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Several years ago we happened on to a large metal military ammo can that had been insulated for ???  Anyway, we bought it as soon as we saw it with no bickering on the price.  In it we have our Acer notebook, a mouse pad in a mylar bag, the cords to the Acer etc. and my MP3 player in a separate mylar bag, backup jump drives with all our web sites, pictures etc and an external dvd drive in another mylar bag.  All these fit wonderfully into our "Faraday box" and I update it every month.  Pulling out the notebook and downloading more of the Kindle reader books we've gotten free, as well as Norton 360.  I don't think anybody really knows just how a Faraday cage/box works or if it will, but it's the best we can do.  I'd like to find a small radio that would fit but it would have to be really small.  Wanna see our set up? 

101_0974 Insulated top of Ammo Box.jpg

101_0975 Insulated Sides and Bottom of Ammo Box.jpg

101_0976 Ammo Box-Faraday Box.jpg

101_0977 Zip bags into Mylar Bags.jpg

101_0978 Acer Notebook.jpg

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That's a great combo of safe and Faraday cage.  A cardboard box wrapped like a Christmas present in tinfoil is a Faraday cage, but try salvaging anything in it when you pull it out of a flooded or hurricane-soaked closet.

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7 hours ago, ArmyOfFive4God said:

Do you think the newer metal ammo boxes are as "solid" & "protective" as the older ones?


I don't have the answer to that.  What I do know is they're supposed to protect our military's ammo so I'd be on the side of saying "yes"...but who knows until there is a life changing event? :shrug:

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