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What to Grab When You Have X Amount of Time

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Just thinking how often it takes five minutes to find my shoes and keys alone.  I'd spend the extra buck per key to put copies in the pack.

Also, if I still had kids, I would keep a couple of pair of cheap strap-adjustable sandals in their sizes as well as a sturdy pair of sandals in my size tucked in.  How often does a kid's missing shoe derail your morning routine?  With one kid, I had to start keeping a pair of loud and ugly Goodwill shoes in the trunk for when a shoe disappeared between morning checkover and school dropoff.  This made his shoes stick to his feet much better, by the way.

  I say that, but there have been many years when I only owned one pair of shoes in my size.  (Do as I say, not as I do?)


Also, keep socks and undies tucked in always.  That,  I did manage.

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:bounce:  VERY COOL!!!  This is exactly what I had ...in a crude, undistilled form....when our monster wildfire hit.  :busted:  Course it took DH nearly an hour to get it printed off of a computer we'd just retired....  SO PRINT SEVERAL COPIES OF THIS LIST after you personalize it!  Fortunately, we had that time in that case, to get the 'puter to talk to printer nicely.  Hmph.  When we finally returned from being Evacuated for 3 wks.....I redid it.  Exactly like this!  AND have had to USE IT MANY TIMES....tho we've never actually had to EVAC again.  My parents did tho. 


THIS SYSTEM WORKS!  And for those of us who use LISTS obsessively, it REALLY calms down the panic.  I'm not of a personality to panic but an EVAC put me over the top.  Be prepared to use ANYTHING that keeps the panic away.  Panic in desperate emergencies can be deadly.


I'll give one addition I have to this:


In my system, when I get to the one hour mark, I begin to break the LIST down by LOCATION.  Bedroom #1.....Items and location within that room.  Bedroom #2...Kitchen....Outside....always with specific locations within the room or area. 


Because for the initial few minutes, as Ambergris mentions, you'll barely have time to Rip and RUN!  Anyone who has physically tried to do this knows....it takes a horribly long time to grab "a few things".  So up to about a half hour....you will just :runcirclsmiley2:from place to place in your house grabbing up the BASIC ESSENTIALS.  If that's truly all the time you have safely....then LEAVE!  Don't die for "just a few more things!"  :grouphug:



It helps tremendously if you are able to keep those basic essentials [first 5 min. items]  in one or two locations NEAR THE DOOR...or already IN THE VEHICLE.  It will help a lot.  If they're in the vehicle, you won't need to grab those.  Extra shoes/socks/undies/change of clothes/bottled water/snack bars {unless you have bears like us}/extra power cord for cell/.....  In a hidden spot: a VOIDED check, a little cash, ....extra set of keys is a good idea I hadn't thot of!    Nearly all of the 5 minute LIST can fit into some corner of a vehicle and live there.  Stuff under the seats or in seat pockets.  For security reasons, not all 5 minute items should be full time in vehicle, so use wisdom.


Ambergris.... :lol:  I love the outrageous shoe idea to help encourage order from chaos in young minds!  ;)  Mooooom!  I  can't wear those NERD shoes to school! 





:busted:   The hardest part of this LIST is keeping LOCATION updated!!!  Or sometimes you upgrade your equipment and that needs to be updated.  It's probably been .....way too many years....since I've done an update.  :wacko:     :sigh:  Something ELSE I really need to put at the top of my TO DO LIST!    HOWEVER my recent renovation of shelving in living room means that my Rip and Run bags are all within a couple steps of the door.  Most of those are my usual "Going into town" bags anyway.  And I also put a current LIST of further items in LARGE PRINT black marker on cardboard sheet.....attached to those bags with a clothes pin.  Big and Obvious.  ....so I HAVE already updated the most important 5 and 15 minute stuff.  :happy0203:  


:sSig_thankyou:   Ambergris for sharing this and TheCG for getting it to post! 


MtRider  :thumbs:  :thumbs: 


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I read somewhere, once upon a time, that if you're in a hurry to evac, just grab the dirty clothes hamper! It most likely has enough clothing in it for a few days AND that mix of clothing more than likely includes socks and underwear! :thumbs:

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5 hours ago, Midnightmom said:

I read somewhere, once upon a time, that if you're in a hurry to evac, just grab the dirty clothes hamper! It most likely has enough clothing in it for a few days AND that mix of clothing more than likely includes socks and underwear! :thumbs:

Somebody else told me that wasn't a good idea, 'cause you never know when you'll have access to laundry facilities if you're having to evacuate!


I'll just grab the unfolded basket of clean laundry that should have been put up 3 days ago. :24:

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I DID bring the laundry basket when we EVACed.....cuz we were heading for my folks' and knew we had washer/dryer there.  It worked well but yes...trying to find/sit in a laundry mat in the middle of Hooey Hitting YOUR Fan might be challenging. 


