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New age of prepping in Sweden

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I've found on social media over that years that Sweden is such a great place to live ... happy people, good economy, great socialism ... blah blah blah  B)


I found this PBS documentary from May 2019, on Prepping in Sweden VERY INTERESTING. I never knew Russia was so close and Swedish people so vulnerable. It's worth the watch if you get YouTube.




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Goodness... I’m 1/2 Swedish, lol.  Even had to speak & read it to my great grandmother.  She made me read her newspaper to her.  :ph34r: I’ll check it out in the morning..... thanks....

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LOL Homesteader. I posted about that a few months back. Great minds, huh. I was surprised by how frightened of Russia they are. That is until I saw the documentary. They are a lot more forward in their attitude on prepping than we are. They aren't nearly as prepped for the long haul as we are though. Its a good documentary.


Well there ya go Annie. Now you know why you prep. You can't help it. It's in your blood. :D

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All those Scandinavian countries have to have tough folks.  Their ecosystem up there near the Arctic circle is brutal.  Those are the ones who settled Minn and N. Dakota!  :frozen:  :frozen:


MtRider  ....Vikings.....tough folks!

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