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Massive Veggie Recall


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The story:





The list:







And out of an abundance of caution, we are not going out to eat at our local Chinese restaurant today.  The dishes they serve have a lot of veggies and .....this list includes packaged food  and some fresh cut foods....but also "food service"  --- which I interpret to mean cafeteria/restaurant foods????  :shrug: 


;)   We're all coming over to Kappy/Mary's house to feast on what ever seasonal veggies they're harvesting..... :lol: 

  Isn't it getting to the point where we need to get a good local source?  But some of these things can occur in local grown farms too.  :sigh:  


MtRider  .....no one has reported sick for this yet.  Such a waste of food but...what can you do? 


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Gees, could they make the print any smaller or harder to read. 


Thanks for the post. Most of it is from Mann's or H I B and my store doesn't carry those brands. It's still something to be aware of though. I was going to go to Subway tomorrow while running errands but now I'm not sure. I get the spicy Italian with lots of veggies. 


Set another place out for me too Kappy/Mary.

Will do dishes for food. :dishes:  <------------Jeepers. 

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Yes, thanks for the heads up.  None of the stores we shop at carry those brands but ya never know!  We were just talking this evening about how hungry we are for fresh salads...but with all the trouble with romaine (which is our favorite) you really hesitate.  We like to buy those packages of 4 different little heads of lettuce, and snip off just a bit of each for our plates.  May still go ahead and pick up a container.  I have all the rest of the makings.  We went to our favorite pizza place for hubby's "real" birthday (his choice) and boy did we load a plate of veggies!  I love a big salad with fruit and cottage cheese for my dressing.  They have a wonderful pizza buffet and salad bar.  Both of us really "buffet"ed ourselves...hence...two long walks today! :happy0203: 

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So what's next. Seems something is being recalled all the time now. Drugs and food.  I have never seen the Mann's products here but will keep an eye out.  As for Sysco, that is a food distrabution center and one of the center's is located not far from us. My son in law used to work for them. 

It's getting to the point you don't know what is safe to eat anymore.  We have already had to have our blood pressure meds changed due to constant recalls on it.  

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Since the big recall a year or so ago on spinach,  I haven't gotten it on a sub since. I'm talking about raw spinach not cooked. 


It was even found in organic green beans. I looked up listeria. It starts in soil that has been fertilized with manure. Human or other. I'm thinking human. Workers in the field. Or workers not washing their hands during processing. Either way it gets in the machinery and contaminates everything being processed. That was a very quick synopsis. 


It can be killed by cooking. They didn't say at what temperature. Maybe it's time to start steam cleaning (or what ever they do) the machinery after every batch. As it is now even a disgruntled worker could introduce the bacteria. 

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Yes.  Those are two stores near us.... 


We decided no fresh veggies for now....have enough frozen.  Bought bananas ....peel thick skin.  Safer?  Want apples.....the Michigan problem recently.  Not shipped to CO.  Ran out of energy before I could find apples yesterday. 


MtRider  :hidingsmile:

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I have enough of my own canned veggies to last me a year. So I am good. the only thing is corn. We do not have enough room in back yard to plant that.  But we do have green beans, butterbeans,, squash, tomatoes, to hold us. All this is from my garden. So should be ok. Hoping nothing else gets recalled but I am sure something will.  The FDA is a failed system. 

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The poultry, which was produced from Oct. 21, 2019 through Nov. 4, 2019, was distributed in various states, namely  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, according to the FSIS.



MtRider  :buttercup:

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I seriously do not believe the FDA has much involvement in the foods that are being currently produced.  Factories, processors, & packagers are inspected periodically, when they pass inspections, then, time goes by before another inspection occurs.  In the mean time, people make mistakes, equipment fails, etc.  Our responsibility is to be vigilant about finding out what has been recalled, reasons for the recalls, etc., in order to protect our families from harmful products.

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6 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

We sure miss Wormie!  Wonder how he's doing?  :pray:  


[new folks...he used to keep us updated on all the recalls.  Now, it's a lot more hit and miss.  His wife became ill and has passed not too long ago.]


MtRider  :(  








I will start doing it again.  I miss him soooo very much.  However, he gave me the links, but...... I really hoped he would come back. 








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This type of contamination is why they told me during chemo (when my immune system was compromised)  no salads, not from the store, not at a restaurant, not any. 

I have not eaten any pre-cut or packaged fresh veggies since.  Not worth the risk, and I am skeptical of how they might be treated or sprayed "to preserve freshness".  That is one reason we have a garden, and yes, Mt Rider & Jeepers you are welcome to come eat!  Winter veggies are almost ready to pick!  We can always use more hands when we drop trees to drag & burn the brushy parts & stack the split parts.  We'll just put in another garden, and when the work is done we will all go out on the pontoon boat & fish!  Talk about fresh....

I looked at the list, and Marketside is what is sold at Walmart.  Kinda glad I tend not to buy that stuff, now

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