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We went to the orchard and got our usual bins of apples. I ran into Walmart to get some stuff and noted that they had zero toilet paper and just a few single rolls of paper towels. It's started again, looks like.

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I have been following your numbers daily and have really appreciated it. I know it's a lot of work for you. Thank you so much for all you do to help us stay informed.  If you don't post it perhaps the

Our state has placed motor homes in a remote state park (one way in and out) which is now guarded by state troopers. There is a medical unit set up there too.  It is for those infected to shelter in w

I saw on the news last night that roughly 20 campers are at the Des Moines Water Works Plant for critical workers to live in while they keep the plant running.  The employees will live in the campers,

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I think I saw about 3 packages at ours yesterday.


About a week ago, hubby was giving me crap about buying another pack when we still had "most of a pack" left.  We had 7 rolls of a 12-roll pack.  He doesn't realize that when I lived by myself, I was buying the Sam's packages and getting a new one once the first one got down to half.  I don't like the possibility of running out of a toilet paper.

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I'm good on paper products. I keep a big tote full of smashed down TP rolls that is for emergencies only. I'd have to go through all of my stored up TP in the house, Kleenex, napkins and paper towels before I touch the tote. I'm over stocked on paper towels. I've probably got over 30 rolls between the two houses and I only use 1-2 rolls a year. But I expect DIL to take what she needs. I made some family cloths for myself that I can use to dry off with if it gets to that point. Ugh. I plan to get a bidet installed when I get a toilet replaced at the Indy house. Cold water on the under carriage might be a pain in the butt though. :runcirclsmiley2:


I've got bleach tablets on my shopping list. I figure they would come in handy for cleaning around the house since liquid bleach looses its potency so fast. I can go with the scented on those. And a couple of jugs of vinegar to clean with if need be. But I have plenty of Lysol liquid, wipes and spray so hopefully that won't run out soon. I'm going to get a few more boxes of masks. Looks like they will be mandatory for awhile longer. I don't want to run out and get price gouged again. Will add a couple more bottles of rubbing alcohol too. 


I have 24 bottles of hand sanitizer. I got it in bulk on Amazon when things loosened up a little in Sept. Same amount of dish wash liquid for the same reason. I'm a little lean on laundry soap but I have the ingredients here to make some if I need more. Plenty of soap, deodorant, dental hygiene, shampoo etc. All of that courtesy of the Ebola scare a few years back.  :rolleyes:


So, I think I'm pretty well stocked up on cleaning supplies (both house and body) like a good little prepper. I wish it was all under one roof. I just tell myself the Indy house is my BOL. 


This weekend I'm making a list of things I need to top off the pantry. I might order on line for that stuff. I'm making a price comparison list between Wal-Mart and Amazon. I want to stash away a box of Slim Jim's for some flavor and protien. A box of 120 at is $20.?? At WM. $30.?? at Amazon and 15.?? At Sam's Club. Guess a trip to Sam's is in my near future! 

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Update on us. Oregon is starting to succumb to the rise in cases. 13 in our county last report. We are up to 18 fatalities here. We have been very fortunate at my clinic to all stay healthy and now have more protection for our staff, who we were able to get CAPR's for (like the helmets they wear in the hospital) to use instead of re-using N95 masks. I am very thankful we never ran out of masks, and that so far we have all managed to stay healthy as far as we know. My family is doing well.

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At our last township monthly meeting, the chairman announced that we've had 7 deaths to covid and 7 deaths to the flu. Now that people are more careful with germs, maybe the flu season won't be so deadly this year. It averages between 60,000 and 80,000 per year. I have this gnawing feeling that if we say 'no' to the vaccine we will eventually be refused services. People are putting too much money into this miracle drug not to force us to take it.  :imoksmiley:

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On 11/9/2020 at 4:53 PM, Daylily said:

5 more cases in that community I mentioned above. Another couple in their 30s and their three little boys, ages 10, 6 and 4. The husband's parents both have covid and that's where the family got it. The grandpa died last night. :(

Just another update. The grandpa that died....his two sisters, a brother-in-law, a niece and her three kids got covid. The BIL died. The grandma has been in quarantine for nearly 4 weeks because when the grandpa died, the son went to be with his Mom and tested positive so she had to go back into quarantine for 2 more weeks even though she is better now. How awful to lose your husband, worry about your only child being sick and be alone for nearly 4 weeks. Her son did have to go to the hospital but is better now.

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I’m unable to listen, volume off 99% of the time.  If I can in TX this week, with head phones...  


DH read something in May about Vit. D being good.  Of course there is no shortage of Sun in AZ.  Lol. I have to take it daily anyway, but, he is also taking it.

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Transcript of video that Daylily shared.

(It may be difficult to read because of the lack of punctuation, etc)




