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2019 Christmas Ornaments sent and received

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Guest Good morning everyone.

Thank you for putting this post in.


I have gotten Snapshotmiki and mammato3boys so far.     Love them both.   :)    


I have been sick these past 2 weeks and haven't gotten my ornaments in the mail yet.      I'm so sorry.      I hope to get them in the mail by Wednesday.


I have surgery on Monday and have been trying to get well.


Today we have a craft sale and my daughter and one of my sons are doing it.     I just didn't want to take any chances so am home and trying to stay inside.    :) 


Thanks you again.     :)  :bighug2:    :grouphug:    to all.   

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Good morning everyone,


I have gotten snapshotmiki's, mommato3boys and paulines,  I love them all.


I sent mine out and hope you get them without any problems.   


I'm sorry I haven't been in here before now, but, I had a full week first of all, on Monday I had a cataract removed from my left eye and on Tuesday I had an appointment to see the doctor so she could check the eye.      Yesterday I had my pacemaker check up in Fargo.      I've been so busy going and coming I just am so glad to be able to stay home for a while now.     Well, except for doing a bit of shopping in town.    :)        I had taken Minnie to day care a week ago yesterday and will be picking her up today so will have a bill to pay.   


With the craft fairs and all this week being gone a lot we haven't had time to put our tree up even.     I do hope to get it up today though.    :)   


Thank you all for joining the exchange again this year.    :)   :bighug2:     :grouphug:



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I got Midnightmom's  ornament today, I love it.    


Thank you all for joining again this year.   :) 


I do hope you have gotten the one I sent.   


:grouphug:       :bighug2:

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All ornaments received and hung on the tree! Can you find yours??? :D  :santa:  :whistling:





Here are some other decorations.



Welcome to my home. door.thumb.jpg.cf31289ce48566a5dc6b737015c032ae.jpg


Creche display.................






















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