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Oh, the AC was running when the aluminum coils with Freon exploded, sending slivers of metal into the whole unit. No way are we gonna try & turn it on, as the adjuster kept suggesting. :banghead:

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Oh good grief!  This whole thing can make you sick to your stomach just reading your reports, Annarchy!  .....Uh well, I actually am stomach sick today or else reading this would make me     :motz_6:   Whew, lil guy there almost makes me dizzy to watch him hopping mad. 


Seriously....how do folks wade thru all these barriers without help?  They're in some degree of shock.....whether they are 38 or 88.  Profit is not about slitting someone else's throat.  That is not profit.  :motz_6:   Yeah, need another hopping mad guy.


God,  Your divine help is needed.  Annarchy must return home, at least for a while.  Make sure the sharks have no way to reach her dear MIL while she's gone.  Give Annarchy and MIL ....and A....Your peace and PROTECTION.  Set Your very own guards around them.  Cuz evil is trying to undermine righteousness here.  We know You do not stand for that.  Thank You for Your own words that we are to protect the widows, orphans....most especially them!  Most especially them!  Deal with those who are not doing that!  And please send cooling breezes so MIL does not overheat in TX.


MtRider   :pray: 

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No worries, WE2.  It’s an experience I won’t forget.


Her roof & attic are finished, her neighbor sent us pictures yesterday. They are replacing the windows today and installing her new AC/heater.  She is pleased, with an exception.  DirecTV sent her 6 new receivers!  Good grief!  She only has 3 TV’s.  And the boxes were fine and did not need to be replaced.  So...she’s waiting for the return labels to come. She said she told them if they send her any more, she’s going to cancel her service.  :grinning-smiley-044:


The insurance company deposited enough for her to be able to pay for most everything, they stated, any other amounts incurred will be reimbursed after all the work is complete.  I’m keeping a close eye on that.

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1 hour ago, Annarchy said:

She said she told them if they send her any more, she’s going to cancel her service.  :grinning-smiley-044:


:lol:   Good for her!!!!  Sounds like she's coming out of the shock and gettin' her gumption back.  ....at least partially.  Something like this really takes it out of a person.  So glad she's not dealing with a total loss like A. 


MtRider  :pray: 

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