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I was searching for fruit markets in my area to see what time they close. It's 7:00pm here by the way. Anyway, I clicked on one of the websites near me called Cossel Farms, Inc. As I was reading it (trying to...bad colors) some of the content caught my attention. I'll quote one passage and post the link. The website is pretty bad because they used colored background where the words are. I almost didn't bother reading it but I'm glad I stuck with it. Bolding mine.



"Our web site is constantly being updated. We are making an effort to present you with our small specialized product line. At Cossel Farms, Inc., a variety of mulch and topsoil products are available at really great prices. Last year our wonderful handpicked local fresh sweet corn was $4.50/dz. With all the crop losses this year due to flooding and cold spring weather dont be suprised to see $5-6/dz Our current firewood prices will remain the same until December 2019, when they might be raised, if the current diesel fuel price up over $.50 from last year - around $2.99/gal now keeps rising in Cleveland since that's the biggest variable cost to run our machinery and Ohio just increased the diesel fuel tax 20 cents taking affect in July 2019. The emphasis of our site is on our local farm market and the items that you can buy there or have us deliver to you in the Cleveland area."



I read on another site that the cost of all vegetables would probably be higher this year because of the rain. I can't find that site now. Sigh. So while I was focusing on the price of corn, don't be surprised if the prices of all crops are higher.


I reported last week that our gas tax raised .10 a gallon but I didn't know it went up .20 for diesel.


If you eat a lot of canned or frozen veggies, now might be the time to stock up. Maybe dehydrate some.  :shrug:

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Anyone seeing less canned veggies in the stores?   We used to shop at WM every 2-3 weeks, but we've been going in weekly just to try to get the stuff on our list.   It's so hit or miss anymore with what they have and keeps making me think of the Compressed threads.    They keep cutting down on the canned veggie varieties and even then, there's empty shelf space there.   A couple months ago,  when there were all those spaces throughout grocery section, I thought oh, maybe because it's  because it's the beginning of the month and people using food stamps cleared WM out.  But this has been continuing. 




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14 hours ago, out_of_the_ordinary said:

It's so hit or miss anymore with what they have and keeps making me think of the Compressed threads.  




DH says our Walmart looked normal to him.  He found everything.  OTOH....my DH is not known for having much Situational Awareness.  :grinning-smiley-044:   I was in the other section ....health, school supplies, etc.  I didn't see any empty shelves.......except the college ruled spiral notebooks I emptied for them.  :) 


MtRider  ....but I've heard this from other folks on another site.  :( 

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We have been noticing both the lack of a LOT of produce and the rising costs.  In all our grocery stores, even Aldi's.  Not only that but we are finding the produce sections are rearranged so it looks like there's more than there is.  Organic produce in particular have gone from taking up one whole isle to only a four or five foot section and only the very basics in that.  I am so glad we decided to do more gardening this year even though it's difficult.  


We expected shortages and high prices but not this early on. We'd hoped we'd have more time to stock up before that happened.  As I said in another post, this year will be difficult for everything as it's all connected.  So many acres are setting empty here in the Midwest due to flooding.  That effects the grain availability and prices. Grain is in so many things. It will hit all the meat producers soon and you can expect to see higher prices there.  Tariffs, fires, floods and severe weather, are effecting all sorts of prices.  It will be a tough year.  

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I went to a local (not the one listed above) fruit market this evening. I don't really like going there but it is the closest to me and it was getting late. I was after peaches, plums, grapes and watermelon. Just a few of each. The grapes were small. The peaches and plums were very soft and most of them had a bruise and broken skin on them. And the gnats were everywhere. I found 3 plums and 3 peaches that were okay. I got a quarter of a watermelon but I haven't tried it yet. The pears were hard as rocks. I passed.


So a few grapes, 3 plums, 3 peaches, quarter of a watermelon, 2 small bananas, a medium cucumber and 2 huge home grown (whose home? Juan?) beefsteak tomatoes (looked like green house though) for $15.85. I don't know if that's high or not. I just know I needed some fruit.


