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The “Storm” Is Coming..

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They are arranging transportation from KY to TX.  Tentatively, I will be picking him up next week.   As the arrangements are being made, I’ve gotten a couple more pictures.




Looks like he does well in a vehicle.



Here he is modeling his new vest.



Leash training...



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Jeepers, I am assuming he has a typical German Shepherd voice.


WE2, when we first found out about him, DH said, they rescued him from a family that kept him outside on a chain all the time, she got pregnant and they got rid of him.  Semper Fi dog rescue pulled him out of a shelter, somewhere around KY.  It made me think of the story you told of your neighbors dog.



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Love him, beautiful dog.  I know you can't wait to get him home.  

I have a granddaughter that rescues dogs and cats. She went to school for dog training and also trains police dogs.  She decided that being military and moving around alot, she needed something that she could do anywhere she moved. So far so good. She finds homes for the ones she rescues. She has 2 that were rescued that she kept.  


I just at this time cannot bring myself to get another dog or cat. We loved the ones we had but just not the right timing for us at this stage in life. The last cat to go was 21 years old. But I do have a neighbor's dog, pit bull that I play with sometimes when she is out. 


Waiting to see more pictures when you get him home.  Beautiful dog. I like German shepards. Good dogs. and make for great guard dogs as well.

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11 hours ago, Annarchy said:

rescued him from a family


Our Abby-girl came from a home that was a "rescue"...and they had this magnificent, full sized red Aussie...on a chain.  Somebody dumped momma (a black lab) and she was in heat.  So guess where our girl was born.  When we went and got her, we wrapped her in a towel, I put her to my chest, and headed for home.  We did stop at a farm supply and picked up some puppy food, some puppy training pads and a carrier.  When we got home, we took the top of the carrier off and set it on the floor on my side of the bed...along with a soft bed, her towel and a big ben wind up clock.  We had a cow bell, so we hung it on the back door.  We set our alarm clock for every hour and my dear hubby got up every hour, went to the back door and took a swipe at the cow bell and out to the yard she went and DID her duties!  Now...she rings the bell all by herself and has for years.  Took her about a week to learn it.  Rescues are wonderful...and we were blessed enough to get one from such an early age where she'd been kept with her momma and litter mates, in a garage...not a nasty kennel, cooped up with their own nasties.  That will ruin a puppy!

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18 hours ago, Jeepers said:

We2 ---------->  :wub:


Would you believe she's only p'd in the house once...after she was spayed and couldn't get to the back door soon enough...and only dropped a duce "in mid air" once time when we first started training her.  Hubby saw her squat, picked her up and said "NO!" and she dropped it from mid air...and never did a duce again! l:laughkick:

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   1 hour ago,  Annarchy said: 

Yes.  He gets on his trip Friday, in KY.  His last driver picks him up in San Antonio and will drive him here, spending Sunday night in a hotel & I pick him up Monday morning, just before I start my trip home.  


I hope it goes well!!  I feel like MtRider and I should have helped you with a list. 

LOL!  Definitely!  

Let’s see, I brought a choke chain & short leash.


Storm is coming with:

Large Dog bed

Long leash

Dog verst with a hand hold

5 gallon bucket, food, food & water dishes, daily packaged food, chew toys, short leash, + other stuff, I can’t remember right now.


The van has my travel BOB, suitcase, personal protection, blankets, warm jacket, heavy shoes, 5 gal. of water.  

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1 hour ago, Annarchy said:

choke chain


Is he trained for that type of collar?  Just wondering.  We have to use a "pinch" collar on our girl.  Just to big and stubborn to handle with anything else...especially by me.  I can use a Holt collar but she just loses all her personality when it goes on.  We got a big harness, but she's still to much for me and about all hubby can handle.  She's a 100#er!

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Storm is on his way, spending the night in Memphis.  


OOTO, he was chipped when they did his surgery.


From what I’ve read, poor puppy was neglected the first year or so of his life, and was extremely thin.

He’s come a long way, but, still has a long way to go to get to us.  

First exchange....


Rest area break...



I think his Dramamine kicked in... 




Here is the partial list Semper Fi Dog Rescue posted.  Today he called saying he added a bucket of people treats; gold fish crackers, M & M’s, Werther’s, etc.  :blink:


 Travel supplies: 
Red 5 gallon bucket and lid. 
Meals in individual baggies. Extra included. 
Chew toy. 
Leash with extra carabiner and a... 
Rope lead either can be used as a tether to door handles or head rest. OR 
Seat bel clip tether. 
Long rope lead for potty walks. Hang on, he's strong. 
Purple file folder. Medical records and SFDR stickers. 
Metal food bowl. 
Collapsible water bowl. 
Paper towels. 
Deodorizing spray. 
Small bags (poop bags) 
Garbage bags. 
Large dog bed. 
He'll be wearing a leather collar (do not loosen). 
He'll be wearing a dog vest. It has hands and places to clip a lead. Use his collar. Vest is optional if he looks uncomfortable


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You’re too kind, Jeepers.  

Gunny has developed separation anxiety and they suggested another dog to help him.  Thus, DH chose Storm, saying he’s going to be my dog.  :0327:


Since he’s going to be mine, I’m just bragging and showing him off.  :bouquet:

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