aid 71.pdf

Emergency Evacuation 135.pdf

Emergency Prepardness Plan 10.pdf

Emergency Preparedness Checklist 9.pdf

Essential Oil Warning 1.pdf

Fallout Shelter 8.pdf

Family Preparation 58.pdf

Faraday Cage 2.pdf

Fifty Ways To Make Survival Tools From Trash And Household Items 65.pdf

General Supplies 3.pdf

Getting Your Household In Order 33.pdf

Ham License 13.pdf

Head Start 215.pdf

Hoarding 2.pdf

Household Binder 48.pdf

How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle 305.pdf

Important Documents 4.pdf

Keys To Successful Homesteading 28.pdf

LA Emergency Preparedness 40.pdf

Last Minute Preparations 1.pdf

Last Minute 2.pdf

LDS Manual 222.pdf

LDS Preparedness Manual 403.pdf

LDS Preparedness Manual 503.pdf

Life After Doomsday 182.pdf

List 4.pdf

Lists To Store 21.pdf

Living Off The Grid 32.pdf

Low Tech Solutions to High Tech Problems 11.pdf

Nuclear 8.pdf

Nuclear Disaster 9.pdf

Nuclear Threat 21.pdf

Nuclear War Survival Skills 510.pdf

Organization Your First Step To Getting Prepped 34.pdf

Oxygen Absorbers 1.pdf

Paint Can Faraday Cage 2.pdf

Prepared Kids 68.pdf

Preparedness Workbook 60.pdf

Preparedness Planner Firearm 17.pdf

Prepper Supplies Checklist 39.pdf

Self Sufficient for 6 Months 21.pdf

Short Wave 1.pdf

Short Wave 2.pdf

Short Wave In English 8.pdf

Short Wave Stations 5.pdf

Simple 72 Hour Kits 80.pdf

Small Spaces And Small Budgets 26.pdf

Social Distancing 4.pdf

Sponge Care 1.pdf

Spring Cleaning 5.pdf

Survival Secrets Stop Burglars 24.pdf

Survive NBC 79.pdf

The Guide to Primitive Survival Traps 67.pdf

U.V. Light 2.pdf

Vehicle Emergency Kit Check List 2.pdf

Wal-Mart Prep List 1.pdf

Winter Preps Check 31.pdf

Winter Survival In Your Car 2.pdf

Wooly Lamb's Ear 2.pdf

Your Family Matters 50.pdf



LightsOut-Current 611.pdf

TheHotZone 271.pdf









Edited by Jeepers
Added Ball Blue Book
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That will be fine TheCG! I tried to post them in three separate folders but it wouldn't let me post them that way. Some people (me) can't seem to open some zipped files, but for those that can it would be great. I have mine all stored in a regular folder in my documents. 

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But wait there's more!


Here are a couple of websites that have a lot of good lists too:




I have Microsoft Office Professional so I'm not sure if this works on anything else but...

Here is how I converted a Word doc to a PDF:


Open a Word document

Click on file

Click on save and send

Click on PDF/XPS

Click to desktop

Click on publish.


I have these instructions printed out and have to read them EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. that I need to convert a Word document. Sigh. Every time.


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  • 11 months later...

Bumping this up. This is what Mrs. S is about. I have had to turn off the news and avoid social media and focus on me and mine. I can't spend my energy hashing out if mask should be worn or if people should get the jab. These are grown *** adults they can make their own decision. You do you and I will do me. I won't hold it against you if you get the jab if you don't hold it against me if I don't and vice versa. I am sick to my stomach over the middle east mess. My heart is broken for my oldest and youngest. They served for a while over the past 20 years. They are not taking this well. So no news here its more for our sanity than anything else. So I have put all my energy into getting ready for what ever may come our way. No just by stocking food but strengthening my faith and biblical knowledge. So here's to Mrs S for playing a big part of that. 

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Hummm. I clicked on it and it opened fine?  


