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Food stored.....now what?

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I don't know about you and yours, but I do know hubby and I get bored with the same ol' recipes. So I have started incorporating international recipes in our diet. We have added a lot of Mexican and Mediterranean recipes and changed up how we eat foods. Example, for breakfast if I have granola I do not use milk instead I use Greek yogurt. To me it is more filling, not only that but the granola helps balance the tanginess of the Greek yogurt. And I like crunchy food. 


We have loosely following the Daniel diet since the first of the year and I found a wonderful site for recipes.  I will insert links at the bottom of the page so everyone will access to them. But my favorite recipe site of all has to be Mexican Please. It is simple foods that will add a lot of variety to our diet. Not only does it add variety but it allows me to use my dry beans in a variety of DIFFERENT ways! Which is a big plus, I mean you can only eat plain pinto beans so many days before you grow sick of them. 


Do you have a plan to use your 1000 pounds of dry beans? How are you going to incorporate that 2500 pounds of wheat berries into your diet? What about those 100 cans of freeze dried veggies, how to you plan on using them. In another thread we were discussing prepping for things happening today and I stated one of my preps was knowledge and well this is my knowledge. I am stocking my pantry and I refuse to get burned out on the same old recipes. I am learning to make tortillas from scratch (kicking myself now, I could have saved a bundle of money over the years, because tortillas so quick and easy to make,) not only am I learning to cook new things from scratch but I am adding new foods to our diet. Hubby's favorite quick go to meal is Molletes, it is basically an open face bean sandwich. Here lately I have been hitting the discount bread bin at WalMart and grabbing rolls. We cut them open and spread pureed beans (we use black beans but pinto or refried work well also) on the split roll top, with cheese, bake at 350 until hot and the roll is crusty with melted cheese. Top with homemade Pico and you have a meal. Very filling and makes a wonderful light meal.


Have you made plans for your pantry? Do you have some new recipes to throw in now and then to keep from becoming bored with the same old food? If not then now is the time to acquire some new recipes. You do not want to try them after the fact and end up wasting food.


What I like about the Mexican cuisine is very compatible with long term storage foods. The Mediterranean recipes are more for the fresh garden food. So my plans are to make the most of my storage food until I can get seeds in the ground and a garden coming in, then we will switch to  Mediterranean dishes to get us through to the harvest, then it will be back to storage food which has been restocked with food from our garden.


I also like Chef Tess because she has some really good jar recipes that good additions to a meal plan plus you can make them up in advance and store them. Plus they are great grab and go meals that only need water. We use them for camping and for those times we have been without power due to storms. I would not want to live off of them every day. I am not much of a soup/casserole person especially during hot weather. But like I said they make great camp food or grab and go meals. Plus you and make them as big or as small as you need them. Since is just hubby and I, can make two or three meals out of one of her jars. For our grab and go meals I have used Mylar bags instead of jars. They store in a back pack a lot easier and are super light. It is the water that gets us.


Knowledge...it will get you through some really rough spots in the road. Had I not been taught to cook from scratch we would not be where we are today. Our kids would have been malnourished and we would be living in a trashy trailer park somewhere begging for handouts.  I have started cleaning out these boxes we moved and I have started sorting through all the recipes I have collected. My goal is to make a binder for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner, of 365 different breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. This will be my go to when the panic sets in, and I know it will, but again knowledge and having it at your finger tips will make a difference. These binders will be used on a daily basis even now. Have to get our bodies used to the change in diet and why not eat this way all the time so if something does happen our diet will not suffer.


Knowledge...acquire it now.








https://myplantbasedfamily.com/tag/menu-plan/  (edited two or three times to add this post geezzz one time it ended up in the middle of the page)


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Guest motherhen24

What a great idea...as soon as I can, will be looking at the sites and incorporating your ideas into my life.

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We used to eat a lot of bean-it butter sandwiches.  Never thought of toasting them with cheese.  Thanks for that idea!

Classically canned pantry items are notoriously low on calories.  Classically high-calorie storage foods are notoriously low in nutrition.  Both have to be made palatable and interesting, and kept simple enough to make under challenging conditions.

This used to be a big thing here.  I'm so glad you brought this to the forefront again.

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