Everyone, welcome back to a conversation that I'm going to be having Tonight with Dr. West Young Bergen. I want to just turn to him in just a moment. But one of the things that we have been thinking about here in our California community is the whole covert 19 experience. And the last time that we did, one of these presentations was almost 7 months ago. And Dr. Young, You have, you're the founder of the young bird life style medical clinic here in Temecula, California. You are treating patients, you have been walking through this whole process, partially from your background in public health and the whole idea epidemics, but also in the practical aspects of how it relates to the real World people. And it's time for US to do an update. Just talk about what's happening now. That's right. Fact When we did the 1st updates here. Dad, We were very concerned because the mathematical modeling that various used to Shouldn't Los Alamos, laboratory, The various schools of public health this knowledge of US were coming out with some pretty startling predictions serve or Projections that might have it Stark. That's right. And so I was It before, most of my saw and taking information and making sure that the public was aware of how serious this could be. And of course, very quickly, we got into a situation where things were getting out of control. The concern was that the hospitals, because of the novelty of this, the other factor of what was going to happen once they got to the hospital, What was going to work and what did work. And so the concern was that the hospitals would be overrun and overwhelmed, and that even just normal people required normal care having nothing to do with coping, 19 would not be able to get medical care. That it would create a huge problem of burden on the health care system. It was a factor of The World. And that's what led the You know, the politicians to take that in for of a shouldn't say we have to slather her. So we're going to, we're going to lock down for a couple weeks and so we kind of figure out what's going on, not well, Unfortunately, you know, 78 months later we've learned a lot. But the politicians are still treating this like, we don't know anything, we're waiting for that vaccine, which may or may not be there and be a partial answer to this problem. And One thing I want to make sure that anybody that doing this understands, we're not coming at this from a political perspective. Our interest is specifically in the health and we'll being of our families and our brothers and sisters were they maybe who are maybe watching this? That's right. I get text or phone calls or e-mails every day from patients I work with or family members that I work with that are saying, Hey, you know, my mother's got coded, What do I do? Or I have what's the 1st thing that I should be doing here. So where we're going to try to keep this road practical to, to give a perspective of how we should be looking at this from medical certain Aereo. And what we could do a Hall because one of the key issues here that we'll get it to do is understand that there are things to do this. And we need to understand how these say says impact our risk and what we should be doing. So In terms of faces that comes because we've learned a lot and the bases are key parcel, what have we learned? Let's start with the phases, but we've learned a lot in the last 89 Absolutely. Hospitals in the critical care unit have become much more proficient at knowing what to do it when to do it. And a lot of this has to do with a recognition that the 1st week or, or more Is the viral reproduction phase where the virus is just cranking out cranking out. And we're gradually becoming more and more in the dated by this virus to the point that it's got you. So this is the 2nd season of lavatories is where the virus is really not of all the more so. So there's been studies out there looking at anti-viral medications, some of the look very promising, very attractive in other studies that really seem to help their lives. And that's because if you give an anti-viral medicine AD space to Viral problem it's inflammatory problem, then you're not going to expect the seabed of that you have to. You have to treat the viral side of this early on, or else you're not going to get that benefit. Likewise with the anti flamethrowers, That's about this on another and time of a toy scenarios. If you do that early on in the condition, there's a potential that you could actually press to abuse the further which is already did for US and, and prevent the body's ability to fight this properly. Whereas if you give it in the 2nd stage of the infection, typically at the time where you need to be in the hospital, because you're, you're having significant symptoms during that inflammatory face using those and time Slam authority strategies are going to be very, very helpful. So that's the 1st thing that we've learned is that there's, I mean, is very critical to this process phases. I can see, I didn't understand really until about 2 Go. And one of the reasons why is because I had some family members in another state that actually have contracted code. I mean this because 1st of all and I have friends in the Midwest that have contracted it and almost all of them. And there's about 9 or 10 different individuals that I know that contracted this. Only 11 of my family members was a male, has actually struggled and he struggled in the face to I didn't understand what was happening there, but now I do. I understand that that phase is important and I think it's important for our viewers to understand that there's a phase to this and you want to make sure you do the right treatments at the right time. From, from this perspective, Let's make it even a little bit more personal. Apply it to our ourselves. People, look at this differently. Ok, some people don't care. They don't wear a mask, they go see where they want to see whoever they want to see. They want to eat out whatever, if they get it, they get it, no Big deal. Other people are massed up and have They've done everything possible, not to get it, and then you have that middle ground. That's why the 2 ends, the Bilker, the middle ground, that are doing kind of the best they can, but functional all this way. And people today, and this is November 18th, 20202020 will always be remembered as the your code. In fact, I was thinking, Time magazine should make coded the man of the year this year. Well, Ok, this is the that's been the Big thing. I mean it's had a huge impact on our World and our nation and our lives. But personally, Ok, people that you know, or if you start, Ok, what if you get this? And so I'm thinking in terms of the person that's saying Ok, we've come this far of avoided it or maybe I got it. I don't want to get it again. But the basis is important, so I guess that we go back and say we don't want to be complacent. What can you do? Because one of the situations, it was my family and our jumper was. He was in the 2nd phase 1st base. He was very sick with a intestinal g.i. problem. They tested toward the end of that week and Yes, he had it. And then he went into the respiratory and by the time it looked like he might need to go to the hospital, guess what? Hospitals were awful, where they were and so they had to work at home. And I think that that's the thing people need to be thinking about what happens, how do I deal with this? Because we don't want to be complacent. We don't want to be overdone, want to be smart in how you approach. We need to, we need to know what to do have home. Because as you just pointed out there and many of the village, especially in this Second Wave, some people call it just an extension of the 1st wave because we flatter her. But traditionally the curve is still that 1st wave still go on. Right? So flatly that her really was about giving the hospitals time to figure out what to do and therefore decrease hopefully decrease death rates because the hospital is doing the right thing for people who are seriously sick. But that flatly that her, that nothing to do with decrease the total number of people infected eventually, if you're going to have just as many people affected and last, you have 8 here, and we should not expect that here for them any time soon. The vaccines, if they work and their promise seen, you know, after this, that they may But there's, there's really no proof