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Being Prepared With PDF's

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When I went to B'J's today, I bought a huge box of paper for printer. I am going to start printing out all my stuff for a hard copy. I have a notebook I will put it in with tabs for what everything is. As I said earlier my list just keeps growing and I am so tired. I also need to go look into a new printer that is better on ink. This one does ok, but there has to be something better for people that print a lot out.

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Print on DRAFT quality, it is just as good as regular print but doesn't take as much ink. You get more pages that way. When you print just go to settings of printer and select draft. Or go in to your printer settings on your computer and set it to draft. Draft quality you can print both front and back and the paper holds up better. If you don't want color use Grayscale. It will still print the picture put it will be in black and white.

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