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Yes it is.  IDK why. I tried to fix it a couple of times and gave up. I’m grateful we still have a chat box. If there is something cut off you want to read, you can click on the Chat Box Tab, next to the Activity Tab. I’ve done that a few times. 


There is another option available, having it across the top, just above the list of topics. But, Darlene would need to give the Okay for that.  

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Are you talking about using your phone/iPad?  Oh...Mommato3 said 'laptop'.  Wellll....once I enlarged my screen on my laptop and :runcirclsmiley2:cuz the whole page had "changed" when I got back on MrsS!!!  <_<   Ooops, all was just fine when I switched back to my usual setting.  Chat had been there....but I had to scroll sideways to see it. 


Don't know if y'alls other devices have that kind of setting variations tho... 


Anyway, chat box is just fine on my laptop.  But I don't use "full screen" option on anything.  Would that change anything???


MtRider  :shrug: 

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I’m not sure, Mt_Rider. 


It doesn’t mess up on my tablet, usually.  Depending on how I hold it. The tablet pushes the Chat Box down to the bottom of the main page.  Haven’t checked it on my phone. Add it to my ToDo list for tomorrow. 

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I don't see all of the chat box either. On the laptop I can't see it all even when I use the full screen. I can't see it all when I'm on the Kindle Fire or the Kindle Fire pad either. No sliding the screen over option either. That's why I never use the chat box.

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The problems with the "Chat Box' is one of the reasons I started the secret :ph34r: FB Group called Friends of MrsS. You will NOT FIND the group by searching FB for it :behindsofa: - you have to be invited to join. If anyone is interested please message me here and I will tell you the process. :thumbs:

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The chat box is an older app.  The designer quit updating the ‘free’ app and now charges for it.  I haven’t found another app to replace it, yet.  I’ll check with Darlene to see if she wants me to delete it.  


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