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Revamping the car kit.

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My daughter works at a local store and the closing shift has to make a bank run after the store is closed. They do this by two store employees ( manager and one other person) go in a two car caravan to the bank. We had to wait on the other car the other day until my daughter got out and used my scraper to clear her windows. She did not even have the basic supply of an Ice scraper. She was waiting for her slow defrost to take care of it. Sometimes it is the simple supplies that we tend to forget about. 

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I used to have to make those bank runs at night too.  I got a police escort though. Kinda cool for me because I got to know all of the local police.


I don't take my scraper/brush out of the car now. Every year I would have to buy a new one because I could never find last years model. It's true, sometimes it's the simple things that trip us up.

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Good idea Jeepers to keep the scraper in the vehicle.  Only problem with us is it in his truck and has to be stuck beside one of our seats...can't invade Abby's space.  We don't have a back seat in his truck.  We removed it and he built her a padded platform that she rides on (or paces back and forth on) so no space there.  My van...it's winterized (except for emergency) so I don't drive it.  We put a tarp over part of the top to cover the air conditioner and it's strapped down with bungy cords (and pool noodles to keep from damaging paint) so it's not EZ to take off just to run somewhere.  I just wait for him :-)  

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That looks like a good idea for having car trouble!


LOL.....do you know that the "Yellow Vest" movement that began in France used the Yellow Vests as their symbol cuz ....everyone has them.  That's because they are legally required to have in each vehicle.  It's a good idea, of course.  But it became a part of the protest of Government Interference.  And that gas tax that penalizes rural folks....who feed the nation.  Pffft...idiots who don't know where food comes from! 


I've been wearing a blaze orange vest as I do chores and esp when I walk dog on road towards dusk.  AND always have my headlamp.  A friend long long ago bought me the vest for when I rode the horse.  It's still getting use.


MtRider  :thumbs: 

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Good idea. That looks like a nice one too. I don't have a shirt like that one but I do have some neon green, neon yellow and neon orange tee shirts I got from Michaels for $5.00 a piece. I could put one of those in the car. Not as good but probably better than the navy blue one I have in there now.

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