I tried to copy/paste the page here but its in a chart form and it all runs together like this:


72 hour kits Replace clothes family members have outgrown Check and replace diapers Check food expiration dates and replace Check to see if you are missing supplies Do you have cash in small bills Lighting/Power Locate flashlights Check batteries in all flashlights Charge any solar powered battery packs Charge all your electronic devices and keep them charged just in case you lose power Get solar outdoor lights, you can use olive oil in jars with wicks as well Pick up a solar phone charger then you will still have power for your cell phone If you have to use a gas powered generator, make sure to have a little extra fuel on hand; just be very careful where you put it, and be mindful of your local laws on how much you can have on hand at one time Water Fill all your water containers Consider filling your waterbob or plug your bath tub and fill it out Consider filling big rubbermaid totes with water but MAKE sure they are covered if you have young children around Have a rain barrel to collect water you can use to flush toilets Family Communication/Planning Keep a list of emergency numbers handy, along with family members’ phone numbers. Write them down if you only have them stored in your phone Have an emergency escape plan from your home and make sure all family members know it and know where to meet. Make sure you have and/or locate your radio to stay connected Prepare an evacuation list of things you would need to grab in case you need to evacuate. Have an emergency binder with all important paperwork ready to go Take pictures of every room and closet in your house – it makes a huge difference if you have to deal with insurance companies Cooking If you have a gas grill, make sure you have a full tank of propane Check and replace other types of fuels If you need internet for instructions on how to use any of your powerless cooking tools go online and print the instructions now Make sure you have and/or locate a nonelectric can opener Food Have lots of nonperishables on hand Turn fridge and freezer to a colder setting If you have extra space in your freezer, take containers or ziploc bags full of water and fill in the extra space Make a few meals and snacks that will last without power Have enough food and litter for your pets Sanitation/Health Improvise an emergency toilet with a bucket lined with a bin bag and some sawdust or cat litter to cover the contents after each use Have your prescriptions filled Do your laundry now, so you have clothes that are dry and clean. Locate items necessary to do laundry by hand Find your glasses so you don’t have to deal with contacts in an emergency Other Have books and other non electric entertainment like board games ready for everyone Fill your gas tank Don’t forget to pay attention to fire prevention measures. Have your extinguisher handy "LAST MINUTE" PREPAREDNESS CHECKLIST (not literally last minute - but in case you know a disaster is coming in a day or two)  Brought to you by: FoodStorageMadeEasy.NET



Tonight I'll try to go through all of them to see if there are any dead links since these were posted. 

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I just opened all of them and they were fine. They aren't links to other sites. They are PDF's that I have downloaded. Not sure where to go from here. Tons of information up there though. Some I had forgotten about. 

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4 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I just opened all of them and they were fine. They aren't links to other sites. They are PDF's that I have downloaded. Not sure where to go from here. Tons of information up there though. Some I had forgotten about. 


Just tried again. Same message. Maybe it is McAfee???

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Super info.  I need to read it and a lot more.  Even though I was feeling prepared our life has changed so much I need to reassess.  AGAIN. Thanks.  

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On 9/10/2021 at 5:58 PM, Mother said:

Super info.  I need to read it and a lot more.  Even though I was feeling prepared our life has changed so much I need to reassess.  AGAIN. Thanks.  


Mother, I think that is where I have gone astray. Our life has changed but I was still trying to prep like I had small children. We have different needs now. I think each year we need to step back and reassess and see if maybe we don't need to prep one way but may prep another. We need to adjust our preps for health and age changes. I mean You are not going to stock a ton of diapers and bottles if there are no small children. Especially if child bearing years are long since passed. Priorities! that is the name of the game. 

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MTTB,  the last couple of years has been extremely challenging and eye opening for us here. I definitely have had to do a lot of rethinking preps.  Prioritizing is the perfect word.  I dug through papers and old computer files (old CD’s and even old old small square floppies ! ) (yes I do still have an old operating computer that reads them. 🧐) to find some of the lists I used years ago to organize my preps and was amazed to find so much had changed.  Not just with our abilities and needs but with modern preps we can find now compared to even just twenty years ago. Yet so much has stayed the same as well.  Now comes the hard part, paring away the unnecessary and adding what we need now.  

