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2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received


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Mine went out yesterday. The post office said they should arrive Thursday. 


Not a problem, Midnightmom, I was concerned about traveling, the holiday and having enough time to make them. 

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I put mine it the mail box on the way to Pizza Hut yesterday.     Hope you all get them ok.  


Just get them mailed when you are able to, don't worry about it.   :)      Nice pictures.   :)     Thanks for sharing.  



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Ok so mine went to the post office and came back. The postal clerk did not do the postage correctly :banghead: but have no fear they are correct now and on their way :bouquet:


Got my first one to day from Annarchy. Just so you know Annarchy that is my favorite, All of my Christmas decorations are just what you sent me. We don't do santa but.....(I don't want to spoil the surpise :girlneener:)

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19 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Checked today, nothing but bills and junk flyers. :grinning-smiley-044:


If you sign  up for "Informed Delivery"  you will get a daily email showing you what is being delivered that day.


OTOH, nobody is getting mail today (Wed 12/5) as Pres. Trump has designated it as a day of remembrance for Pres. H.W. Bush and all federal offices are closed.

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I heard some inside today , but the windows were closed. 


Got Snowmom’s and mommato3boys with a pickup slip today. Love the 3D card and the stand with Snowmom’s :happy0203:

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RE: postal service

2.5 yrs ago I borrowed 3 books from my friend in MO.  TODAY I finally got them ready to send back to her since DH was heading by the village anyway. 


MtRider  ....today....they're closed unexpectedly.  :sigh: 

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