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How to Survive Without the Internet Library Set

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I saw this book package, sold by Lehman's  



It includes:

Lehman's Source List for Hard-to-Find Items

Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game Book

Country Wisdom & Know-How Book

Herbal Antibiotics Book

Encyclopedia of Country Living Book

Wildwood Wisdom Book

When Technology Fails Book

Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them Book

Museum of Early American Tools Book

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies

Storey's Basic Country Skills

The Foxfire Book Set




I have most of these books.   


What's your opinion?


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I have or have had most of those books.  I looked through the table of contents for When Technology Fails, but decided it would be a lot of duplication of information I already have.  I made a list of topics I might need to research or However, the Amazon listing took me to the same author's When Disaster Strikes, which seems to have a lot less duplication.

Used books are expensive these days.  I used to get them for a quarter or a buck at garage sales, and now $4 is a good price.  Makes sense to go to Amazon, read table of contents, and then read reviews to see how much errata would have to be corrected before the text could be relied on.

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I have most of those books too. I would check out the price of each one separately and then eliminate the ones I'm not really interested in and see how much the rest of them would cost if you were buying them individually.


Personally...and this is just me, I'd rather spend my money on a book like Where There is no Doctor, or Where There is no Dentist etc. than Museum of Early American Tools or Wildwood Wisdom or Lehman's Source List of Hard To Find Items etc.  I think those books are great but if I was just starting to build my prepper library, I'd start with:


Encyclopedia of Country Living Book

Storey's Basic Country Skills

LDS Preparedness Manual

Dare to Prepare

Where There is no Doctor

Complete Book of Home Preserving


I also have 2 basic home repair books I got when Borders was going out of business. They are the "5 pound books for $5.00". They are huge and full of home repair instructions.


Before I buy any book I check Amazon to look at the table of contents. If it isn't listed I won't buy the book. Don't hide stuff from me if you want me to buy your product.  


Or I check to see if my library has it so I can look at it first. Many times I thought I wanted a book only to check it out to find out it was a dud.


If you have an Ollies in your area check them out too. They have loads of books deeply discounted. Especially children's books and cookbooks.


I love the Foxfire books and I really want to complete my set! But they are mostly stories handed down through the generations and not really 'prepper' type books with lists and suggestions. Wonderful books to read though.


This is all just my opinion and personal preferences.  :behindsofa:

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Thanks Sarah. Couldn't access it without power but for right now it looks very interesting. There's a lot of old time historical events I know I'd really enjoy reading. 

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