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You guys are the best. He actually was dropped off on the 22nd (The Army screwed up- oops, it's a holiday- :buttercup:). Both of his flights were cancelled after sitting in an airport ALL day. They put him in a hotel that night, shipped him out the next day. I got his scripted call at 1:32 am of the 24th. We got letters from him today & later a call. I've been in tears a lot again today. I know this too shall pass, but can you guys pray for ME, too? My momma heart is in so many pieces on a roller coaster.

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Just now, ArmyOfFive4God said:

The Army screwed up-


Just an "appetizer" for what FUBAR is to come! "Hurry up and wait" is also the new order of the day. :/

BTDT - my son was in the Air Force for 6 years. "Boot Camp" (they don't call it that any more) was rough even though he'd had some "experience" having been in CAP (Civil Air Patrol), but he survived and so will your son. :D They keep them so busy and tired that they don't have a chance to be "homesick." His TI (Training Instructor) will help him through the rough spots and so will his fellow recruits. But.................it is tough on US not knowing how it is going. :( Try to follow the military's example - keep yourself busy so you don't have time to wonder and worry. :hug3:

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Oh Honey, you sure got em too.  :pray:


I can still remember way back in 1969 when my new hubby had to go. It was so tough for me. I had to move back home to my mom and dad and that was a bitter pill to swallow. He was so busy adjusting and taking it all in that time flew by for him. Me? I sat by the mail box and cried every day.


You will get through this just fine. Lots of us have been where you are right now and I can promise you it will get easier. Just think of all the new things he is going to learn and all the new things he will experience. And friends he can keep for a lifetime.   

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Thanks, all! I should have said "The Army screwed up again (this wasn't the first time they'd even messed up dates for him- they had also scheduled him for something else on a federal holiday :buttercup:). I'm no stranger to the military. It's all I've ever known since birth. We have a long history of serving in my family. Having your own kid go in is another ball game, though. I know he'll be fine. It's just momma that's not. He's miserable right now, & while I KNOW he needs the kind of tough love I can no longer give him, I still want to hold him. I also know communication will get better as he gets situated. Bluh! LOL... I'm still looking forward to hugging him again! <3

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Oh no that is horrible hope he feels better soon. Will be praying for him and your family. For him to get better and his safety and for your family for comfort.

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4 weeks from TODAY, we get to see our SOLDIER! He broke down on the phone Sunday, & his selfie was not a fun one (as they usually are). I miss him so much, but I know he misses us more, because where he's at makes homesick much worse. Please keep praying for him! 

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