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Escape Rooms.....not what you think

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When I clicked on this article, I was thinking like a prepper......like:  safe rooms in one's house:grinning-smiley-044:


Nope.  So the topic of this article belongs in my category of odd, interesting [sociologically], or even rather bizzare!  :scratchhead:  The type of thing where you say:  Could I have thot of this and made my million?  :wacko:


I probably could have.... ;)  




Cuz this is a game.....a cooperative game.  Similar to the "Ropes" courses that I guided kids thru back in the late 80's-early 90's.  If you put your family....or your survival group thru exercises like these, you really do figure out Who's Who Under Pressure.  That's why they fascinate me. 


The Ropes course will trigger anyone with undo fear of heights.  This one will trigger anyone with claustrophobia.  Which might be enlightening ....and not always in a good way.  One would certainly NEED to know if anyone/yourself has these issues before going into a InRealLife hooey situation.  So there is that. 


You also find out how other folks/yourself react to the mild stress created in the game,  You will definitely find out who in your family/group/yourself will NEVER treat anything like a game.  :buttercup:    Likely to find out who jumps forward to take the lead.  You might find out who ...not necessarily that jump-forward person, but maybe.....will lead calmly/wisely.  If you're looking, you might find a quiet mighty mouse in your group with great ideas/insight/cautions.  These are often set up to find those that willingly work together and who prefers to puzzle things out by themselves.  And who gets impatient or sullen rather quickly when there hasn't been a solution.  Cuz with an alien situation, our behavioral/mental guards come down. 


Of course, this article is reflecting on a larger look at society at large.  Interesting.  But I've had the experience with watching for individual reactions within the group.  My degree is in Recreation.....from this therapeutic angle.  As I said, I find it fascinating....tho I've got just enough claustrophobia and quite enough impatience with stupid to get uncomfortable in this version.  I like climbing way up on ropes much better!   





MtRider   :happy0203:  Extra credit.....did you see it???  :canning: 

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'Tis simply another version of a CHALLENGE ....done in a group.  The "Low Ropes" challenges were done in groups.  After that phase, "High Ropes" were usually individual challenge but with the now-established group cheering the individual on.   Which is why it's been used for corporations or other work situations.....to get individuals to work together......and like it.   ;)


MtRider  :cheer:  

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