at all that they're going to solve this problem. And there are many of the vaccine manufacturers are already say, well, we have to wear masks, we've still got that. We're still going to have to do other things because the vaccine in of itself is it going to be enough to solve this problem and will it be a vaccine this forever, or will it be like the other flu vaccines? We have that, you don't think you're a year, and we still with all those vaccine Viruses that is, that we have to basically read, you know, I was on a regular basis and even then it is not a perfect size. We know that. So the, what's really important to understand is that this virus is really so in fact That this is going to go every, It's going to impact everybody's life is going to, it's going to reach you and I, it may have already reached you and I. But we were able to fight it off because of a strong immune system, but what you did promoting, since since you were 2020. So the poor thing is that we should be uprooted. We should, we should see the decrease are the dose of virus that we get exposed to is Let's use reasonable. I don't think we should. I'm not US aid of this virus Personally. I am making sure that I'm being Wise, decisions about optimizing my New system. Because if we've learned anything over the last 8 months, is that the critical thing is to have a robust immune system. If you have, if you do this, that are necessary and effective for optimizing your immune system, you have, you're essentially have no worries with this virus. There's, there's even if you have other genetic mutations that increase your susceptibility to the virus, because your interferon response is we know that people get seriously ill response. There's a genetic mutation that impairs the ability of that to work or their bodies thinking antibodies against interfere out. And so your immune system doesn't get turned on because there's ways to bypass that. Do the Contrast, Hot, cold showers, that bypass your knee even needed, or if you're on the active a true system, if you're doing some of these simple remedies that we caught at least about in the past. So, so basically don't sit back expecting the government to cure this with, with you know, the axes excited because ultimately this virus security Guard, The only real difference is going to be how I am or how hard my view system is to keep me healthy. And the face of an exposure or an infection. So those are some of the things that we want to really highlight here. This is something that everybody can take advantage of. For instance, you know, we'll talk a little bit about this is that we now know that by them and There's not just theoretical basis for this. Like there was a March of April, but now there's space. So many studies have been population and various aspects of Getting infected are required. Hospitalization that vitamin d. has. There's a tremendous amount of Research showing that we need to optimize your vitamin d.. And that powerfully alters both faces of the infection and helps decrease the viral replication It actually, it actually minimizes the ability of this protein. The SARS codes to virus to actually To attach it to sell New is good. And the side of that is that it also dramatically is helpful in the 2nd phase of the infection when the virus is no longer that it is primarily now in its laboratory response. And we actually heard people say back 67 months ago. All that's what we should be using by them in d.c. or in a civil Society and or, or some of these natural nutrients that, that can help that, that, that can actually turn, turn up the system. Because you're thinking during the 2nd phase, we don't want to turn up the abuse and we don't want to create that side that kind store. Now we know that optimizing vitamin d. during the Sickest phase of phase 2, where people are really at risk of intensive care to except for a dramatically decrease the risk of side, a kind of store, you know, harmful way. We can go over those studies that have Been just thinking, I'm thinking of myself, I just did blood work long ago. And I have been taking vitamin d. as well as using iodine And vitamin c. of taking the young immune, which is a combination of things that you recommended. And I was looking at my lab results and my vitamin d. is like $66.00. That's a good level is a Yeah. So, so Let's actually talk by the way that one of my idols, if you will, Dr. Michael Holick, he's a very sure it will person to talk to it to listen to really funny Interesting. Since if you were, he's physician, it appears the researcher at Boston University and he actually did a brilliant thing if you look at the end state of this is the u.s. government health service. A state where they, they looked at $192000.00 individuals, all of which should have either been the levels tested in the last 12 months. So we knew or they knew the actual blood levels of their vitamin d. and, and, and all these are the vigils that also received a coat of 90 tabs. So they use that retrospective data to scientifically analyze what the, the relative risk was of somebody with different levels of vitamin d. in their blood. And actually getting infected or testing positive with coated 19. This was astounding. This was published recently, and they actually showed that if you had a by the blood level that is defined as frankly the fish that's really low Optimal level at less than 20 nanograms per deciliter. That the, their rate of positive test of being being actually affected with 19 was 12.5 percent of that population. So if your vitamin d. was low under 2012 point 5 percent of those $192000.00 individuals tested within that group tested positive If Levels of vitamin d. were just a little bit better $30.00 to $34.00, which is at the very bottom of what we call the normal reference range normal reference ranges between $39.00 of reference s. leader and 900 that's normal and I have always said the last 20 years based on the research that the upper 3rd of that normal range is really where we want to be optimally. There's a lot of discussion about what about where that should be, but my 20 years of experience of research, he does for a 3rd of normal. So software like between 70 and a 100 would seem to be on Top of that. But that fear not because you're actually based on this study in a very good position. So, so if your level was between 30 and 34 right there at the bottom end of that reference, really Just into the acceptable range. You're Testing positive for Cobbett, we're down to 8 point one percent from $12.00. So are you ready to drop in the risk of being infected there based on that study by over a 3rd about a 3rd. So however your vitamin d., blood levels were $55.00 nanograms, it does leader or higher clearly and then your risk dropped down to 5.9 percent of the time those people tested positive. So now that's a retrospective Association study that this is not truth causative factor, but it is a clear and there cation To the medical community should do. This is specially with threats of studies that have been true theistic over the night. Show it how Big official vitamin d. is to lower the risk of getting to a copy of I'm getting all kinds of illnesses. So also that, that was the 1st study that should give you Courage that you know, you, you, or I don't know much better position this literally about 90 percent of the Let's talk about vitamin d. And one other aspect. What if I have been tested, Let's say somebody is watching as they've been testing their positive and they're in the middle of the 1st space, which we talked about a moment ago, where there are one of the viruses still replicating it going, but they haven't got the tree What vitamin d. do for that person? Well meant Ok, so it's support, understand that the 1st phase, the biggest, the biggest chunk of that 1st phase, is where you're the race of the magic or truce of the matter, asymptomatic means that you're never going to get the symptoms right yet. You still have you have the virus, but you don't have the something. And we know that about 80 percent of people get infected with COPD and I paid Pretty much a ship to magic, or maybe minimally crease of the matter. You know, there is, there, they don't have any symptoms for the 1st average of 5 days, but then they might have mild symptoms. Sure. Right. Where, you know, there's not been a consideration that individual required