It wasn't top quality. Really on their last leg. The front half of the store is usually full of potatoes, onions and big bins of watermelons. There were only two big bins of melons and nothing else. And no cantaloupes.


They did have something that caught my eye though. I THINK they were called sugar onions. They looked like a HUGE green onion. Seriously, like on steroids. Sold separately. I did a quick Google search but didn't see anything. At first I thought they were big leeks. Hummm.


Also they had some vanilla sugar at the check out counter. That stuff is good. Theirs was in a package about the size of one Lipton's Onion Soup Mix packages. It was $2.99.  :24: I made 2 half gallon jars for the cost of about 5-6 pounds of sugar and some vanilla beans from Amazon. My recipe:


Vanilla Sugar      ½ Gallon

3-4  Vanilla Beans



Cut the beans in half long ways. Cut those pieces into 1 to 1½ inch lengths and put in a quart jar with 1 cup of sugar. Shake the jar for 3-4 days. Remove beans and pour sugar into a ½  gal. jar.  Add another cup of sugar to the beans and shake jar another 3-4 days. Pour this sugar into the ½ gal. jar. Repeat until jar is full. Store with beans on top of sugar in the jar. Ready for usage after 3 weeks.

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Jeepers, they sell those giant onion things here every year.   I forget what they are called.   The sign always says they were grown locally (western PA) by Amish farmers.


The only really good produce we've been able to get is Gettysburg and Chambersburg peaches and nectarines.    DD and I can't have them due to our salicylate sensitivity.   But DH gets them.  He waits all year until they are in.    I am getting pretty decent Athena melons, but they aren't local, but from Georgia or Florida right now.    There are so few fruits I can have,  and am thankful for the Athena melons.  :yum3:



WM was about the same this week.   For canned veggies, they did away with carrying Libby's brand.   Also, with several more varieties of DelMonte No Salt veggies.  Just from last week or so.   We buy No Salt when we buy canned veggies.  DelMonte No Salt corn was $1.14.    Much of the space is now their Great Value brand veggies.  But even they are not filled in far behind the 1st row or 2.     For people buying the processed junk foods (we don't,  but cut down that aisle),  they keep cookies and crackers and stuff in that aisle stocked, and well stocked.   We don't typically buy produce there because it is always so beat up and I'd rather get local.   


I don't remember where I read it, but did anyone else see something about millions of olive trees (Greece?  Italy?  I forget where) died due to a blight or something.    I haven't looked at olive oil prices in the stores in awhile. 



I'm feeling optimistic this morning, but everything I wrote above sounds so down.  :icon19:


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I copy and pasted my sugar vanilla recipe and it's barely visible. Sheesh. Sorry about that. If anyone needs it redone let me know. Didn't mean to blind ya all. 


I'm pretty sure the sign here said Sugar Onions. Probably something they made up. I've never seen them before. I assume they are sweet. 


I'm enjoying hearing the food reports. My DIL tries to get organic when she can. She isn't fanatical about it but if she has a choice she will opt for it. Especially fruit for G-son. She said she stopped buying any produce at Wal-Mart because after about two days it's all rotten. She goes to Meijers (sp) now. 

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5 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I'm pretty sure the sign here said Sugar Onions. Probably something they made up. I've never seen them before. I assume they are sweet. 


I think they taste to some like Vadialia onions or Texas Sweet onions, just picked early when they have crispy greens. Hubby loves them and yes they are sweet.

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Around our Mennonite/Amish communities we "sometimes" find what is called "candy onions"...and yes, they are huge.  They don't leave the tops on them around here.  They are expensive...just bought one...but oh so nice to eat!  We hardly ever shop at WM so not sure what the aisles look like.  We go to the pharmacy and the book section (which IS drastically reduced) and that's about it.  We do a bit at Aldis but again, just for certain items.  We usually do Save-A-Lot and the 3 or 4 Mennonite stores (it's worth the drive...we just take a large cooler).  And never forget 4Tree! I buy our toothpaste for hubby (I make my own powder), deodorants, combs, brushes, hubby's shower soaps, etc.  Name brand stuff.  

