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Baby in a car

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Last Wednesday my daughter and her boyfriend were going Into a store. As they passed a car they saw a baby boy between 12-18 months In the car.  The child had been taken out of his carseat and just left in the car. As they were on the phone with the police and prepared to break a window they found a door unlocked. Because the baby was falling asleep in my daughter's arms a ambulance was sent too.

When the EMT'S took the child from my daughter she said the baby reached out for her. That broke her heart.

The police found someone related to the baby who said the child was in the car for at least 25 minutes. It was 95°Wednesday.

After it was over all my daughter could do was hold her daughter and cry.


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Thankfully, the baby survived.  Thank your dear daughter for acting so quickly, and caring enough to do something about it.  :amen:


I feel it is horrible that people forget their children are in the cars.  I’ve been told I have no right to get angry, because it happens a lot and people make mistakes, but, I won’t leave my dog in the car.  95* outside, means, at least, 20-40* higher inside a closed vehicle. 


We’ve seen news casters with hand held heat registers, showing 100* outside, and 175* inside a closed car.  


:pray: NO one “forgets” a child is in their car......  

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Thank God your dd was there and alert to her surroundings. 


 ....whew!!!!  :amen: 


I believe all child car seats should be equipped with an alarm.  If the weight of a baby still pressing down the seat of the car seat.......and the car keys are taken 10' away from that car seat, a LOUD alarm rings on the key fob and the car seat.  Some one please make their million inventing this simple thing!!!!


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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On 7/27/2019 at 9:57 AM, Dee said:

Someone said once that a woman should put her phone or purse in the backseat with the baby.  She may forget the baby but she'd never forget her purse or phone.  Pathetic but true!

The difference is, the purse/phone is something that you normally grab EVERY time you get out of the car, not just when you're taking the baby to daycare.  It's basically stacking "check the backseat" onto a habitual behavior.  It isn't that it's necessarily more important, but that it's something you're already used to doing every single time.


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I'm not arguing with anything you said CG.  I agree BUT I still think it's pathetic that the man yesterday forgot his 1 year old twins for 8 hours and both died.  I feel so very sorry for him, or anyone this happens to, but it's still pathetic that you're so busy you forget your child/ren.

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