often. So there's basically like a cold or Flu and then it's over. Ok so so, so literally 4 out of 5 percent, no matter their right now, no matter what they're doing, they're already pretty much no Big deal. So what we want to do this is something that Dr. Roger Schweller in his cramped series, championing from the very beginning, actually that what if we could show that 20 percent of this was that That gets sick enough to require hospital care. What if we could do something during that? Is there sure. Prior to having severe symptoms required hospitalization that that would increase of from 80 to 85 percent 90 maybe 95 percent. Only 5 percent actually need Ospital that decrease the need for hospitalization by 75 percent solving Darfur crisis. That would be a Guy. I personally only, Dan, That's very possible. Do I personally believe that if everybody started taking advantage of these very simple strategies that are available to everybody that that, that, that cut down fossilization rates by over 75 percent is very a painful because hardly anybody is doing the same. So we're talking about, we know that 80 to 83 percent of individuals in the hospital With, with coated with severe symptoms have very low vitamin d. low. Why don't we solve that right away? That's why here at our church here at the s.t.a. church in the last 2 weeks we've actually been handing out Bottles of liquid vitamin d. 3 and I hand out And says, Hey, this is this, these are the statistics. These are what the current studies are showing, and this is what you can do. If you've been exposed, what do you do if you're know, you're affected and you have caught it? If you got exposed and you've got tested and you've got, if you tested positive before the septum, that would be ideal, right? You're, you're starting to do something right away. So that's why, why don't we wait to try to improve or system until we are like coffee and happy and feeling miserable. That's not wait for that. So solace to say that somebody hasn't been paying attention even though vitamin d. has been all over the news, right? It's been everywhere because of the studies that last 20 years, especially the last 6 months. Yes. Ok. But Let's say that your vitamin d. level, you have no idea what it is. You haven't tested it, but you assume it might be low because you have been outside. And if you're not taking vitamin d. as a supplement, slow, it's going to be low. At least 95 percent of the time. Ok, so I know this because I've been checking every single patient that I see for the last 20 years. As a child, teenager, adult elderly, everybody gets tested for a vitamin d.. By the way, if you want your Doctor and your Doctor says, you know, I don't think you're sure it's going to cover it This a well do you have a way for me to get a discounted rate to get this tested for US? And if they don't, Ok, then go live and you can get a blood spot if they could Just figure out where you can get a base Where you just do a little thing like diabetics do all the time. It's no Big deal. You put a drop of blood on this little and this and this little and you mail it and within a week or 2, you'll know your vitamin d. level is just that it is giving your, by your blood. I mean that's usually under $60.00. Don't risk a deadly disease because you want to save $60.00 Yourself tested that way. You're not going to be kidding yourself that you know, I get it. I get plenty aside life and you know, I will serve you not most every Friday I get a lot of sunlight. But if I did take 5 a day, I guarantee my luck would be low. It's really you can't rely on Sun trying to optimize your vitamin d.. I know this stand because I used to work At the equator and I go walking. If I may be suited afternoon 3 or 4 times a week for an hour or 2 in my vitamin d. was low, then that was 20 years ago when I, when I could make more vitamin d., we are, the less likely you are that made by them it be because while there's a lot of reasons for it, so in other words, don't Listen to people who say, well, if you're just the Sun, you know, 50 minutes, 3 times a week, you should make all the vitamin d. you could. Even if you're, you're not necessarily optimizing your blood by the minute these levels and how do you know test it, prove it to yourself that you need to supplement appropriate. So, I'm thinking of several different ways to approach the vitamin d. question. You want to do like we've done and I've done since I have no use the last 10 or 12 years. We have been so many Karen and I have our family and our By the middle of the levels are personal higher than mine. We've been carefully doing that, but Let's say somebody hasn't done that, and they are now saying, Hey, I really need to get this is how long does it take once you start taking a dose of vitamin d. to get it to a level. And, and I guess The question is what, how long does it take? And then if I just found out I've got it, if I start taking right now, it will help me. It helps every it, every scenario. So we know that there are studies showing that taking vitamin d. lowers your risk of getting infected into 1st place about it. Literally. If you have a low level of vitamin d., you're about double risk of getting that. Ok, that's a good reason to take the 7 percent increase. Different studies show different things if, if you have a, if you, if you were infected and your vitamin d. levels low, you're out much higher risk of actually required hospitalization. If you are Asa lives, if you have a low vitamin d. level, you have a much higher risk of require an intensive care. Critical care support, which means now you're really serious. And if, and if you are in critical care, your vitamin d. levels are low and then you're not being sought, limited appropriately. You're out much higher risk of dying from that event. So we have, we have the data, I have the studies right in front of me to support that. And so, so, so Here's the 1st thing, Is that is to Get sick. Now because everybody should have a plan, a strategy to start building up the store to survive in the right now. And Dr. I had a privilege about 15 years ago Dr. Eric reduce the family's decision here. It Temecula, California. He was writing a book by the way, I remember, and We were collaborating on this. And so we went to the very 1st International Conference on using vitamin d. in a medical practice right here. Same View California and the famous Dr. Michael Holick. We did a study in Boston, he was there speaking, Dr. Robert King, who is the professor of medicine to create University in Omaha, Nebraska, whose lives sat on the f.d.a. ordered nutrition The only by the researcher on the board. They the board with never approved his recommendations even don't use. He was literally one of the top 3 experts in the World. So there's kind of a backlash kind of fighting the use for some odd reason for a number of year just for ever since the beginning. And it's like, well, I won't go into that now. It's changing a little started to change. Well, that's because other countries are doing research on this and publish it and the u.s. is going to be better than that to get on board here, right. So the bottom line here is he's saying every child prostitute States, really the World should be using 2000 units of Vitamin d. a day. That's far more than what the government committees suggest. I will, I will grant you that. But You've got to remember that committees, they have, you know, committees or political committees. This is based on looking at all different angles of this is. So what you're getting from committees oftentimes is mediocrity. Everything is kind of So you end up getting a recommendation that is not as strong as it should be. Pretty much the logos Caba do not are so. So why I've got it by my work in my life felt medicine practice over the last 30 years. I will study what the committees had, but then I go to the top researcher, and if I can a Conference, I will talk to them. Sure. Now ask him what he, you know, what do you base that you're 60 years of experience researching this? What do you do That is much more valuable than some, you know, some rubber stamp Committee that, that has many other things to consider Besides what is best for you and I, It's Ok. So kids $2000.40. Ok. I personally think 2000, Dr. Fox, you take 6000. That have been Published by a researcher of interviewers asked to flat out if