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I'm so sorry that I haven't been in here for a long time now.    

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in exchanging ornaments this year.     If you are, please send me your name and address as I'm not sure if I have last years and other years addresses at this time.  


Right now I am trying to prepare for 3 craft fairs all before the end of November.      So, I will come back in within the next couple weeks to check my messages.     


Thank you all for understanding and for all who have joined in this exchange in the past.   





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Thank you all for joining again this year.       I will get the addresses sent Monday or Tuesday.    

The craft fair is this Saturday so have been busy getting things done.   :)  


Looks like it will be the 5 of us this year.    :) 



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Well, it is Friday and I have gotten the addresses sent to you, at last. 


I am so sorry that I didn't get them earlier.


I've been working on more crafts again.    I ran low or out of some things so needed to get things done for the Craft Fair tomorrow.


Thanks Pauline for the offer.    :)   :kissy:

Where did the Hugs go?   :pout:



Have a great week.    :)   



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Thanks Mt_Rider, I'm glad you told me.     It had been down in the middle before and I just didn't look in the right place.   :bighug2:  :bighug2:


Ok, snapshotmiki is joining the exchange and I have sent it on to you others.    


Thank you all so much for joining.     :bighug2:    to everyone.  

One more craft show for sure and maybe a second one, haven't heard back yet.    

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Sorry I didn’t join this year. There is so much going on here, I don’t think I’d be able to send any out soon enough. Forgive me. I’m hoping to make some more in the coming year and be able to join again next year. Again, I’m sorry.  :sigh:

Thank you, Snowmom for continuing to be here for us. I’ve really missed you.

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Good morning,


I've just not been on anything much at all.      Spending more time holding Minnie.     She is needing lots of loving lately.      She will be 14 in January and not seeing like she did a couple years ago.  

I really know I need to come in more.   Sorry I haven't been on.


We have another craft show this Saturday and again the following Saturday.      Then it is time to get down to cleaning the house for Christmas.       I'm not sure who all will be here but, one Grandson said he would come.     :)        


I really didn't put a date to have the ornaments out as I just didn't know when I could even get them done.    


Looking forward to seeing what everyone is making and seeing who will join again next year.     :)     Will be watching for you Ann.    :)      


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.     :bighug2:       to all.    :)

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