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The “Storm” Is Coming..

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3 hours ago, Annarchy said:

those eyes


I call them "eye brows" ... when I get that look from Abby-girl.  He's gorgeous!  I imagine he's looking at you and saying "Are you going to drive me somewhere and dump me off too?"  Glad he's finding his forever home where someone will love him!

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We are home.  :amen:


Met up with the driver, but Storm seemed terrified of me, after a brief walk, he calmed down enough to get into my truck.



He met Gunny in our front yard, neutral territory.



They played running circles in the yard, while I barbecued.




...taking a water break....




Then, this morning I annoyed them by using my camera flash.. it was worth it.  



He is extremely thin.  Another reason it took 3 months before we could get him.  The rescue owner said, Storm could hardly walk from malnutrition, when they rescued him.


Storm seems eager to please and craves attention.  


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Storm’s first whole day went well.  He is beginning to learn our house rules.  

He’s a food guarder.  We had an issue when he wanted to keep Gunny from the other food dish.  2 huge bowls of dog food scattered all over and a spat, that brought us both into the room instantly.  Later, he toned it down to a growl, which was corrected, again.  


I know it will take some time, for Storm to understand, there will always be 2 huge, full dishes of food available.  And, goodness, what big paws he has.  I doubt he is 3, no way.  I’m guessing, maybe 1 1/2.  :shrug:  Puppy energy and chewing. 


He will be getting a bath today.... :yuk:   and, the shock collar.  (Please don’t be offended, I can’t move fast enough to grab him before he races across the yard.) He needs to listen to me and quit running out to the fence to chase and bark at every car that goes by or try to bite at my hens.   And, no! taking food off our plates, or trying to clean an empty plate on the table... More house rules.  Poor thing, he’s going to think his name is “NO! “.  :grinning-smiley-044:

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He’s waiting for me to go back outside..  excuse the messed up blanket.  I am using it to try to keep the muddy paws prints slightly less than it would be without it.  I’ve already gone through several towels.  Lol.



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Ann, after being starved like he was he may be protective of his food for awhile. He will get use to the fact that he will always have food to eat. It will be a trust thing for him to know he will always have plenty to eat.   He is such a sweet looking dog.  Glad he is getting along with your other dog. Those shock collars are a good training tool. I know several neighbors around here that used them and now they don't need them. Dogs have learned. 

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10 hours ago, Annarchy said:

shock collar


We had to use that until our girl was about 2...just hard headed I guess!  Still will chase a cat, squirrel, rabbit, deer...???  So we can't let her off leash very often.  We now use a pinch collar, that's the only way I can handle her.  Hubby has to put it on because it's too stiff for me to press the links apart.  If I had to take her for an emergency, I'd have to use the Holt collar...which neither of us like.  It's like a muzzle on her and her personality totally tanks.

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Well... we had lent the shock collar to DH’s friend.  We got it back when they got rid of their dog.  I charged it, turned it on, and it doesn’t work anymore. Darn it.  Sooo.... I am using positive reinforcement and stern commands.  

He got his bath.  He loves the water hose.... Gunny looks like he thinks Storm is crazy..  :008Laughing:




Now he is shiny. Wow,  he sheds a lot.



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