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Weird things in your first aid kit....

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This kind of goes along with my Alcohol / Booze thread over in The Edge. But what is the strangest thing in your first aid kit and what is it used for?


I will go first, it is really not strange but we have hemorrhoid cream, but that is not what we use it for. Before my mother passed I had gone to visit, I was watering her plants on the front porch and pulling dead leaves. What I didn't know was there was a wasp in the dead leaves and it stung me between two of my fingers. I mildly allergic to wasp and quickly grab the Benadryl. However, my fingers swelled big time. I thought I would just get a cigeratte from my brother-in-law who smoked at the time and make the tobacco paste so I called my sister. She said, "oh no don't use tobacco used hemorrhoid cream."  So as I am talking to her I am search through mom's cabinet and couldn't find any. Sister to the rescue - she brought some over and with in 15 minutes the swelling was going down. By the next day you could not tell I had been stung.


So what weird thing is in your first aid kit and what do you use it for?

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I'm getting more of the $1 flashlights and putting them in there.  A headlamp would be even better if I had another one to spare. 


But ....let me think. 


Do heavy vinyl, waterproof, body bags count?  Hopefully never to be used for primary purpose.   But they have the best ties/loops attached all the way around and can be expedient stretchers with injured person inside, nice and warm.  [and alive, hopefully!] 


I once used a tarp [ fold length-wise x3...Google "expedient blanket stretcher"] and two kayaking paddles for a stretcher.  These bags would work better.  Can also be used as waterproof ground cover.  Inexpensive... long ago thru a surplus catalog. 


MtRider ....thanks for THAT good tip, Momato3!!!  I hadn't heard of that. 

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Sanitary napkins.  The wrappers can seal a sucking chest wound and the pads can absorb blood or other wound drainage.  

A skin stapler, because it hurts less than stitching and gives a tidier result.

Hard candies, for blood sugar.

Other stuff.

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4 hours ago, Ambergris said:

Sanitary napkins.  The wrappers can seal a sucking chest wound and the pads can absorb blood or other wound drainage.  

A skin stapler, because it hurts less than stitching and gives a tidier result.

Hard candies, for blood sugar.

Other stuff.

I have tampons for holes. I think it is the Kotex brand because they expand like a cup. I have the generic thick pads to use as bandages.  I have the had candies, and protein bars. Also have the glucose tablets. But a skin stapler never thought about that. I have fishing line and needles. Note to self must look into a stapler and staples oh and a staple remover. They have to come out sometime or another.

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I thought I responded to this. I think I forget to hit the 'submit reply' button sometimes. Anyway, I have a stapler but it is in the basement and possibly rusted. I think I remember using the Food Saver on it though. I don't remember if I have a staple remover or not. I do have some topical lidocain to use with it. That probably doesn't work very well. I can't the liquid with a syringe. I also have some of the pre-threaded curved needles for stitching.


I got most of my "unusual" supplies from Amazon.  

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We managed to find some suture kits.  Can't remember if they include Lidocane...kinda doubt it.  :wacko:  Mebbe stapler would be good too.  Can't do real fine stuff with a stapler, can you?  Do have butterfly bandages and can make more with just tape. 


In arid CO... I need to replenish medical tape.  It goes bad.  Probably did in the 1990's.  <_<


Just read an article on using superglue...  :scratchhead: 


Comode chair.....cuz if someone breaks a hip or something...     Also have 2 bedpans [again, military surplus] and a M/F urinal.  Not just for a sick room but post-injury too.


Heat packs and cold packs.....activate the 'button'.   


SAM splint  ...moldable metal covered in foam


Crutches, forearm crutches, walker [my folks have appropriated that for a while], and all manner of braces and wraps.


Used to have a good time at garage sales/thrift stores. 


MtRider  :pc_coffee: 

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Mine didn't come with the Lidocaine. I bought it separately. I have a bed pan and a fracture pan. I think a fracture pan would be better with a hip fracture. I've never had a hip fracture or used a fracture pan though. I have the M/F urinal jug but it doesn't look very stable for a female lying down.


I don't have crutches or a walker. Son said he has a rollator thing that I can have when I move. Most of the new house has carpet so I'm not sure how well one of those will roll. When the carpet gets messed up (it will) I want some sort of wood-type floors put in.

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I have a question for all of you...


Do you have one first aid kit our do you have a "minor" first aid kit and a "trauma" first aid kit?


Right now I have one big fishing tackle box and I am thinking of pulling all the "trauma" stuff out and making just a trauma kit and a first aid kit.

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"Holster"  :laughkick:


I have one large place for the unusual/trauma stuff and then small kits around the house. 


Downstairs bathroom has basic first aid items like bandaids, Bactine and tweezers etc. Just for minor cuts and stings and things. Also aspirin and Advil and a couple of doses of Rx meds so I don't have to trod back upstairs if I forget to take it. Not much really. 


Upstairs in the linen closet I have one shelf where I have three small tote boxes. Each is labeled; Cold and Flu, Stomach, Wounds. "Wounds" is a little dramatic but I didn't want to label it Boo Boo's. Then I have smaller totes in there labeled; eye-ear-nose-mouth, misc, diabetic. These are really small boxes but each one holds items grouped for a specific problem. For instance, if I need eye drops or a cough drop, I know right where to look without digging through everything. The diabetic box just holds extra testing supplies for my pre-diabetes. On that shelf is also alcohol, peroxide, corn starch etc. 