he Was honest about what he was doing. I just wish that he was that he was just reaching to says the evangelist because, you know, if it's good for him, Yes, everybody should be do whatever. I mean, you know, is it either or Norman Rockwell of Research, right. So, so anyway, so I take 10000 a day because I found that that's what I, I do best with when I test my vitamin d. over and over again every, every 6 months or so. And so, so that, You know, which typically aren't dealing with patients who have underlying medical conditions, diabetes, hypertension, heart to seize Obesity. Aha. These are, these are situations to dramatically increase risk. And as we get older and not more prone to these things, because of a longer period of time of being exposed to the banks that cause that is you're right. It's not really an age issue per SE, r. and b.. A system gets weaker, interested, made in the system that needs to be woken up, at least to be brought up to activity again. That during that that 5 to 7 days of the faction, it's not working. This are acting like nothing is wrong. It's not trying to fight the forest because there's this, this interesting Realty to Canada, Views this, that this slate. Yes. Well, that's why we need to be doing healthy behaviors during that is a lot of US don't even know we're in that phase. And so that's what we need to be living healthfully Shergar, you know, doing that, how cold showers once a day stimulative you system environment is one of those tanks stand, vitamin d. activation that they use system and it actually blocks the it hits to a point, the fire risk from infecting this cell. Ok, so all right, so you're going to 1000. I think I'm taking about 10000 other people maybe take advantage of about you 6000 kids 2000. There are certain situations where I know you have said that even a more massive dose would be appropriate. I have 2 questions. Can you get too much Vitamin d.? And number 2, If you are in a crisis situation like you're starting to have a side of constant Help and what kind of those it would be. And I'm looking at the University of Cordoba study, you are absolutely. So really my favorite study today on the question of vitamin d. beneficial is, is a study that from University And they did a randomized study. Did they call it double mass study, which means the researchers don't even know it was getting the vitamin d. and the doctors were treating these people don't always give you the vitamin d. who's getting the placebo 75 individuals who were to the hospital Because they were so sick with code that needed to be outlawed. Now everybody who got it got the standard of care. They got, you know, all the bells and whistles whatever was appropriated except that at that point time and this would have been in June, July August. They got it. The only difference was that the treatment group got a list of by the Bill. That was the equivalent of this $65000.00 units of Vitamin d. that actually gave metabolite a vitamin d. called calcified dial, which, which doesn't have to be activated by the liver. So it gives you, you know, a lot of 12 to 24 hour Vantage. Now the reality is, you don't need that if you have the metabolite that at the hospital that uses, you're really just taking vitamin d. is going to do almost as good as well. And so it was roughly about a 65000 unit equivalent on day one. Ok, I'm Ok now I've actually been doing this for the 1st symptom of a cold or flu for the last 20 years. Factors published Editorials of the experts on by the around the World getting together. This is the 1st sign of a cold or flu. And we can now see coated that you can take 2000 units of Vitamin d. per lb body weight per day for 3 days. Do the math actually that was 2000 per kilogram. So I'm just trying to make it easier for those that are used to them. That's right. Ok so, so roughly a 1000 per pound body weight per day. So I say, you know, I weigh 175 so I can theoretically think of how 5 175000 units of Vitamin d. once a day for 3 days to treat a Bill the more serious infection. Feely. Let me qualify that because even though that was the recommendation in the initial report by experiences you don't need Ok. Ok, my experience is that if you do $50000.00, which would be roughly like a drop or fall of the vibe in the liquid. If it's 2000 per drop, $25.00 would be $50000.00. Sure. So I could tell you experience and your experience. You know, I Live by the who was, who was in her early eighty's at the time we had traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to participate, to speak at a worldwide International health Cabrera's for the summer. They have a search, it was the very 1st one and it was being held at Geneva because that's where the World Health Organization is. And we were collaborating with them. And I was doing the talking And we took US 2 days to get to there because delays of planes and so we were horribly sleep deprived by the time we got to our hotel room in Geneva and my mother bless her heart. She's a hard worker and she, she said to me that I says, I feel like the worst flu it ever had was coming up. When I feel this way high up and down an aisle for a week to 10 days, and we were just at the beginning of a 2 week tour of Europe where we're going to be speaking at different places all along with that Conference. And we're all a Bit, You know, we're, we put all our time and effort into this tour that we were going to speaking at churches and other organizations so, so I have it well, and it just happened When I had a bottle of liquid by them in the my carry on actually And I said, I'm going to give you a home and give you 50000 units of Vitamin d.. And she didn't argue with me a bit, you know, shift pretty stubborn Lady. You know, she has her own mind, but she was feeling it and she said Ok, I'm going to, I know you're just my son, but I'm going to let you play Doctor today. So she, I just Gave her a 50000 units of Vitamin d. the next morning We wake up and we're thinking how many kinds of I'm going to have to do this with the hope of that, of her getting over this of 3 to 4 days. She was 5. Now I know that that's a one day Saturday and they go why that's not a study, but I expect it's something good. They're having. Why? Because I read the research because I practice this now for 20 years. And, and it's one of the post powerful things I've ever seen. If you catch it early like day one of symptoms, most of the time it's, God just got within it within a day. So the pure logic says, Yeah, It is going to also be very, very, very helpful. So we know that and we know that biologic mechanism, it's all worked out. So when you take 5 it the, it actually watch this is Dr. Robert say it unlocks the each tick information to do clues of the cell. They has access to how the a chemotherapeutic agents against that very virus that you just got exposed to. The white blood cells basically precede that virus. And there's this, there's this 5 in the receptor that gets activated. Ok, if I did it the, then it stimulates the production of the most specific people therapeutic regime you could ever make in a laboratory that is designed to fight that virus or that cancer or that bacteria. And we call it have a list of the catalysts. It is the anti-microbial have died that is used by the white blood cells to literally kill the virus. And we know that this does work, and based on this universe, it was slow, so they gave the survivability, they want then again, that they 3 half of that dose. And again, they said, and then weekly as necessary. The results were just House down the it should be all that is needed for the public health community like our community church here decide. We're going to give this every single family I think we've passed out over 80 bottles of vitamin d. already free. And really every organization in my opinion should be doing This, not that expensive. Ok and and, and pass out and out and how to use it. And so what they found in this study is that their risk of those hospitalized patients going on to require intensive care unit support, critical care support. And the in the group that got the dummy, the placebo, the bottom of the nobody. And They went on to intensive care, 50 percent, 50 percent of them now got worse, so bad that they needed ventilators, ventilator support, or some other type of critical care for Those almost 8 percent died. And those who