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Hi Cecelia!  I haven't seen you here in awhile.  How have you been?


Guest Homeschool,  you are welcome to join us!   There's a "Calling all New People" thread up in the "Sunporch" . Or feel free to jump in.   


We homeschool.   My DD is Kindergarten level.   Unfortunately, legislators in my state snuck in an attachment to our state budget to lower the compulsory school age from 8 down to 6.   :tapfoot:     It will go into effect for the  2019-20 school year.     I wanted my 2 more years of not having to register/record keep/hire an evaulator/deal with the overreach of government.    But I'll have to start that come July.   :sigh:    Other than that, things are going very well for us.   I pull materials from here and there.   We use/will use alot of "living books".  

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I don't have anyone to homeschool but I do have a 3 year old grandson. I'd like to supplement his education during the summer months and I find a lot of information on the website 'teachers pay teachers'. Some material is free and some at a nominal price. It's especially geared for young ones, think, and they have a lot of worksheets you can print out. 

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