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Cool Annarchy. I figured they might. I can see an advantage over the red ones. The red is rea!ly messy and stains so bad. I thought it would be fun to pickle some of the orange ones just for a change.


I like colorful fruit and veggies though. I think they have more something (I don't know what) in them. Antioxidants maybe? It's probably all in my mind but I heard it somewhere. 

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This is not the same topic, but I hate to open a new one for something that will be out of date in two weeks.



May SUN OVEN Giveaway
Win an All American SUN OVEN with a Dehydrating and Preparedness Accessory Package Contest Closes at Midnight May 31, 2019. Winner will be notified via email on June 3, 2019.
No purchase necessary. Limit one entry per email address

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I just renewed membership in the seed savers exchange.  They have the best info on seed saving at the family level that I have ever seen.  And Jeepers, the white beets are cool.  The only "odd" colored veggies I stay away from are the green tomatoes.  I planted some green beefsteaks and could not tell when they were ripe!  Tasted good though.  But nobody I showed them to wanted to try the green tomato salsa I made, nor the yellow tomato salsa.  No imagination!  I thought they were pretty....


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