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Jeepers. These PDF’s are great.  So far they are opening fine.  I am finding some duplicates of ones I already had but a whole lot more I didn’t have and can really use.  I haven’t tried saving any yet as I’m hoping to print out as much as possible to have a hard copy as well as put it on jump drives in case of internet or electrical failure.  I need a new printer that is easy on ink, I need paper, more plastic sleeve covers, more time, and lots more energy.  The use of both hands would help too but I’m not waiting for that to get started.  

:sSig_thankyou: for the work you put into this and for sharing it.  :hug3:

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Mother, you are welcome. I got most of the info online and copy/pasted onto a Word doc. That way I could take out the fluff to condense them down for easier printing to save on paper and ink. Then made them into a PDF. I got some of those thin plastic sheet covers similar to these and some binders and have all the info stored away as a printed copy. Also on a thumb drive.   Amazon.com : 400 Sheet Protectors, 11 Hole Lightweight Binder Sleeves, Designed to Protect Frequently Used 8.5 x 11 Papers, Acid and PVC Free Page Protector, Clear Plastic Design, 9.25 x 11.25 Top Loaded, 400 ct : Office Products


I got seven 1-1/2 inch binders labeled for different categories. OCD can sometimes work to my advantage. I did the same thing with quilt patterns.



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I have been submerged in these for hours!  Just what I needed to get me thinking differently!  Or should I say getting my priorities straight.  Focusing on how we need to be prepared now for this stage in our journey.  Realizing that knowing what we need to prepare for is important but not as important as being prepared in a way that is doable in a variety of situations, even just life ones. 

These PDFs are like a trip through down to earth prepping.  What a great collection, Jeepers.

I especially loved the,,,,   “500+ camping recipes!!!”!!   So many of them can be used to make stock up lists that will actually make easy to prepare meals with alternative cooking methods. Some are backpacking meals that would fit nicely in bug-out-bags.  

The freezer meal ones are just what we need at this point.  I especially liked the Feed The Hungry ones.  There’s even several that are setup to make multiple meals.  

The LDS ones are great too.  I’ve gone into a dozen or more PDFs and already am starting to see ideas that would work for us here.  

I'm wondering if there might be hard copies out there of some of these.  Pretty sure there should be LDS books?  I, too, have printed copies in plastic sleeves in binders of lots of info but I can see I need more.:coffeescreen::reading:  

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Everything opened fine for me.  I have some of those. Great resources.  Will need to go back to check out the ones I don't have when I have more time. Right now I am mostly just reading up a little bit to see what I have missed this passed week or so. Things are about to get even more crazy around here, but I will get it all done and have my house back together again with hopefully better storage. 

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I've been working on a 'Master List' for myself for the past couple of years. It's by no means a complete list but something I've been adding to a little bit at a time as an idea strikes me. Since I'm so scattered, I figured one list that I can mark items off would help keep me focused. I think it's time to wrap it up and move on. When I get it finished, if anyone wants to look at it, I'd be glad to post it. It isn't food related. Mostly household items.

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I put this under the What Did You Do To Prep This Week thread in RURR but I'll put it here too......in case folks are planning [someday] to print some of the lists on PAPER....






PAPER .....printing paper, not just T.P. is getting short .....according to this report.


MtRider  :reading:    

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8 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

I put this under the What Did You Do To Prep This Week thread in RURR but I'll put it here too......in case folks are planning [someday] to print some of the lists on PAPER....






PAPER .....printing paper, not just T.P. is getting short .....according to this report.


MtRider  :reading:    

If it makes anybody feel better, I just ordered 4 8-ream boxes of paper from Staples on sale today for work, so it probably hasn’t hit the standard printer paper yet.

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I got two boxes of paper when Ohio had their no sales tax weekend last month. It wasn't on sale though.  


Toilet paper shortage, paper towel shortage, copy paper shortage, lumber shortage, drought, too much rain, too hot, forest fires, no truckers... See a pattern. Maybe we need to start a tree farm.  One of my cousin's ex-husbands had a Christmas tree farm. It was very lucrative! 

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15 hours ago, Jeepers said:

One of my cousin's ex-husbands had a Christmas tree farm. It was very lucrative!


With the shipping issues and the possibility that there may not be anything to put under the tree, I wonder how many people will still be buying one this year.

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