The rest of the stuff is in the basement. I have about four of those plastic rolling type carts with bins that I got at Wal-Mart. They are actually pretty big. Each drawer is labeled too. One has bandages, gauze, tape etc. One has hardware items like stethoscope, lung exerciser and things like that. Another has extra cough, cold, flu meds, pepto, Imodium etc. Well, you get the drift. 


The system works well for me because I know where everything is. It didn't happen over night though. It evolved over many years. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry I have not been very active.  Amputation of right leg below the knee is hampering.  July the 13th.  But I am getting fitted for a prosthetic in January.  Something our people rarely do.  Can't wait.  Our resident Majerestadt (think priest/elder) teased me, saying he found it so undignified to see me scoot up and down the 'back' stairs in the Librum with my kneepad, so he is making an exception for me.  Yay!   Anyway, to bring this into topic...


A female urinal now rides in my chair backpack.  But not one of those plastic hospital ones.  It is a folding canvas like material.  It turns out easily for washing, and can go in an 'english' washer.  This one was made, and I understand that they are considering going 'public' with such.  Anyone you know who could use one may want to keep a eye out at bettymills.com.  (I know, EXPENSIVE, but can find almost anything there).


The normal 'kinder' kits, such as bandaids, creams, antibiotic sprays, suture glue (much the same as 'superglue), etc. also ride in my pack.  My diabetic test kit, with needle and coldpack/insulin kit.  My 'mayday' cell phone.  And of course a spare set of gloves to use with my chairs.  (OH! a couple of emery boards to take burrs off the push rings, they get dinged so much.) 


The oddest thing I have, in one of my kits, is a carbonization kit, made from a paint gun cannister, ball valve, and carbonization bottle cap (heavy!).  It helps immeasurably with a kinder, 'soda on the fly', a treat that takes the little one's mind off the 'owwie'.  I have to admit, I enjoy the carbonated lemon essence/honey/water. 


My kits are 'modular', Put one in, take one out.  Let me think on this a bit, as we are different, culture wise, and what I think of, you might not, and vice versa.



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9 hours ago, Sarah said:

Let me think on this a bit, as we are different, culture wise, and what I think of, you might not, and vice versa.


Very true, thanks for your input.


As to your amputation ...I'm so sorry to hear this!  I have weird leg functioning at times, great fatigue and use all manner of adaptive devices including wheelchair.  However, I think actually losing a body part would be so shocking.  You sound like you've had the time to adjust....as you write here.  Glad to hear you are looking forward to a prosthetic very soon!  Our prayers for you in this transition!!    We just never know what God will ask us to endure and adapt to....nor do we find out in all fullness, how He's using it for His glory.  But I know He does use all of our pain and endurance for some GOOD.


MtRider :pray:

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Yeah, as for other things in First Aid...I have all sorts of braces and elastic wraps handy in case of injury.  And mobility aids.  Like when I fell and pulled all the ligaments in my foot.  I had a pair of crutches in the basement.  Which my neighbor was able to find.  So I was able to get down stairs and ride over to spend the day with N and W til we knew if I needed ER.  Having these things on hand greatly simplifies a painful/awkward situation.


A walker [now at my parent's house].  Canes of all varieties.  Forearm crutches as well as the usual injury type.  My wheelchair(s) of course.  In a Post-Hooey situation, having any/all of these would be extremely helpful.  Ah....and I have many, MANY ice packs for my hyperthermia issues...or for the usual 'reduce swelling' uses.   [Note:  ice pack also cool down overheating old laptops or printers....ask me how I know!  Computer First Aid...that has to count as weird! ] :lol:


None of these seem too 'weird' to me  but the listing might give someone a new look at First Aid/Medical kits.


MtRider  :pc_coffee: 


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Sarah sorry to hear about your leg. You are in my thoughts and prayers. My mother lost her leg also, so I know some of what you are dealing with.


We have crutches and a cane. I want to get a quad cane to keep around since the cane we have is not adjustable. My grandfather made it for my dad when he hurt his back YEARS ago. I have it more for semimetal reasons that for emergencies.


I have decided to get an under the bed plastic container and get one of those drawer organizers to use to organize the rolls of gauze and other stuff. I hate having to dig for something in a tense moment, when I can't lay my hands on it panic tries creeping in.  Then I will have a minor boo boo kit with band aids and such, then a medicine box that I can put up out of reach of the grandbabies. I wouldn't mind finding a file box and getting a little combination lock and putting the medicine in it. I would feel safer that way.


 I did find sutures online and will be ordering some after the first of the year. Found a suture stapler too; hubby and I are batting around the idea of getting one of those also, but for now I will just depend on super glue and butterfly strips.  Also looking for a good eye wash, that is one thing I do not have in my fist aid kit. Oh we have eye drops but I want a good eye wash, you know the cup that fits over the eye and sterile water to wash the eyes out with. Need to add eye patches. How did I miss eye care geezzzzz.


Another thing I need to build is a pet first aid kit. But that will be another thread, not gonna mix the two.

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