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Article: crisis garden...enough?

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You need 13 eight-foot-long  2x4 pieces, one ten-foot-long 2x4 piece, 12 buckets, and 2 lbs of 3-inch screws.


Sorry these are out of order.  I am not myself today.


Comments on the posts say that these are for 12" buckets.  You have to measure, because Home Depot buckets are 11".   Also, in Florida, translucent white buckets need to be painted to make them last against the sunlight and weight, and to keep from sunburning the roots.

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Printed out the plans for hubby...yes...this is definitely workable on our homestead.  A bit more lumber than my "Rack" that I used to hang buckets on (and still have my cukes hanging!) and wouldn't have to worry about them swinging in the wind or breaking the bales.  Thanks!

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I love the design but if I was making it I'd cut it in to two pieces. I know it would take a little more lumber but I'm just not comfortable with that middle row. I couldn't reach them very easily for weeding, fertilizing, dead heading, tomato sucker snipping, adding dirt to potatoes etc. I'm short. And old. And bad back. 


I'd like two stands with six buckets each with a small path between them. If I'm going to dream, I would like 3-4 stands actually. 


I think it's Home Depot that sells orange buckets. Wonder if they would protect from sunlight? 

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We wouldn't be planting heavy growers in those buckets.  I'd probably be doing Radishes, Lettuces, Spinach, Carrots, Swiss Chard, and Cucumbers that I'd "trail" from the top row.  I'd call it my "salad rake"! I'd plant at different dates so I'd have a continual harvest (I think).  But...not this year.  Lovin' my tubs and my little green house will do just fine for the time being...and it's oh so EZ to move.  Just remove the planters, lift and off we go! Right now it's where I want it though...sitting on some weed control mat and gets full sun. 


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