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Long time since I have been here


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 I swear so much seems to go on everyday, that i just haven't been here in a while. Of course it doesn't help that I am sharing a computer with my daughter again. I can't even remember what was going on in my life the last time I got on here. I know a lot of it has changed. For instance, I semi-retired last April. You would think that would mean I had a lot more time. Not a chance. It seems that as soon as you aren't working, everyone needs you to help with something. My younger daughter has a part time job. She has had it for a year now, but still has no license, so I have to get her back and forth to work. Part time does not mean less days. She works retail so she is working 4-6 hour shifts. My brother also got a job and is working full time now. He and my other brother moved out a little over a year. I was very happy that they got their own place. It is in town, so that means they can get to most of what they need done without me taking them. That helps a lot. Another bit of big news that I have mixed feelings about is I am going to be a great-grandma. It is mixed feelings because my granddaughter is not only unmarried, but she has mental health issues that make this very complicated. She left home as soon as she turned 18 and has been back and forth and on the street and with friends since she left home and off her medications. Her being a single mother worries me. I don't know if she will gain maturity being a mother or if she will only endanger herself and the baby. Part of this is reinforced by her actions Sunday night. She stole her mothers medications and tried to kill her self. Luckily she and the baby are fine. Can you believe the hospital first pink slipped her as a danger, then released her because they have no beds. So along with coming back on here again, I am going to ask for prayers for her and the baby. I am looking forward to my first great-grandchild, a boy if the ultrasound is right. 


I have had it with my car. It is now giving me trouble again. I have had this car for almost 2 years now. It has needed breaks, a transmission, new engine, and a bunch of little things. Now it is something with my front tire. The car makes noise there when ever I try to drive it. It had me so tense when I got home from work Sunday night that my back tensed up so much it completely seized up on me. I couldn't move. So back to taking it slow again so it can heal. 


I will try to get on here more. I am so far behind in my preps. we had mice destroy a lot of the dried goods, my freezer broke and I lost everything in it, so at least as far as food preps go I am starting from scratch. Between that and my car and finances being as tight as they are adjusting to less income, I am slowly trying to work to build it up again. Glad to be back again and as I said I hope to find myself getting back on here and getting to know all of you again

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I like that. I remind my daughter that "This is the day the Lord has made."  I tell her that he made today for today's worries, not yesterday. Remember, Thank him for making it to this day and make the best of it. I know that God is always there whether I notice Him or not. I just have to take time to notice Him and lean on Him. He will help us through. It is hard to remember that in the midst of something going wrong, but I try to.

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So glad you’re back Deb. It sounds like life has been challenging. Praying that everything goes well with granddaughter and new grand baby.

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