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Rain Barrel Watering

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I like this guys idea of watering system from a rain barrel. It could be better if his garden was closer to the water supply. His water has to travel quite some distance through the pipes. I understand how some things aren't possible though and you work with what you have.


I really like his 'manifold' set up better than a soaker hose. Also his hint on how and where to place the holes. And also his spigot advice.


See the "T" pipe coming from his downspout at about 1 min. into the video? I think I'd try to put a "+" pipe on there. That way you could cap the bottom for normal use when filling the barrels and then uncap it and put on a regular downspout when the barrels are full or for winter use. I'm not that handy but in my mind that could be an option.


I also noticed his barrels are up on two layers of cement blocks with pavers for stability. I mentioned that in another post. I saw that in another video and liked it. It looks nice too. It's around 30 sec. into the video.





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When we were rained out yesterday from our yard work, I could hear the side barrel (nearest my wild garden and front porch) filling up!  I guess the rain washed away enough of the debris off the gutter guards to let the water run where it was supposed to run! Yippee!  My plants and wild garden will love rain water when it's not raining much this summer.  Here's what the back system looks like, but we are going to add another layer of blocks to elevate it for more water pressure.  We start using from the last barrel first which makes room for the other 3 to flow into it the next time it rains.  Each barrel has it's own faucet so we can hook a hose to either of them.  We'll tweek it much more 'later" but for now it's doing what it's supposed to do. 


Rain Barrels Done.jpg

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WE2's I'm impressed :thumbs::hapydancsmil:I'm more than impressed, I'm just a bit jealous.  Is there overflows on them?  And filters!


  I saw a system somewhere that used a pivoting piece of gutter on the down spout that was operated with a float in a bucket that allowed the roof flow to run into the bucket until the float raised the pipe and tipped the pipe to flow into the barrels.  That allowed the roof to be cleaned off before filling the barrels.  The bucket had a small weep hole that allowed it to slowly drain.  Hard to describe but very engenious automatic system to get clean water. 


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2 hours ago, Mother said:

Is there overflows on them?  And filters


We put gutter filters (the foam kind) the whole length of the gutter that feeds them.  The last one is the "overflow" and right now does just that...over flows!  He'll put a plug in the whole later when we move and then install an overflow pipe to route it where we want it to go. and put a 

Believe it or not, we get all the water those barrels can hold...and then some...from just that small length of guttering, and the roof off the back porch runs into that gutter.  The front barrel just collects whatever runs into it.  Picked it up at a yard sale for 10$ and cut a hole in the top and put the gutter's downspout into it and installed a faucet spicket.  

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It's amazing how helpful the water from just that small of an area can be.  We have a rain barrel also but it's not hooked up.  We have a huge amount of metal roof but dozens of overhanging trees that fill the gutters constantly.  As soon as we get leaf guards that work we'll installed it again.  


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