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I ate the 2nd "thinnings" assortment over the last few days.  Wow, those new greens are sooooooo good!  We are also finishing the last of last summers sweet potatoes, and have one cabbage left from the winter garden.  No worries though....our radishes should  be picking size in the next few days.  The turnips greens & lettuce are close too.  This last week we finally actually planted the self-watering planters we made (six half-barrel size, and a couple repurposed totes).  I planted one tote in "Stickless Wonder" yard long beans, and put a couple of rosemary plants in another.  Mary emptied doggie Jack's wading pool (replaced it with a new one, no worries) and we moved  to to a bare clay spot and filled it with new dirt-compost mix from our friend at the nursery ($20 a pickup truck load) and set one of our fountains in the middle.  Then we planted it, too.  I have been transplanting lilies - we had a tote we moved a bunch of lily bulbs in with some dirt and they all sprouted and are crowing one another, so we have lots of lilies planted around the place.  Mary also fell in love with some 3-tier planters at Wal mart and we got two that now flank our front door.  We get a little crazy this time of year in the garden departments!  We also planted up a friends' patio planters and front yard (she has a black thumb, she kills plants) beds, and I got the go ahead to take cuttings from her beautiful red "knockout" rose to try to cultivate more bushes to plant around our property borders, just for fun.  I have only rooted cutting from roses one time, and it was some years ago, but it was not all that hard, so I am optimistic.  Mary is trying to get some kind of a lawn to grow in front of the house at least.  Spring is FINALLY here! (and so are the ticks, bugs, skeeters and snakes)

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Pretty much everything is being grown in pots or growbags here. The soil is like brick. I put in a small grapevine when we moved in two years ago and it’s just now starting to take off...I add as much compost as I can around it. Things are just now beginning to take off because we’ve had abnormally cool weather for us...we just started getting into the 80’s and 90’s about two weeks ago and still have some mornings in the 50’s. My cabbages and broccoli all bolted at the same time so they have been pulled up. I dried the leaves and made them into a powder to be added to soups or whatever. We only got a small harvest of peas so they were just eaten fresh. Strawberries are beginning to happen and my first tomato showed up on a plant that I overwintered. Sunflowers have been a huge disappointment because we got so much rain this year that there are slugs everywhere. I usually put seeds along the fence and get a bunch....every single plant (planted close to a hundred) were wiped out by slugs as soon as they popped up. I have two that are coming up in the middle of the yard that were probably dropped by birds. I’m trying growing them in pots to see if I can transplant when they’re bigger.














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Outstanding!  You’ve done a wonderful job, dogmom4. 


Around here, in our heat, pots dry out in one day. I might try the self watering buckets this fall.  They sound promising. 


The fava beans are flowering, radishes are growing good. I couldn’t resist yesterday, and pulled the first radish. It’s red bulb was screaming at me to eat it. Haha 


Only a few carrots are growing, if I have time, I’ll re-plant them. 


The mung beans sprouted well, however, they don’t seem to like the heat, at all. I will try again in the fall & see what happens. 


Another butternut squash seed sprouted, I put a cover over the area, hopefully, it’ll keep the starlings from nipping it off, before it has a chance to grow. 


I tried to thin & transplant some of the tomatillo plants, but they didn’t like it.  


The beet seeds are almost ready to harvest. I’ve been pulling one occasionally & giving it to the hens. They go crazy on them. Takes them a couple of days to devour the whole beet. 


My gardener came by the other day and gave us an electric lawn mower, saying the person he got it from said it didn’t work. Turns out, their circuit breaker was the problem. Oops.  So... I cleaned it up, and mowed the lawn yesterday.  Woof...I am sore today, but the lawn is mowed, lol. 


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Annarchy, my garden in Wis had starlings mowing down my plants as soon as they came up, until I did like my grandma did, and strung some strings across the garden, and suspended mini pie-tins hanging down from the strings.  It looked very weird, but the birds did NOT like those blowing, flashing aluminum "things" hanging down about a foot above those seedlings.  I used recycled aluminum foil pie tins from those 50-cent pies Walmart sells; and when I ran out bought a package of them in the baking section - I think it was a dozen little tins per package.  As the plants got taller I shortened the suspending string to keep those tins up above the seeds until the plants were too big for the birds to make off with.  So if you know anybody who likes those little pies, ask for the tins!  


And those self watering planters are absolutely freaking wonderful and work like aces!  We're always scouting for large containers to make more, now that we've tried them!  (Besides I have 90 feet of 6-inch drain pipe to use up).  

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22 hours ago, kappydell said:

mowing down my plants as soon as they came up


We used old VCR tapes.  Pulled them out as far as we needed them to be, tied them along fence lines, along hog panels, on hoops, on anything that would allow them to "flap" in the wind and be shiney.  Birds think it's water and won't land.  Learned this many years ago from Michigan Snow Pony (I think?) to keep hawks from stealing her chickens.

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At the dog place they criss cross those streamers, like you see at car dealers, over an outside puppy play area. It keeps the hawks, eagles owls etc from carrying off a puppy. :o.


I imagine.you can pick up a streamer of them at one of those cheap party supply stores or maybe even Dollar Tree type stores. 

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