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I have been thanking about having a prayer chain.  It would just be anyone that wants to come on here to pray about the safety of your families for protection from the coronavirus, Prayers for our country that the country will repent as a whole and turn back to God. For illness or whatever you feel a need to pray about. That is if we would be allowed to do so. Prayers for protection from floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or whatever type of bad weather you have in your area. 

And of course we all would be praying together for each other for that protection from these things and for healing from an illness, etc. 


So if we are allowed to do so and if anyone is interested, I think it would be a great idea. Keeping God's healing, protection, and helping us all to keep our faith strong in these trying times.


So if moderators would let us know if we can do this on here. Please let us know and I will start with my prayer and we can take it from there. 


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Mt. Rider, I have noticed prayer is all over this forum and that is one of the biggest reasons I love this forum. We all need prayer from time to time.  So praying for each other is the best medicine.  So with that I will start the prayer chain.


The many statements in God's word set forth the possibilities and far-reaching nature and effects of prayer. 

Yet the range of prayer is as great as trouble as universal as sorrow and infinite as grief. And prayer can relieve all these evils that come to God's people. There is no tear that prayer cannot wipe away. There is no depression of spirit that it cannot elevate. There is no despair that it cannot dispel. 

Prayer always brings God to our relief to bless and to aid, and it brings marvelous revelations of his power. 


Psalm 50:15  

Call upon Me in the day of trouble;  I will deliver you, and you will honor me.


Lord God I know that in this life we will have troubles, But thank you that we can know that we don't have to lose heart, because You have overcome this world.


Heavenly Father,  we ask that you protect us, our families, those on this forum and for those that are in the areas where this virus is at. We ask for protection for those that must travel and could be exposed without knowing it, to keep special protection around them to keep them safe from this coronavirus as well as the other names this virus has now taken on.  Help us to keep our faith strong in you and to not fall away from that faith. Help us to know how to prepare for this pandemic, if it becomes necessary to do so. 

Father we thank you for all you do for us with healing, and protection and given us the strength to get through all that is going on in this world.

In Jesus Name---


Now for anyone who wants to be next, please carry this prayer chain on down the line. I Think it will be very beneficial for us to keep God first in our preps and for guidance against this virus and anything else we could be struggling with.

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Phillippinans 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. 


The possibilities of prayer are to be seen in its accomplishments in earthly matters. Prayer reaches to everything that concerns people, whether it be the body, the mind or the soul. 

Prayer takes in the needs of the body, such as food and clothes, and concerns itself with business and finances- in fact everything that belongs to this life, as well as those things that have to do with the eternal interests of the soul. 

The achievements of prayer are seen not only in the large things but also in the small things.


Dear Lord, I thank you for Your hand in the important earthly matters, but also for your presence in the little things of life. Amen.


Lord, again I ask for protection for all on this form and their families from this coronavirus.  I ask that you be with those that have the virus and that you would put a healing hand on each and every one of them.  

I ask for healing for those with MS, and others that are going through therapy and any other illnesses that they are going through. I ask for healing for my DH as he goes to doctor tomorrow about his test. That it be only the meds going through the liver that can be corrected and nothing more as he has been through so much already. Father I ask that you speak to my Grandson's heart as he is struggling with finding and keeping a job. He has not been doing as he should be and badly needs your guidance in his life. Help him to see his ways are not your ways. 

Guide us and protect us from whatever comes from the things of this earth. I pray for our president  and all of the government that they will repent and see the way this country is heading and turn it around before it is to late.  Help them to see that keeping you out of our country will bring it down and cause things to get worse. 

Thank you Father for all you do for us.

In Jesus name


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Psalm 37:1-11

Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on his faithfulness. 


As followers of Christ, we are constantly finding out emotional and spiritual reserves drained by the challenges of life in a fallen world. In such times, we need nourishment to strengthen us. In Psalm 37, David encouraged us to strengthen our hearts by feeding our souls. He wrote, "Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness." 

When weakness afflicts us, the reassurance of God's never-ending faithfulness can enable us to carry on in His name. His faithful care is the nourishment we need, giving us, as the hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness" says, "strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow. "


Pray for God's protection. he doesn't want you to live in fear.


