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Oh, man.  I had potted trees so I could plant them in the fall, after I'd had a chance to get to know this piece of land.  But this summer I couldn't navigate the pastures even with my walking stick, and now the brush is chest-high in places.  Meanwhile, the plants have grown, while their pots have not.  I had most of them moved to a shed for storm protection, and have only been able to get someone here to move them back within sprinkler range today.  Um...remember those pots, those sometimes very undersized pots?  Well the plants in those have mostly died, while the ones in larger pots have mostly lived.  If the guys can get enough done and still have daylight/energy, we are going to have an up-potting party.

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:(  Age old lament of 'farming'.  On any scale.....no one can wring more hours of daylight...even by working thru the night.  No one can work beyond the amount of energy given for each day.  And it is never enough for our plans....  And it is so VERRRRY IRRITATING to waste things because of these realities.  I know your story.  I hope you can save most of what is left. 

MtRider  :sigh:

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We had the repotting party.  There was enough dirt in the dead-plant containers to up-pot several of the most strangled survivors.  But oh, man.  Only one of my half-dozen different kinds of blueberries made it.   The smaller loquat, the avocado,  the plum, one of the persimmons, and my favorite kumquat all had leaves dry enough to rattle.  This is very, very bad.  They are getting a slow soak under the sprinkler now.  

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Sounds familiar.  

either not enough time, or (more in the past now) not enough space

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