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2018 Christmas Exchange Sent and Received


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:hapydancsmil:  I got Midnightmom’s today. Awesome. 


DH has really liked them all... like he said, if we had a tree to put them on. We don’t put up a tree because we won’t be home. But, he wants me to save them, for when we are able to finally have our own Christmas at home, with all the decorations and tree. 

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got snowmom's, midnightmom's, and mommato3boys today Thanks everyone they are neat. also love the 3d card mommato3boys sent so cool.  was a great way to spend the 15 minutes i took for lunch in between package deliveries at the P.O. today


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I got mommato3boys ornament this week not sure if it was Monday or Tuesday as we picked up our mail on Wed.   :)      


I love the ornament and the card, yes, I saw it was a 3-D card.   :)        Thank you.   :)



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I am glad everyone enjoyed the card. When I bought them last year on clearance I did not realize they were 3-D I just thought they were cute and they said Merry Christmas. 


I got Midnightmom's and Pauline's today. That makes all of mine.

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I got Midnightmom's and Ann's today, but, they may have come a day or two ago, just didn't get them until today.    :)    Love the both.

Waiting for Pauline's, will probable get it on Monday.   :)     

If I get around to it, and I have been slow, I will try to get pictures of them and post.      But, if someone else is able to do it before I get it done, that will be great.   :)    



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 :wave:    I now have all but, guess who's, my own.  :ashamed0002:       I have a feeling I was cleaning and put it up someplace so I could find it.       You all know how that goes.     So, if someone has all of them and would like to take a picture that would be great.    I'll have to look again for my own.      Right now I am trying to get packages ready for mailing and am baking and so the ornament will have to wait a few more days.      I'm so sorry.   :(

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Thank you Pauline, I love it and love all of them. 


Thank you all for joining the exchange this year even though it was so late.     :)    

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Time to play "I Spy!" Here are some pictures of this year's tree. Shout "I spy" when you see YOUR ornament!!!

(Nope, not a contest--no prizes. Have fun.)

Note to Pauline:  Yours isn't visible in any of these shots because it faces the window and I couldn't get a clear shot of it....

but lots of people get to see it. :)








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