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Another Upgrade

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Hi Everyone,


I didn’t do the upgrade the day I had to go to TX, because it said it might mess with some of the “Skins” we are using. 


That said, hopefully, tomorrow I’ll get it done in the morning (MST). 


If anyone notices, changes in the skins, or if you have trouble logging in, please let me know. For Log in trouble, please use the “Contact Us” link. 


Hopefully, all will go smoothly. 


Thanks for understanding. 



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I did notice tonite that some of my :smilies:  did not turn into pictures but remained in :code:  ....but not sure it that has ANYTHING to do with the upgrade.  In my Watcha Doing Today post.   Course I did use a LOT of smilies in that post....LOL


Thanks for taking care of all these technical things, Annarchy!

MtRider  :pc_coffee:  

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I should re title this thread to, Another Update 2019.  :puzzledsmile:


Starting now, it shouldn't take very long, however, things may run slowly for an hour or so.



Anyone have any trouble.... please let me know.


Note:  This update states one of the things it is going to do, which might mess with Mt_Riders smilie codes...  :0327::  Removed EmojiOne-style emojis due to licensing issues  

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  • 7 months later...

Woo-Hoo. We're back up and running! That was a long update. 


Anyone else get just a little panicky when the site is down? Like what if it never came back. All the Mrs.S family members we wouldn't hear from again. And wonder how they are getting along and what they are up to prep wise. 


I imagine Annarchy had a hand in keeping it running smoothly. If so...THANK YOU. If not thank you anyway. You always keep us afloat. And a big THANK YOU to Darlene for being the captain of the ship. We land-lubber's would be lost without you's. Ahoy and avast to all our mateys. :bathbaby:


Sorry. You guys know how my brain goes on a tangent by now and won't let go. Arrrr. I thought it was thar she blows for a minute there. Seaman Jeepers off to swab ye ole aft poop-deck.  :blush:


Wonder how Arby/Sass is doing. She was a real Navy person. Squirrel. 


Okay, I'm done. 

Over and out. 


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27 minutes ago, Jeepers said:

Anyone else get just a little panicky when the site is down? Like what if it never came back. All the Mrs.S family members we wouldn't hear from again. And wonder how they are getting along and what they are up to prep wise. 


YES!!!!     :scratchhead:   :o  :blink:  :runcirclsmiley2:Cuz yanno, I had trouble with my computer the nite before.  So I did NOT KNOW if everyone was seeing that black and white message instead of MrsS or if it was something fouled up on just my computer.  :shrug:  :scratchhead:  


As for my computer, I was able to get it to hook to Internet the next day....likely just a restart would have done that.  Didn't think of that.  Expecting trouble with this aging thing.  Not as aging as it should be.....


MtRider  ....glad we're baaaack!  Thanks to whoever did whatever  :cheer: 

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4 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

glad we're baaaack!  Thanks to whoever did whatever


Jeepers I also had this sinking feeling of "how will we ever get in touch with all our friends?"  Even sent you an email to your email addy!  And yes...thanks to the genius who keeps this site up and running!

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We2, Ack. I need to start checking my email!  Sorry about that friend. Next time we go off line here I'll be sure to check it so we can make sure it's out for everyone and not just us. I can't access it from my Kindle and I haven't been on the computer. Next time I get on over there I'll give you my more personal email that I check more often.  :hug3:

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So very sorry.  


I hit the Update button, it began processing, asked me to log into the master account, and wouldn’t let me.  I tried several variations, still nothing. I had a major interruption, shut the computer off, took care of it, tried to come back to fix it, & saw we were down!  I tried all my support links and info, then, submitted a service request.  They replied 12 hours later.  It seemed like they took Sunday off.  :runcirclsmiley2:

I made a post on FB, constantly monitoring the service request. Around 10pm.  I finally crashed. 5am, I was back at it.  They had to fix the glitch, and did promptly after I sent a second message to them.


 I probably tried to get here, over 100 times. :gaah:


Thank you all for your patience. 

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We2, I haven't forgotten about you. My Kindle won't recognize the previous email address I gave you. It says I already have that edress and to try something else. Sigh. 


It's is taking forever to use my computer. Boot it up, get it on line and try to get it to open My Mail. FOREVER. If at all. 


Since my Kindle won't recognize me and the computer is S-L-O-W I just tried to message it to you here but it won't let me put in a name. And it says you have to have a name to send it. I keep tapping on it but nothing happens. My keyboard won't pop up. It works fine for the title and the message but won't come up for the name. 


I have such issues with technology. I'm sure I will have it to you by the end of the week. Hopefully a new computer by the end of the month. :unsure:

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