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None of these people were ready!

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NorCal had an epic winter storm blow into it yesterday, and there WERE warnings posted prior to the event, yet most of these people either ignored it, didn't believe it, or thought they could "beat" it. None of them were really prepared for mountain driving: not enough gas, lack of food, improper clothing, etc. :( This COULD have been really really bad. 




DUNSMUIR, Calf. — Crews are working to rescue dozens of drivers stuck in the snow on northbound Interstate 5 in the Dunsmuir area.

Northbound Interstate 5 closed late Tuesday afternoon at the Fawndale exit 10 miles north of Redding. Dozens of vehicles became stranded on the interstate overnight near Castella and Dunsmuir. The northbound lanes remained closed Wednesday morning.


Witnesses said crashed vehicles are blocking the road, preventing emergency vehicles from reaching the area. Some stranded vehicles have run out of gas.



An estimated 200 cars are stranded in the snow on northbound I-5 south of Dunsmuir (Video courtesy Josh Cantu){p}{/p}{p}{/p}

Josh Cantu, a filmmaker, was traveling southbound from Bend to Sacramento. He recorded a video of the long stretch of stranded vehicles in the northbound lanes. He described the scene, saying cars had run out of gas after idling all night. People have little or no snow gear. Snowplows are having a difficult time reaching the area due to the large number of vehicles blocking the road. He estimated 200 vehicles were stuck.


Another witness described the backup near Castella, where they said there were an estimated 60 vehicles.


Shalynda Ann Baker said she was headed from Forest Ranch (Butte County, Calif.) to Grants Pass, Oregon. There are two adults, two children and two dogs in her vehicle. She said as of 10 a.m. Wednesday they had been trapped in their vehicle for more than 18 hours.



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I don't understand why when there are warnings about bad weather they just don't prepare. We always prepare even though around here sometimes the weatherman doesn't get it right.  Sometimes they say we are going to get X amount of rain and no rain or windy conditions with gust of 50 miles an hour. Ok so where is the wind. Yes they mess up around here. Sometimes I think maybe we are in an area the weather doesn't effect as much as other areas around here.  During the winter we keep 2 wool blankets in car, bottled water, and some snacks. Also keep a battery powered weather radio in car as well because if we have a break down or we do get stuck in some bad weather our car must be turned on in order to charge anything or to use the radio. Yes, I miss my van but 2 engines blew up in it and I would not put a third one in. That van never made it to 100,000 miles. I should have painted it yellow. Big fat lemon.

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So Midnight...I was looking at the news about CA.  Are all areas getting moisture finally then?  That's the up side to these storms.  But sounds like you had a Bombo Genesis type LOW pressure which is extreme.  And then of course....the stepchild of wildfire is erosion/flooding.  :( 


Sure wish folks would get a clue!  :buttercup:    I bring more stuff with me to walk the dog than many folks put in their car for winter!  Sheeesh!  I had water, nuts, and a half pastry when I went to get car unstuck this morning.  I was in my own driveway but....sometimes it takes a while to clear the driveway and I'd be on the opposite end of driveway from the house.  :shrug: 


MtRider  ....always gotta have my STUFF! 

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I don't understand why people don't prepare better either. I keep my car stocked up too. I also keep a big plastic cup like you get at the fast food places. One year I was on a six lane hi-way and there was a bad accident and we had to be diverted waaay around and through a couple of small towns. All of that interstate traffic going about 10 miles per hour and sometimes stopped for an hour or more at a time. Luckily I had that big cup (pure luck) and I filled it twice. :blush:  Dumped it right on the highway too. No where to "go" and you couldn't get out of the car in case the traffic started moving again. Bumper to bumper and zero privacy. Thankfully, I was alone.   Lesson learned. 

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18 hours ago, Jeepers said:

No where to "go"


People used to laugh when I told them I have three "Go Girls" ...one the travel trailer, one in Miss B and one here at home/or can take it to truck...it works really wonderful if you're wearing a skirt.  Wearing pants...well ya gotta be creative and wrap a shirt or ??? around your waist.  Still...very handy little devices!  A friend of ours got her one to take on their boat when they're out fishing so she no longer has to sit on a coffee can with a shirt wrapped around her waist!  She now just aims it into a jug...just like her fella.  We always joke that we can "stand by our man" or "write our name"...:24:

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We seldom travel in the winter, and if we do it's less than 30 miles.  But we still carry some emergency supplies in a tote under the back seat/ledge of the truck and if we're in Miss B she's pretty much set to go.  Nice to have a potty, a little kitchen and our bed etc.  Only need to throw in our sleeping bags (they zip together to make one big bag) that we always use when traveling in her (even in summer).  We don't have a back seat in the truck.  Hubby removed it and built a ledge/platform that Abby-girl rides on.  No toenails through the seats! 

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The WE2's.  i have seen those go girls. I have thought about getting a couple to put in the go bags.  Something that can really come in handy for women and older children.  I remember back in the day when we were younger and traveled,  DH sometimes had to pull over to check a tire if you know what I mean. 

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3 hours ago, Littlesister said:

Something that can really come in handy


When my Mom was alive, and had hurt her back and had shots in her spine, she used a female funnel and it was a life saver for her because she didn't need to sit down nor raise up....except for a duce (then she needed help via walker turned backwards over the toilet).

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I have a couple of those Go Girl thingies. Okay if you have a dress or loose fitting skirt on. Or commando. :D


When I travel any long distances like on vacation, I always wear a casual dress. More comfortable cooped up in the car and easier for...other things.


One word of advice. If you get one, practice with it in the shower for a while. There was a learning curve for me. I'm thinking a regular urinal would work as well away from home. The opening is pretty big and its self contained with a lid. With the Go Girl/She Wee the urine comes out the end. Still glad I have them.

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