got divided the only force it required to it's of care. I mean that's a $25.00 fold differential. In other words, how many $25.00 times more likely to require intice is care if you don't get by having again the 1st hospitalization. I just received an e-mail from somebody says, My husband just got hospitalized. You should know to the hospital to make sure they keep giving the vitamin d.. You know enough think, why should I have to say now they should know this already? Well, what's the downside? There's absolutely no downside, so Here's that. Here's a life for the side. Ok. You know what the risk was of death in the group. They got the vitamin d. That's well, that's what I want you to, 000. Ok. Now this was a randomized clinical study that was double blind, which is the tentacle of research and software if we're not paying attention to that. Then we've got a problem. I can only imagine that anybody watching this right now is saying we're going to get vitamin d. and any pharmacy in any store. You can get this Patient very well. The patient, the Florida just a few days ago. He said I tested positive for cocaine, but I do. And so I said, well, you know what protocol? Yeah, I just, I just flew it to Florida and I don't have anything to go up a you need to make sure you take your stuff once you get back. She knew enough, she said, Oh I know I can, I can go online and order it at c.v.s. pharmacy and they'll go leverage within a couple hours. You don't even have to leave your home to get by. Just just just orator it La Ryobi. This is, this is not brain size, that was Well, you know, it is what she did in Any pharmacy that the, you know, and A lot of places are delivery. Right? And you can, if you could call somebody else to go get it to your last question on this topic, because our times going to get away from US. Can you get too much Vitamin d.? All right, so Yeah, of course you can get too much Vitamin d. bot. You're more likely to get to watch watter, their viability. So I actually wrote about this of a healthy, there was an interesting study, actually read a study of a gentleman to that up at the e.r.. This is years ago and he was feeling toward me. He was getting all stiff and rigid, Just very fatigued. And the e.r. Doctor was doing test after test after test, couldn't figure out what it was. And so finally, you know, I got the supercomputer, they were, you put in all the symptoms and they give you a long list of things that you should check for. And one down on that list was 5 in the intoxication. So he said, you know, I run an AD office here, trial, the Doctor check this, but I didn't deal with your MA. I just said we don't want low levels under 20. We want really out of all levels above 55, but not above 100. Right. Ok, Dr. Robert, he studies that you don't really get toxic to your above 200 above to 50. You have to be taking the least 40000 units a day for US to even get into that range into treatment as well. Just stop doing that. You don't need that. There's never been one person who died from it that I'm aware never in the better lives or all kinds of people die from drinking too much water. Nobody's ever drive for taking too much of the so it makes really good to see your vitamin d.. So this Guy in the case that the Doctor found that his vitamin d. levels over 700, I mean, Yeah, I mean that's horrible in anything to that extreme is going to be bad. Water, you would die. Use College. So, you know, Taking it for almost a year And 200000 units every day. Oh my goodness, he was using Either this Formula had been basically mixed up in somebody's strage sold cheaply, don't get less is being produced by reputable companies. So you know exactly what you're getting it. So let me just restart, wrote quote, There was a study in Ireland. Ok. That was produced by those done by Dr. Daniel McCarthy. And they basically were recognizing that they needed to protect the vulnerable. They recognized that the people greatest risk for a covert 19, You know, sickness hospitalization, that were the elderly because they're more likely to be sick with conditions. And of course, diabetics in individuals who are sickly for a, the reason hypertension, heart disease, kidney failure, etc. And, and so they said we should be taking care of these people and The insufficiency which is Really probably 90 percent of those are at least 80 percent of the elves are going to be extremely low in vitamin d.. So Here's our final solution. They recognize that vitamin d., t. creased infectivity. He shouldn't have the virus to the cells to cause replication. And Here's, I'm just going to read her conclusion. He says the fish sea is common and may contribute to increased risk of respiratory infection including All of her dogs, Residents, and other groups. Those with diabetes or compromised immune function, those with darker skin. So ethnicity plays a darker, the more protection we have from ultraviolet rays. Therefore we get less vitamin d. during the software mops. So you're going to have a much lower vitamin d. blood level. Been people who don't have darker skin, especially if you, if you grew up in, if you were born and you grew up in Ethiopia. And then you end up working in the u.k. where there Sun doesn't shine currently at all. You're really at risk now, and the answer is shuffle vitamin a, which we all need to do anyway. So this is probably the very reason why we have seen the people Have a higher rate You, The disproportion and rips is trying merrily. Biological in there relates to your ability to store vitamin d. during the summer months. So Let's fix that. Let's fix that. 82 percent of blacks. That's serious vitamin d. deficiency, 70 percent of Hispanics, and by half of white, we're all at risk, right? Some more than others, we should all fix this right now. I cannot fix it. Doing that for myself, for my family members, my kids, everybody else we call them every week. They get your vitamin d.. Check on their stories, let me read the rest of this. So Those who are obese health care workers, they should be urgently supplemented with by the minute the 2 of hands there resist this decoded, 19. And this, this is I speak, we're clearly extended to the general population also really, why, why does it take somebody in Ireland to state the obvious? Why is it that we don't have or institutions that are handed me the Saudi, you know, off part of the problem. You know, I've been, I've been concerned about this for a long time. But I didn't actually come out with a solution for other than telling my patients says we need to be community activists. Get on the phone and tell people, get on your vitamin Ace, share this information with them. And so that's why as a church we'll show this a cubit to everybody, so be be part of the solution. And that's Why we're doing this. One of the things that will come out of this is that now maybe this maybe will share with someone else Is going to say, Hey, I heard Lou, because now I know specifically, so just review How many milligrams, while we were gone with International unit. So I'm sorry that I wasn't units and adults so, so I don't Dulce Elise 4000. You buy US a question earlier than that. We did. All right, that is how long does it pay just to show you just started that those For that actually build up in your blood to get to an optimal level. And Unfortunately their answers, it could be 34 months. So in other words, if you're, We're now and that this skyrocketing wave is that Sharon and hospitalizations, this is so, so it would make sense to that higher if you have that, this will made it all. You should probably be doing at least 10000 units a day and you know, don't wait too much to figure out how you can get past it through your sure. It goes to last, maybe the last 2 months of your life for 60 books, right? For $60.00. Let's get it done, right? And right now I would say, you know, even if you don't get tested, assume your low and for the rest of the winner get, get at least 4000 up 210000. That's not going to be too much. That's never been shown to be toxic. Ok, and show. So basically that this is one of this. There's many other things that we should be paid attention to, who we're going to be and we're going to be having more talks or New authors. But I wanted to make sure her, now we get this message out that, that, you know, there are some things that are so simple that if we look back, I