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Sudden absurd attack? Grab your "narwhal tusks"

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I can't get the link to open because my @#$%^ computer is so slow tonight and being a butt head. But I did hear it. I saw the picture of the scalding though. It was horrendous. It looked like 3rd. degree burns that would need skin grafts. It was really bad. Kudos for her admitting it was her fault. But McDonalds should have been ashamed and owned up too. She was 79? Similar thing happened with Carlene the dog lady. Not with the burning. She and her dog were electrocuted by an elevator. Her lawyers told her she would be dead before the suit was ever heard. I think she was 80 at the time. McD was probably thinking the same thing.


Pressurized coffee?  Hummmmm.  :runcirclsmiley2:

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Yep, these UNAUTHORIZED items are certainly not on my First-Thing-To Reach-For defense list.  They are the Narwhal Tusks.....near-to-hand expediency during an incident in which you fear for life and well-being...or the life of another!     



I certainly do practice looking for any and all things that would save my life.  If said item fails to save my life, I doubt my surviving relatives are going to sue any manufacturing company.  ;)  And if said item causes damages to my attacker.....well that's the whole point, isn't it?  Defense of self and others.


MtRider  :darthduck:

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Wasp spay is not the way to go. I have bear spray for at home use only and the other spray in my purse. Those are the legal type. So ok on that.  I also have a stun gun that I carry.  Only thing about that is you would have to be close enough to use it. But in a car jacking it might be just the thing. At least it would distract them long enough for me to get away. But then until you have really been in a situation, it would be hard to say what would work. Us older people are just not as quick to react as a younger person. Hope and pray none of us are ever  in that type of a situation.  

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Guess the wasp spray will have to be used on wasp.  I do have a little sprayer of "something" in a leather pouch in my purse...guess I know where to grab...LOL  But I'll also have to get that big black stick under my bed too.

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