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Seven trays of tomatoes on the dehydrator.  Tuesday was produce auction at the Mennonite store we deal with.  Bought 2nd's from Mennonite store, 20# for 6.75$  Bought 2 boxes (40#'s) and the last of the first box is on the dehydrator.  So far I've been able to get the full 20# in a half gallon jar.  I made some dessicant packs and put a good sized one in.  When this last 7 trays is done and cooled, I'll put them in the jar (I crush them) and then vacuum seal the lid with the dessicant inside.  Went back today and bought four more boxes (80#) and a 10 bag of candy onions.  Jarred up six half pints of the onions, and they've all sealed and cooling down.  I'll increase the number of trays on my dehydrator when I start the next batches.  Having tomatoes for tomato powder etc., is crucial (in our opinion) in a possible life changing event.  Tomato powder is so expensive.  We love the candy onions so decided to jar up some half pints of them also, like we did the Vidalia's.  The candy's are cheaper though :-)  

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With everything going on right now in the world. We need to be watching our food and oil prices.  We always buy helmans mayonase as that is the one DH likes best.  We used to get it for  $1.49 years ago As it is the highest priced mayo.  That same jar taking away a few ounces than what it use to be is now in some stores $4.99.  This is not the only thing we have been seeing. Since I also buy food for our food pantry to give out to the poor that can't afford groceries, I am always looking for the cheapest prices.  The prices are going way up and going to get worse as the gas and diesal fuel prices rise. But on the bright side (I hope), we are no longer seeing the big canned food shortages we were seeing. 

Has anyone else been noticing the food prices?  I was planning not to do a garden this sping and just hit the farm markets, but have decided with the help of daughter and son in law to get some raised beds going. I am still going to hit the farm markets this summer though. 

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6 hours ago, Littlesister said:

just hit the farm markets, but have decided with the help of daughter and son in law to get some raised beds going. I am still going to hit the farm markets this summer though. 


I think that would probably be wise...for everyone.  We didn't plant this past year because it was just too hard to drive back and forth from here to the homestead, and hubby was working on the bathroom project or somebody else's project.  But we are planning to plant early.  I've asked him to build me a cold frame and set up my two little mini green houses, so I can start some things inside (I like to sprout them to make sure they're viable seeds) and get them growing early.  We do mostly container gardening (as mentioned before..."Gardening With Leon"...and have four old wood raised beds that we'll be tearing out, and two long concrete block raised beds that we'll use.  I'll be getting my seed potatoes before too much longer so I can get them in some soil (or dirt...if we row plant).  


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Going back and rereading all these points show some what we are in for. And now wih the possibility of war. And gas has already started rising here.  I really think we are about to see some true food shortages.  Not sure on gas yet other that it is going up. I was going to buy more paper plates and noticed they have gone up in price. I have some stored away but wanted to add to that. Will keep looking for some cheaper prices. 


Jeepers your first post tells just what will happen with the price of diesel going way up. Those prices will be passed down to what the stores pay and then to us.  So right now I am trying to keep ahead of inflation.  When you see mayo, even if it is the highest priced mayo to start with going up to amost $5.00 a for a 30 oz. jar, things are already starting to get bad.  The market we cook collards for buys Helman's mayo by the gal. It went up $17.00 for a case of 4.  So they are looking around to find a cheaper price through the food service people.  Otherwise they will have to start raising their prices on certain things as well. They cook breafast, lunch and dinner as well as having a meat counter, fish counter and fresh produce from the farms out of S. and N. Carolina until the local produce comes in. All these prices will go up with the price of gas going up.  Even restrants will be effected. 

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