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From all of us who have widowed ... there's no easy way through the grief...but God is so tender and merciful and gives us grace through our Savior and guidance through His Holy Spirit.  Wormie...we care.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Oh Wormie, it hurts, how well we know.  It will for quite a while, but it does slowly get better, as you keep remembering the happy times, and cherish them.  It is so hard to keep from beating yourself up, second guessing on "what would have happened if...?" but try not to go there.  It doesn't help.  Instead, focus on the happy times and the legacy of love you shared, and feel blessed for finding such love.  Many never do. ( I still thank God daily for my chance to know such a love, even though it was gone too soon.)  

Don't let others tell you how to grieve, either.  So many folks are uncormfortable with grief that they try to tell others to hurry up and snap out of it - and all those other well meaning but thoughtlessly painful suggestions.  When you are ready, you can talk to us here.  If you need to, you can talk to us here.  Some of us have lost our loves, too and our arms are open to all who mourn.  We won't judge.

So I will continue to pray for you, and your wife.  You will meet again, and I am certain you long for that day, as we all do, when we will meet our beloveds outside of earthly time.  In the meantime, we abide...and try to help one another to do so.  


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