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Moma bear mode.

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My morning fail. . Truly,  I'm better prepared than this trainwreck but when your baby needs you don't go off half asleep.
I have the day off work and went back to bed after the husband left for work. It's-20 this morning with wind chill of -50.
6:30am my phone wakes me up. It's my son and I can't hear what he was telling me. He hangs up.
After waking up a bit more I call him back. His car won't start and his wife needs to get to work. His work place canceled work because of the cold.
I stumbled out of bed to rescue my babies still half asleep.
I can't find my keys. My youngest daughter told me to take her car. I'm in moma bear mode and walk out of the house without my hat and gloves. My hands are frozen before I get to the first intersection. My car has extra hats and gloves.
I wrapped my hands in my scarf and pulled the hood of my coat up.
I get to my son's house just as daughter's car gets comfortable enough to unwrap the scarf.
It's still dark so I took the kids to breakfast and after that dropped DIL off at work.
The  jumper cables, the cheapest light weight cables available, in my  daughter's car are the same ones I  have and they were just barely long enough to reach. We still couldn't get his car started.
I'm going to get heavier,  longer cables and see if we can get his car started and get him a new battery when I go back to pick up his wife after work. 
Oh and when I got home I found my car keys.
In my purse, right where they were supposed to be.


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Aw...I'll bet there are a lot of Moma Bears out there this week. No matter how old they get they always call on mom. Wouldn't have it any other way though!   :wub:


Son went out every 4 hours or so to start his and DIL car the last two nights. They don't have a garage.

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I remember Midwest winters.  Didn't call it a Polar Vortex but....sounds a lot like it.  DH helped his sister in MN get a new battery and got it installed for her.  Hope it's holding up to this stuff....doesn't have garage either. 

MtRider  :frozen: 

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