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Permaculture Market ebooks, some free

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:scratchhead:   I can't find it, Ambergris.  Looked thu twice....    I've been reading things here and there for years about Food Forest, Permaculture, etc.  Sounds very good but I don't know a lot about it. 


MtRider  :reading: 

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Must sign up for an account with them.   Attempting to do so.  Aiiiee, their Captcha is difficult to read.  Then.... apparently I failed to recreate my password exactly and ..... now waiting for my email confirmation.  :rolleyes:  But you said this was worthy so I will pursue!!  :darthduck:  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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These are all from the UK?   Will that be more difficult to download?  Why this particular one,  Ambergris?  


I have followed permaculture principals for years and am now trying to apply the basic idea to aging on our property.  I should have been thinking of that year's ago and we might have been better set up.  


One of my favorite web sites is permies.com.  

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The site is UK, but the books are not.  I am really new to the permie scene per se, although aspects of it have been part of my life all along.  This book outlines permie principles up and down, from one angle and then another, in ways that are shockingly close to so much we keep saying on this site.  Developing community, for example, gauging what needs and vulnerabilities, and strengths, and suchlike that individual people bring with them -- whether it's tools or know-how or a spiritual depth that people can share in.  

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The permaculture principles are so much more than most people realize.  I had heard the term a long time before I came across a book in a college library in 2000.  We were planning on going back into homesteading after a couple years off and this would be on a new property.  What intrigued me was a design for a combination greenhouse/chicken coop.  The design has been debated but the principal was good.  The greenhouse would grow food for both people and chickens.  The chicken litter/manure could be composted (using worms) for fertilizing plants and the worms used for feed.  The chickens would help keep the greenhouse warm in winter and seedlings could be started earlier by using the tops of the nest boxes that were built into the greenhouse. The chickens would produce eggs and meat for people.  A step further was placing the building close to a garden or even building multiple runs radiating from the coop that could be rotated as gardens.  The greenhouse roof would collect water for it all and the coop roof could be used as a planting surface that would insulate from hot and cold alike.  This whole concept of everything having a dual purpose and working in symbiosis with something or everything else (even people) came clear to me when I realized how this whole design could be used all across the property.


 It was when I read more in depth on the subject that I gradually realized the same principles could work in life itself that I finally 'got' it!  


You are correct, Ambergris, when you say this whole concept is much the same as what we have here on the website. Working together with the whole is key.    Learning all the nuances of the concept are vast but understanding the basics can make a big big difference in your outlook on life. You begin to see it in all interactions.  


On the chance that I might be out of line.....I believe permaculture principles should be required reading for all government officials. Perhaps they could learn about working together!!    :whistling:  :grinning-smiley-044:



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