Heavenly Father, we ask in Jesus name for protection from this coronavirus. We ask that if it be your will, to stop the spread of this disease from entering into our country as well as other countries. We ask that you be with those that have become inflicted with this virus that you will put a healing hand on them and remove this dreaded disease from their bodies. 

Also I ask that if it be your will to put a healing hand on WE2's brother that this cancer be removed from him. Only you can do this though the doctors are doing everything for him, it is you that can do the healing. Thank you Jesus for that healing power. 


Also Father, I ask that you guide my grandson as he is going through some things that he doesn't know how to control at this time. Heal him as well and please speak to his heart to come to you with his problem Let him have the understanding that you are the only true way to happiness. He is a very confused boy at this time but I know with your help he will get through his struggle. 


We ask Father for healing of the other members on this forum for both strength and healing of MS and other illnesses. I can't remember them all but you know who they are. Please give them that healing that only you can give.  


Father, I ask for healing for my husband, as he is very swollen today with fluid. He has NASH Cirrhosis and Hyperbilirubinemia as well as other medical issues. I ask for healing for him as only you can cure these issues. 


We thank you Father in the name of Jesus Christ for all you do for us. And we think you for any healing that be in your will for us. 

Through Jesus Christ


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Because D.Wilkerson's organization, World Challenge, doesn't like folks to copy/paste their articles/devotionals, I'll just post the site of this devotional.  Go and read here.....cuz....we need this.



I believe that as we get more pushed by crisis....namely COVID-19 now, but other crisis in our lives as well....we can push right thru the Sabbath.  One of God's purposes for Sabbath is to cease work and physically rest.  In crisis we neeeeed to do that.  AND we need to remember WHO is in control of our personal crisis...as well as global crisis.  We need a set day to meet with Him and REMEMBER.


God, help us to know that You don't give out commands except for our benefit.  It will be imperative that we remember to REST our bodies during stressful, dangerous days.  And to have set times to focus on Your great care for us....Your great wisdom that You make available to us....all the benefits of knowing You and LISTENING to You.  Without that, we become dry leaves getting blown by life without direction.  Thank You for Your provision and protection.  And when it's our time, that we know where we go....to YOU. 

In Your Name.... :amen:     

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Mt. Rider, David Wilkerson is a name I haven't heard in a long while. He was one of the good ones. I like his teachings as well.


This crisis also will pass.  The top priority in preparing for a crisis like the coronavirus or any other virus is to be right with God. To pray for guidance as to how to get prepared for  a crisis so we don't go out and panic buy. And yes that can happen. I do have worries as my granddaughter is on the road heading to Washington State and they do not have a place yet to live. So may have to stay in a hotel till they find a home. (they are looking to buy). Her DH is in the Navy at Naval hospital. She is no where near ready for this. Nor does she have a church that she could go to at this point in time. Right now she is my biggest worry and I have turned her over to the Lord as that is all I can do. Worrying will not help that situation. So she and her DH are in the Lord's hand.  I have another granddaughter and her DH live in CA and her job requires travel to other countries. She to has been lifted up to the Lord to be protected from this mess.  With that said:


Lord I am lifting up my grandchildren, and Daughter and her DH and my stepdaughter that they will all come to know you as I know some of them have but please speak to the hearts of the ones that do not know you as their personal savior. I ask for protection for all of them.

Lord I ask for protection for all the members on this forum, that they to will be safe from this virus and even if they do catch it and the results are not good. We know we have a heavenly home with no virus or any other illnesses. We will be in your arms one day. I know if my DH catches this virus that he would not survive it with all his health issues and I am so glad he has come to know you and is saved. I also thank-you for given him back part of his health though I know he still has a ways to go, his energy is coming back. Only you could do that for him. 

Thank you father for given me the ability to have some knowledge as to how to prepare for a pandemic as I know this is all in your hands. Father if our churches must close down because of this virus, please show everyone a way to keep your day of rest at home, be it by just reading the Bible and meditating on your word and watching prayer time with a good preacher like Charles Stanley, or some of the other ones that preach your word straight from the Bible so we all can keep your day of rest. 

