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Christmas Ornament Exchange 2018

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I know this is really late but those of you here who would like to exchange ornaments again this year please sign up and send me a message with your name and address so I will be able to pass it on.   


Again, please send me a message with your name and address so I can add it to a list for the exchange.      I am looking forward to the exchange again this year.   

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I think I can do it.   :)       All I have to do is get the names and addresses and send them out.        I would feel bad to miss this year.   :(  


So, can I count you in???    :)    


I suppose I need a date to get names and addresses to me, so, I think if we can get the message to me by 15th of this month, November, I should be able to get the names out to you by the 20th.     I know it would be a lot later than usual but, at least we wouldn't miss out this year.    :)     


:bighug2:                             and           :kissy:   to you and everyone here.    :) 

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Looking good, I'll get Annarchy and Pauline added to the list.   :)       So, we have mommato3boys, Midnightmom, Annarchy, Pauline and myself so far.      This makes 5 of us so far.    :)  

Guess I need to get busy and get some ornaments made.   :)  

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Good morning everyone,


The time is coming soon to close this Christmas Exchange so if you want to get in on the exchange be sure to let me know by Wednesday.

Thank you to those who are going to exchange, it is always nice to see what others make.   :)     :bighug2:

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