recently Got a phone call. Actually a President of a large health care system. And he says, you know, I, I was just talking to a relative calm that you stayed with them when you were speaking at a church and have been Wes 7 years ago. Says Yeah, I remember that we Walk up and says This couple, they were traveling through Colorado recently. Both of them got infected with coded and the wife survived. But the husband died. The wife had been more healthy, had been paid more attention to her diet. And so forth. The husband can't SOCOM 100 percent preventable. How to present prevent. And I, you know, when I 1st thing I have said I wish I had been notified immediately upon the 1st sent them with the 1st indication that they were positive. And maybe ask me to be the Lutherans for that family. But if you know something that each of you can be Ambassador, that's right. It doesn't take a Doctor to figure this out. It's a simple simple thing to do. Ok. There are many other things that we've got about 10 or 12 minutes left. And I want to say to you, we're going to be doing this again in 2 weeks on the Center of the 2nd at 7 pm. Pacific Time. We're going to be doing a live stream right here from the same spot. So Mark your calendars, we start to talk about more of these elements. But in the time we have left, I'm thinking of People that are little children and older. You know, we kind of jumped over the point a minute ago. Little kids don't seem to be affected by cope. Much. Young adults under 30 don't seem to have noticed, but the older you get, the more, you know, $6060.00 seems to be a year. That's kind of a dividing line. Why is that? So what's interesting about this virus in particular, it's not at all like the flu. That gets kids right? Pretty bad and the elderly as well. But this one doesn't really impact kids hardly at all. I mean, it's just dismissed very, very rare. They would have to have some serious complication, even even somebody in their late Twenty's very rare for the die. Just this week, I read a study, an article actually about a young couple and early Twenty's that Had a beautiful little 4 year old boy. The father got sick with COPD. I Don't bother them 2 months later, got sick with Koby that she died. And now their little boy is going to turn 5 years old. There's No dad. I get that that's really sad to hear because 1st of all, it's extremely rare for somebody that to die from code that I saw pictures of the and they were see obese. Obesity is a Big driver Of infectivity and, and getting sick her early, you're getting more sick, ended up in the hospital and potentially die. Why is that? What the reason is? We know this for decades now that will you carry access that way. Those fat cells full of fat, they sack by the, from your whole lives and render it useless for your abuses. Store, they basically storing was historic. It's never going to help. This is So and So that's one reason is that decent if it was for overweighted of this rule, our lives more likely to be deficient by them and even if they're given more vitamin d. than the average person. So that's why you don't just rely on 2000 units of Vitamin d., which is which is kind of a high wreck of it dose high, recommended dosage, maybe medical circles. And Yeah, that's really not going to fix the problem for somebody who's obese or diabetic, or hypertensive, or are to see these. So that's why we want it. But we want to, we want to that for adults to at least 4000. So they have a fighting chance to have People of so is the key factor difference between the 60 year old and the 25 year old? Well, you know, we've been focusing on vitamin d. because we just want to hit this. We want to once and for all, make sure that people recognize this is a really critical, simple thing. There's many other things that are, that are you Port as well. And I don't want to see just a vitamin d. cure all the panacea. But this is a Big piece of the optimisation and we want to make sure we're sleeping well. We make sure sure that we're sure that we're eating well that we're, we've got the right added to that. We're not, you know, the fear factor. Is it destroying our health? If you're constantly afraid, I don't want to go near that person because they might have coded that Sealy that that Spear actually depresses your. Sure. So this was like a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, you know, there's many things that we should be paying attention. That's what we're going to do this again. And you know, I've been busy, this is the, I think this is the Web and Done this week. Were different organizations, as I said, I'm doing it for them. I should, at least you're absolutely right. And we're delighted that we can do that in just the few minutes we have left Tonight. I just want to highlight again that December, the 2nd, 7 pm Pacific Time. We're going to be streaming this again and you can lie. Find out exactly where you saw this one whenever you see it, but we're going to talking about the other factors of the musician building. And I think we don't want people thinking that by them these, the only immune it's not. There's all the see there's in a sea, There's a curse and there are Things that you can get food. We get supplemented with a healthy attitude, proper diet, sleep, as you said, those are all very important parts of a call that actually wrote up back in April and updated this still on my website, 800 pages of information that doesn't have the latest on the Senate. That we reviewed today, but it's still giving the same recommendations, right. How do I get there? That's on my Web site Burgess dot Cobb. And I just just just see the 2nd blog on the home page of the Lauren at that corner Page blog on how to, how to optimize your view system into face of a respiratory illness. Excellent. So We're going to try to get some of this additional information we've been talking about Tonight on that website. So you Will be sure to go back and visit on a regular basis. And I just want to thank you for being will do this for the church and for all the friends of the former Church, all over the World that will be watching this. And I'm confident that people that make common sense sound decisions based on good research science and experience are going to be benefited dramatically in their physical well being. And I can't help but think one of your favorite things that I've heard you say in the past is you're the chairman of the board of your own health. And that is appropriate in this situation. People need to take control of their own decisions, get all the best information they can, but they're the ones response. And I'm the one if individuals do that, that like Dr. Roger Schweller, you know the critical care code it specialist to use probably, or on this topic been any other doctors the World literally has over 50000000 hits on this website. He has been a champion of this cause of Lat, ass start taking control and doing things out within our own families. Every family such that we can change that 8020 rule instead of just 80 percent of people surviving and doing pretty well with an infection. We could change that 859095 percent and so now that hospitals will not be overrun, they could treat everybody else that has health concerns as well. It's because we are, we are Responsibly taking advantage of this information now rather than when it's too late. That's right. And so we'll be bringing a lot more information to you on our next broadcast. But I just want to church and you may or may not be a part of a community, but I would like to close this with prayer. Dr. Bird is praying for anybody who might be watching this. And then I want to make sure you're tuning in a couple of weeks. So you just got your ears in the right now as we pray, or destroy that information that has been shared this evening. Heart and experience and the research that Dr. Younger has been doing as a regular clinical practice, as he sees the action. I pray that somebody I'm using plural will hear this and say I can make those little simple changes. I can do that and have it be a very positive experience in their own personal lives and their families, that you might break down again. Some of the evidence and we'll be seeing you again. Or do we got This media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermons. Please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot Org


