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Northarvest Bean Cookbook (almost 200 pages!)

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Usually I am not too impressed with bean cookbooks, too much of the "same old...same old..." recipes.  This one is almost 200 pages and has quite a few inventive and new recipes.  I, for one, love to try out new bean salads...and new ways to get M to eat more beans, too.  Me, I'd eat them all day, LOL.

Hope others find it interesting, too.  

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Wow Kappy, I just 'rolled that beautiful bean footage' and saw some recipes I'm interested in saving. Especially the ones sort of hidden in salads and side dishes. Yeah, I like Duke's Bush's baked beans but if I could make them and can them myself I could save money and have smaller half pint portions. I saw a Bush's copycat recipe online someplace. I think I saved it...someplace. They are really good cold. I need a bean folder now. 


I take the cans of baked beans and add onion and brown sugar to them and bake them or zap them so the onion is cooked. They are even better the next day after being in the refrigerator over night.


If beans have to be a staple in my family's diet I'd like to hide some and dress some up too.

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I also like leftover cold beans over toast, then melt some cheese on top in the micro.  Learned that one from a Brit economy cooking forum, as a breakfast dish.  Heck, why not beans for breakfast?  My late DH loved huevos rancheros, so why not a baked bean "melt"?

I suspect Bush's are sweetened with quite a bit of maple syrup in the mix....I did that once when I ran low on molasses and came pretty close...


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When my grandma would make a pot of butter beans she would make an open-face sandwich with some for lunch and then have the rest with cornbread with my grandpa at supper. The butter bean sandwich was better than the beans and cornbread. Bread, beans, bread, topped with soupy beans. Just add fork. Drool worthy. My grandma was such a good cook. She took her time.

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home cooked beans are worth the extra time....so much better than from cans, that I don.t even bother to "dress the up" many times.  Just cooked up some "speckled butter peas: I found in a local grocery....Mmmm they were good.

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