Father God I ask all these things in your will and in the name of Jesus



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Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayers and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God.

  Philippians 4:6


Heavenly Father, as I watch what is going on around the world and in our own country with this coronavirus, I pray for your protection for my family both at home and in other states. I pray for protection for my church members as well as for all the people on this forum.  Father people are starting to wipe out stores all over the country trying to prepare for this virus. I ask that you guide them in what they need to do to get prepared as well as pray that all will come out to the good of your will.  Father we need you to be with all of us as we go through these trying times. 

Thank you Father for protecting us and guiding us. Let this prayer be in your will and not my will.  Be with all those on the cruse ships as they are now having to stay on those ships till the testing can be done.  Keep them all well and not let this spread any further than it already has. 


These things I ask in the name of Jesus


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Amen to all that has been brought before you, Father.  We're in need of Your help and grace and wisdom.  We'll be making important choices and You alone know the answers.  Help us to listen very carefully for Your guidance!


MtRider  :amen: 

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God, we know You blessed D.Wilkerson in his ministries for You.  That legacy continues on, with his words reprinted and those of others who listen for Your voice.  A message that seems to be for our current situation was sent out today: 


" If you have the presence of Jesus in your life, you will experience God’s divine order. You’ll have a peace and a calm, with no fretting or anxiety, no running to and fro seeking guidance, no sense that the bottom is falling out. What a wonderful way to live! "


We have many, many voices to listen to in our time.  Help us to remember that Your voice is the most important by far. 


The whole message here:  https://worldchallenge.org/devotion/what-moses-knew-about-guidance



MtRider  :pray:  :amen:  

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Heavenly Father,   Again I ask for protection for everyone on this forum as well as their family members and the neighbors as well. Please give our president, vice president and all medical staff the wisdom to stop the spread of this coronavirus.  I pray that you will be with the families of all those who have lost love ones from this.  The nursing home in Washington State was hit hard and so many have already gone to be with you. There are so many more sick with this virus.  Please put a healing hand on them and help them to get through this and get well.  Please be with my granddaughter and her husband as they go from place to place in Washington state to close on their house and having to shop for the blinds and things they might need that they will be safe everywhere they must travel. I ask that you wake my daughter up as to how bad this virus can be and speak to her heart about the precautions she needs to put into place. 

Also I pray that you will speak  to my grandson's heart and help him to deal with his problems. Be with him as he is now working again that this time he will not get mad and just walk out on his job. He needs guidance that his parents are not giving him.  Please draw him to you father that he will come to know Jesus and be saved. I feel I have done all I can to  help him to understand his need to have you in his life. Be with my husband as he is starting to come down with another sinus infection. Please heal him before it gets started again and please protect us both from this coronavirus.  Father I think you for all that you do for us. 

These things I ask in your will and not my will but your will.

In Jesus Christ


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Heavenly Father,  As this coronavirus continues to spiral out of control, give us all the strength to continue to do what we need to stay safe in your arms. Give us the faith we need to stay calm and to relax in your presence.  So much is happening now and people are starting to panic even more. Protect us Father from the stress of what we must endure on this earth till Jesus comes to take us from here. I know these things must happen as the Bible said and I know it will not be an easy task.  I know you are in control and therefore we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Let this be a time that all the people will see this as a wake up call and come to you for repentance if they are not saved and be saved. Be with our President and others that are trying to figure out how to contain this virus. I know that it will be very hard on people whom work, and have children to care for.  I know that for the elderly it can be very dangerous for them as my DH and myself are high risk.  I think you Lord for the guidance you have shown me to be prepared ahead of all this. Just as we prepare for bad weather such as hurricanes, and other storms. 

With your guidance and your will I know we will weather the storm.  

Please Lord guide all these people on this forum, their families, neighbors and all those who seek you. 

Let this be in your will  in Jesus name


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Heavenly Father, things are ramping up now for the whole world.  I know that the time for the Lord to take us from here is very near. I thank you for Jan Markel's U-Tube, and others so that we can have on line church. Charles Stanley, David Wilkerson and others that we can still listen to preaching while having to stay at home. 

