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So many great ideas to repurpose things and my mind has gone blank.  I think I am getting tired tonight. Been a long day. Things I didn't think about that I do. The plastic bags in the bathroom trash cans is something I do. Reminded about that from one of you. I use the paper egg cartons for starting seedlings in. 

For insect killer  take 4 rhubarb leaves chopped, 1 quart of water.  Place chopped rhubarb in a stainless steel pot and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Then strain through cheesecloth or old tea shirt rag. then let cool for about an hour. Add dish soap. Then pour into a spray bottle and spray on the target insects.  It seems to work well for me so far. There are other ones also but this one works on bugs you don't want in garage and such. So I spray on the insects like spiders and crickets that get into the garage. 


Kappy, I have started doing the ends of lettuce to regrow.  My lettuce is doing great. Need to go to store to buy some celery to make some chicken salad. Going to try growing the celery as well. We do go through a lot of it.. This is something I have seen many times and had tried it in past with no luck. I am hoping this time will be a charm.  Didn't have a lot of luck with microgreens, but not given up yet. Going to try that again as well. I bought a plastic tablecloth for the dining room table as for some reason things grow better there. Since we don't really use the dining room for eating. I am going to make good use of that room. So that is where the pots are going. Seems to be just the right amount of sunlight. 

WE2, that is a great idea for the scrubby's.  I have a bunch of the flannel clothes also from Walmart. Never thought about doing that. Great idea. 

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I was in the small bedroom where I keep my first aid supplies. I am needing to go through it all and resort it all out again. Then I remembered something.. We laugh at the sneeze guards but did you know that the thicker ones make great bandages for bad cuts. And also tampex are good for gunshot wounds. Put the tampex into the hole of the wound to help stop the bleeding till you can get help. The pads I am talking about are not so much the ones for leaky bladder but for menstrual as they hold better for blood. This was on another form I used to be on years ago but also it is in some of my prep books. I have not done this but another good use for things we don't normally use any longer. 

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