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Thanks! Be  aware that it's an auto-generated transcript and has a lot of mistakes in it! I don't know it it will even make sense without hearing it. I tried reading the transcript and it's got some pretty humorous mistakes in it. :)

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Thanks for the link. I could hear it just fine on the Kindle fire. 


I take Vit. D3, as the doctor ordered, because I'm always low in it. It's over the counter but I think I'll replace it with a multi D vitamin. I need to make sure the other D's are compatible with what ever I'm already taking. Don't want another potassium fiasco. 


I also heard melatonin was having some effect on the virus. I don't know. Just something I read online a couple of different places. 

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8,604. That's how many NEW CASES IN ONE DAY Ohio had this past Tuesday. Unbelievable.


Tuesday. In one day:

New Cases.  8,604

Deaths  98

Hospitalization  364

I. C. U.  29 


Cleveland has some of the best hospitals in the world. Especially *The Cleveland Clinic. I didn't know this until today but, the Clev. Clinic has a company that supplies their own health care insurance. It's for their employees but anyone can join their insurance group. Like all insurance policies, they have a system. Stay within their system and pay a certain amount or go out of their system and pay more. We all know how that works.


The thing is their beds are filling up fast. Their own people are on the verge of being turned away partly because of people like me. I don't have their insurance but they are in my system so my insurance will cover me if I choose to go there.


Would they turn me away for one of their own? Well, I'd understand it if they would. What about the next hospital. Do they have their own group of insured people? When all the hospitals fill up with their own people where will people like me go. Because on my insurance I can go into any network. But I guess I'm their Plan B.


I'm not really worried. We have tons of hospitals here.Then again, after Obama Care, many of those hospitals merged. So now a lot of those suburban hospitals are just satellites of each other. And they will choose their own, as they should, first. I'm just thinking out loud. 


It's all such a mess. And with all of these hospitalizations that will probably mean insurance premiums will sky rocket...again. 


* The Cleveland Clinic employs 67,554. Over 48,000 here in its Cleveland area. 

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9 hours ago, Midnightmom said:

Likewise with the anti flamethrowers,


:grinning-smiley-044:   Sometimes the voice recognition just isn't recognizing well at all.   Thanks for the transcript, Midnight.....got the general idea.


MtRider   .....anti inflammatory  ;)  

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I used to work in insurance for a living and my mom did provider appeals for BCBS for a long time.  I worked for a self insured, a high retention insured, and normal type insured.  I can tell you hands down if they went self insured it is not better and they only went that way because they have some sort of exceptionally high claim rate that makes traditional insurance more expensive for them.  When you see 'self insured' it either means the owner has control issues or they have severe claim issues and are trying to manipulate the business model from the inside.   It NEVER works out that way, but companies remain convinced that they can save money by adjusting the claims themselves.


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9 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:


:grinning-smiley-044:   Sometimes the voice recognition just isn't recognizing well at all.   Thanks for the transcript, Midnight.....got the general idea.


MtRider   .....anti inflammatory  ;)  

LOL. I like the anti-flamthrowers! 

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Just to Throw some Flame on the fire.....  {ahem}





For the record: Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has publicly thrown his support behind "COVID passports," telling Channel 9 on Monday that Australia's national carrier planned to require travelers to provide proof of having a coronavirus vaccination as a non-negotiable condition of international air travel.

  • Joyce said he'd spoken with other airlines, adding: "It's going to be a common theme across the board." For now, only Qantas has made such an announcement.

==========end quote ========  ( red is mine)




Hmmm....wonder if we can catch a ride on a shipping container ship to Hawai'i some day? 


MtRider  ....smuggle us in?  :behindsofa:    

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