Father keep us all safe and sound in your arms. Be with those that are sick from this virus and other illnesses that may not be treated because of the Coronavirus taken precedence over any other illnesses. Keep my family safe as they are still working, one from home and some part home and part going to work. Keep my grandson safe as he is still working with the public. Put a healing hand on his broken elbow and arm and keep him close to you.  

Father all the people on this forum need you to keep them safe from this illness and any other illness they may have. 

Help us to just keep everything together for the sake of our loved ones. We need you now and forever. 

I pray for those that have lost love ones from this virus. Be with those families that are struggling to deal with the loss of their loved ones.

Show us how to help others in need in a way that is safe for both them and us.  Teach us all how to deal with the coming events that might be taken place because of this virus. 

These things I ask in your will and in the name of Jesus


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We are now in Revelation 6.  The 3ed seal.  Folks please read up on the 7 seals of the Bible.  Prophecy is coming into play.  Yes it is scary to know these things are happening but these things must come to pass.  


Do not fear but look up and pray. We are very close now to the end.  


Heavenly Father, I pray that you will open our eyes to see and our ears to hear your word.  We are coming into a food crises, cashless society and so much more.  Please keep us safe and show us your ways to avoid the evil that is coming upon us. We are in your hands. Thank you Father for your guidance, your love, and for Jesus. 

In Christ Jesus 


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3 hours ago, Ambergris said:

Why are you praying for the Antichrist?

Ambergris,  I am not praying for the antichrist..   The Bible is clear on what is to come.  We are in the end times just like the Bible says and we are to be prepared.  Think of the 10 virgins.  5 had plenty of oil for their lamps because they new not when the groom would come for his bride. The other 5 didn't have enough oil and so was not prepared and missed the wedding supper.  We all need to be prepared and be watchful because we no not when our Lord will call us up.  The things I mentioned in the prayer is not me praying for the antichrist but for us to be ready and well informed of the things that is coming upon us.  We as Christians need to be ready and go out and tell others to pray for redemption. To repent and be saved from our sins.  We can be the 5 virgins that were ready or the 5 virgins that did not prepare.  The Bible is clear.  Yes Revelation is hard to understand as well as Daniel. But I have prayed many, many times for God to open my eyes for the understanding of this and for ears to hear his word.   

I hope this helps you to understand I am not praying for antichrist but for salvation through our Lord for the protection of what is coming down the pipes.  The Bible states we will see times of trouble, famine,  more earthquakes, pestilence as in (COVID-19), I am not saying this will be the virus that God is talking about, but it should give us a wakeup call to be prepared for the coming of the Lord.  Then there is the mark of the beast. My prayer is that before we are ever forced to take it, we will be raptured. The mark may very well be the implant they are talking about.  You cannot buy nor sell if you don't take the mark of the beast.  It is coming and nothing we can do to stop it.  This country must as a whole country come together and admit it has sinned against God and repent. Our leaders, President Trump and others needs to take that action and bring the whole country together for repentance and ask forgiveness of our sins. That has not happened as of yet. And if it does then we must turn away from our sins for our country to be healed.  

Hope this gives you more of an understanding.

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1 minute ago, Ambergris said:

When you understand he is the man of lawlessness who exalts himself over all the things that are of God, it will be too late.

But we have God's promise of salvation and the rapture to look forward to before the tribulation begins. What we are seeing and going through now I believe is just a sample of what will happen in the tribulation. If the rapture happens before the tribulation we have nothing to fear but fear itself. The man of lawlessness has no hold on believers of Christ.  We must hold on to our faith stronger now than ever before.

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Not sure but I think I lost you somewhere.  Not sure what you mean by praying for the antichrist.  I for one am not by any means praying for the antichrist.  So please explain. I am talking about end time prophecy and it is going to be what it is going to be. I am praying for our salvation and as well as for family and friends both on this forum and off to be safe from this virus. Satan can do nothing that we will not allow him to do.  Just that I know the book of Revelation and what can and will happen. 

Thinking maybe it's time to end the prayer chain not knowing what you mean by praying for the antichrist. 

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