If you have a sox drawer and an undies drawer, my advice after experiencing the EVAC that went on an unbelievable 3 weeks....Grab ALL SOX/UNDIES in a big quick grab.  I put a lot of other things to carry to the vehicles in that tall laundry basket too!  Since then, I have kept a couple of big trash bags in the bottom of the laundry basket....JIC.  Then I could quickly separate dirty from the clean clothes I might dump quickly in there...in case we ever have to do EVAC again. 


Our EVAC turned out to be much longer than most.  We got horses out early, since we didn't have a horse trailer...had to ask a friend.  We left when the "Inversion" sent the smoke miles and miles ahead of the actual fire.  I don't handle breathing smoke and SHEEESH....you couldn't SEE anything.  Time to EVAC tho there was no official word yet.  We went back in to get more stuff and baby ducks the next day.  And THEN our area was officially evacuated.  Beat the crowd....leave early.  ....it means you need more clothes.  :clothesline: 


Being evacuated for us, was EXTREMELY BUSY.  DH still had his chiro office open cuz the wildfire did not affect the town where it was located.  We had animals staying alll over the place.  Had to keep bringing food/equipment for those that cared for them.  Then my folks' town was threatened [tho thankfully, they didn't have to EVAC]  but we helped them pack and then we went further away.  Moved in with a former next door neighbor M.  She was a blessing and a dear friend!  It allowed us to gather up most of our animals from other people ...cuz they were also then being evacuated.  Eventually we had all our animals gathered with us at that M's property, including horses.  Except the baby ducks who were being care for by some lovely EVAC volunteers who kept telling us:  You're evacuated. Let us help you.  :wub:   They even drove 2 hrs up the mountain to return the baby ducks AFTER we were well settled in at home again!! 


Would you believe that the fire threat EVEN began to approach M's home but they FINALLY got a perimeter on the monster.  Even when we were conditionally allowed back into our place, we had to be ready to EVAC again immediately.  They were NOT sure the perimeter on that side would hold.  Fire conditions that year were appalling!  So I stayed at M's with the animals...including horses.  DH went back to live at the house to prevent vandals, etc for another week.  Our mostly-still-feral cat kissed the ground when we finally all got home.  


MOST EVACs last from 3 hrs to 3 days, depending on the type of disaster one is evacuating from.  Monster Wildfire can go on and on....  And yes, most "hosts" and "helpful" people are done helping after 3 days....  <_<    Not helpful.  Others tho....walk the whole distance with you and are to be most treasured in your misery.  :bighug2:


MtRider  :pc_coffee: 



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17 hours ago, TheCG said:

I'll just grab the unfolded basket of clean laundry that should have been put up 3 days ago. :24:


:clothesline:  Yours actually stays IN the basket?!?!?!?!?   :coffeescreen: :24:


I thought everyone's clean laundry got dumped on the couch :behindsofa: and stayed there  :whistling:until it was all worn again and dumped back into the hamper!!!  :P

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These lists are a good idea. I need to copy them and update them to my needs. I also need to get more organized in my storage. For instance, important papers and pictues are spread all over the house. I need to organize them or maybe make sure all of my pictures are scanned along with the important papers and keep that in my fireproof box easier to grab. Living in a trailer my two greatest fears are fire and a tornado, almost everything else I think I could shelter in place. In other places there are other worries. My step-mom and some of my siblings live in California. They live below Los Angeles but just because they were out of range of the recent fires, that does not mean that they aren't at risk for earthquakes or fires that are both reasons to have to evacuate. My niece in Florida has her own reasons to worry about evacuation. I guess I feel lucky that I don't have those big threats. I even live on top of a hill so that flooding although a possible worry in my area, it is most likely to mean I am cut off without electricity and not flooded directly. Even still, you never know what events may trigger you to have to leave. It is the every day have to leave the house unexpectedly that catches me off guard. Take yesterday for instance. I left to take my daughter to work. It was cool, but not cold enough for my winter coat when I took my daughter to work. I just wore a fleece lined sweat jacket. The weather turned before I got to town and then I got stuck in town till my older daughter got off work because my grand-daughter couldn't be left without supervision. So here I was in town, no proper coat, no charger cord and didn't even get the dogs out before I left since i was just going to be gone a half hour. And the weather turn. We got snow. Another reminder that my preps are lagging. During the winter I keep an old coat in the car. It and the blanket and other winter car preps got removed last spring. They are going back in the car today. As disorganized as I am half the time, need lists like this to keep me on track. And regular review to make sure everything is kept up to date.


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